Election Is Coming! – Why Racist PM Muhyiddin Suddenly Promotes National Unity And Warns Against Racial Politics

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Feb 15 2021
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One of the funniest skills possessed by Malaysian prime ministers is their perception that they can insult peoples’ intelligence, especially the minority ethnic. In early 2013, a few months before the 13th General Election, PM Najib Razak dressed in a red Chinese costume and was beating the drum like an idiot, but acted as if he was “Wong Fei Hung” – an expert of Chinese martial arts.


Prior to Najib’s drama, UMNO had been mocking and insulting the minority Chinese and Hindus for years, from telling the ethnic Chinese to go back to China to provocatively dragging a severed cow head through the city’s streets. At least nine Christian churches were attacked by radicals whom were secretly sponsored by Najib administration.


Najib’s gimmick didn’t work. The Opposition scored its best performance in the 2013 May General Election. The elections, the first since Najib Razak became Prime Minister in 2009, saw the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition won less of the popular vote than the opposition in the history. Mr Najib and his band of advisers paid the price for underestimating the minorities.

Najib Razak Beat Drum - Chinese New Year- 2

Najib Razak Beat Drum - Chinese New Year

Today, backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin thought he could perform the same stunt to fish for the Chinese and Hindus’ votes. Launching the National Unity Blueprint 2021-2030, he claimed the blueprint was the product of “years of efforts” to make the country more inclusive, tolerant and patriotic. But he has only been the prime minister since March, 2020 – less than a year.


Was he trying to say the blueprint was already on the drawing board during the previous Pakatan Harapan government, of which he was part of, but decided to betray the democratically-elected multiracial government? It seems that Muhyiddin has conveniently forgotten that it was his treachery that has led to the formation of a racist and radical “Malay” government called Perikatan Nasional.


Even though the premier was part of the now-collapsed Pakatan Harapan government, he had never put an ounce of effort to promote national unity. In contrast, then-Home Minister Muhyiddin had quietly encouraged racist hatred, xenophobia, Malay supremacy and all forms of bigotry in his attempt to destabilize and undermine his own government in order to snatch power.

Subang Jaya Sri Maha Marianmman Temple Riot - Chariot Damaged

During its 22-month rule, non-Malay lawmakers of Pakatan Harapan were accused of covering up the death of fireman Adib in the riots at the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in Subang Jaya in November 2018. But in reality, the riots were started when more than 50 Malay gangsters, armed with axes and machetes, were paid to attack and slaughter everyone in the temple.


Muhyiddin had purposely refused to act against then-opposition UMNO and PAS parties who spewed racist statements and instigated Malays. Not only the UMNO-PAS extremists refused to accept the authority’s findings that Adib was not assaulted by Hindu protesters, but also that the fireman was hit accidentally when an EMRS (Emergency Medical Rescue Services) van suddenly reversed.


As home minister, Muhyiddin did not punish any of his boys, despite the fact that the slow response of Subang Jaya police force had directly contributed to the escalation of the temple riot. He had also irresponsibly – but deliberately – allowed the racially charged anti-ICERD rally organised by UMNO-PAS to proceed just weeks after the Seafield temple violence exploded.

Malay-Muslim Demonstration - International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination ICERD

The simple fact that Perikatan Nasional is now the government of the day, but has not sought any justice on behalf of the family of fireman Adib is the clearest proof that UMNO and PAS just wanted to stoke racial hatred against Pakatan Harapan. And Muhyiddin was working hand in glove with UMNO and PAS to stir up racial and religion sentiments among the Malays.


Now that the power-crazy man is facing civil war with UMNO, he talks about national unity. However, what makes the entire drama incredibly hilarious was his warning about politicians who manipulate racial sentiments for personal gains. The disgraced and despicable Muhyiddin thought people hadn’t figured out that he is sleeping with two of the most racist parties – UMNO and PAS.


Warning that the government will not compromise on anything that threatens the unity of the nation, the backdoor prime minister said – “We must be careful of the manipulation of racial sentiments by politicians. This is the main challenge of almost all multi-racial countries. We must avoid politicians who try to raise their value by stoking racial emotions.”

Muhammad Sanusi - Kedah Menteri Besar - Chief Minister

Has the illegitimate prime minister just woken up from slumber land after 1-year in power? Where was he when PAS Islamist party, his closest buddy in the Perikatan Nasional coalition, arrogantly demolished Hindu temples in Kedah? Where was he when Kedah Chief Minister Muhammad Sanusi mocked and insulted all Indian leaders – calling them “drunk on toddy”?


Yes, where was PM Muhyiddin when the insensitive and racist PAS-Kedah chief minister cancelled the public holiday for the Hindus because Thaipusam celebrations were cancelled due to Covid-19? Did the prime minister lift a finger to correct big bully Sanusi, who doesn’t understand that cancelling the celebration and cancelling the public holiday are two different things altogether?


Where was PM Muhyiddin when his racist and extremist friends in PAS arrogantly told the Indian Hindus to fly kites as the mighty Perikatan-Malays do not need their votes to win the next election? In fact, the PAS Talibans did not even have any respect for the Sultan of Perak, one of nine Malay Rulers, let alone minorities like the Chinese, Indians, Sikhs or Indigenous peoples of Sabah or Sarawak.

UMNO Red Shirts Rally Charming Message - Eliminate Chinese SJKC Vernacular Education

And where exactly was PM Muhyiddin when Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal, the Deputy Youth and Sports Minister from his own party PPBM (Bersatu), proposed and insisted to close down all SJKC vernacular schools? Heck, the prime minister did not even pretend to express his displeasure over the discrimination, racism and oppression on the minorities Chinese and Indians?


Muhyiddin is the least qualified man to talk about the National Unity Policy. He had already broken the first of three objectives – national integration built on the values enshrined in the Federal Constitution and Rukun Negara. A prime minister who has lost his simple majority in the Parliament, but used an emergency rule to cling to power is a man who has zero respect for the Constitution.


The second objective, which is to create a national identity, is even more laughable. Perhaps Muhyiddin has forgotten, or pretends to be forgetful, that he was the same racist who declared that he is “Malay first, Malaysian second”. If you can’t imagine Donald Trump say “I’m White first, American second”, then you can imagine the type of racism practised by this shameless Malaysian leader.

Muhyiddin Yassin - Malay First, Malaysian Second

With a super racist leader like Muhyiddin Yassin, did he expect people to believe his bull and cock blueprint? The third objective – to mould Malaysians who appreciate and practise unity – can never be achieved as long as a racist and radical government like Perikatan Nasional continues to “Talibanize” the multi-ethnic and multicultural country through racial and religious politics.


As much as the premier likes to, he can’t claim ignorance. Since he joined UMNO in 1971, he has been part of the corrupt and racist system. So, for the last 50 years in his political career, including Minister of Education, he has every opportunity to fight for national unity. But he chose not to do so because only through “divide and rule” policies, can he stay in power to enrich his families and cronies.


Make no mistake. The insincere call for national unity is not only a drama to trick gullible voters in preparation for a possible snap election, but also a marketing gimmick to convince foreign investors that the current government is not racist or extreme. More importantly, the backdoor PM desperately needs the minorities’ support, especially the Chinese votes after ally UMNO throws tantrums.

Perikatan Nasional vs Muafakat Nasional - Zahid Hamidi vs Muhyiddin Yassin

Here’s a small challenge for the drama queen Muhyiddin – declares that he is “Malaysian first”, and Malay or Muslim second. If he doesn’t even understand the meaning of national identity, he does not fit to talk, let alone lecture the people about national unity. And if the PM thinks he could deceive non-Malays by babbling national unity or wearing a red Chinese costume, he should fire his speech-writers and advisers.


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“National identity” is just a nonsensical construct just like “race”. Neither actually exist in reality but in the minds of some men, or rather, lesser beings.

Still, I’ll always consider voting for any non-Chinese who appear in red Chinese pyjamas who shags about “national identity”.

Great talk! I’ll buy bah kut teh plus extra free chillies for Uncle Moo any day.

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