PM Declares Country Almost Bankrupt – Here’s Why PN Crooks Could Have Siphoned Hundreds Of Billions Of Ringgit

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Apr 16 2021
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When Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced a RM4 million allocation for Sikh community four days ago (April 12), he came well prepared with another announcement. The RM4 million is just loose change when compared to RM1,400 million (that’s RM1.4 billion) allocated to the Islamic Development Department Malaysia (Jakim) every year.


The prime minister claimed he sucks at Math. But any primary school student can calculate that RM4 out of RM1,400 is just 0.28%. It was not even half a percent of money given to Jakim, which nobody knows what the heck the money is being used for. Even Sultan Ibrahim of Johor had questioned why the useless Islamic department needed such a gigantic budget.


Yet, Mr Muhyiddin tried to make a mountain out of a molehill over the RM4 million pittance for the minority Sikh community. He cried, whined and bitched that so much money has been spent since last year. Blaming Covid-19, he said his backdoor government has spent various stimulus packages totalling RM340 billion and RM322 billion allocation for the national budget.

Dictators - Malaysian Muhyiddin Yassin and Germany Adolf Hitler

As if he wanted the Sikh to be grateful, an obvious reminder to the community to vote for his Perikatan Nasional (PN) backdoor government in the coming general election, the PM suddenly dropped a bombshell. He said the country “don’t have much money left”. Despite the country’s financial difficulty, Muhyiddin said the government was still allocating the money to the Sikh.


Cool, in just one year, the backdoor government has turned the country upside down, bankrupting Malaysia. Essentially, that was what the country’s chief executive meant, was he not? The fact that he did not point fingers at the previous Pakatan Harapan (PH) government, of which he was part of before his betrayal, means it’s an admission of his own PN government’s failure.


But was it not the genius Finance Minister Zafrul Abdul Aziz, who bragged last year that the government had enough cash to fund the massive economic packages totalling around RM340 billion? With the prime minister’s stunning remarks of bankruptcy, it appears that the clueless and incompetent government has admitted to blindly spend without proper planning.

Finance Minister Zafrul - Worst Since 198, Fitch Downgrade, FDI and GDP Drop

In the same breath, was it not the same brilliant Finance Minister Zafrul Abdul Aziz, who boastfully issued a chest-thumping statement during the Budget 2021 last November that the economy will grow 6.5%-7.5% this year, the unemployment rate to drop to 3.3% from 4.2% this year, and domestic demand to rebound to 6.9% in 2021?


In fact, not only the finance minister repetitively gave assurances and guarantees that the worst is over and the economy is on track to a spectacular recovery this year, but he also told all and sundry that the government will collect an eye-popping RM40.7 billion in taxes by Christmas this year – higher than the RM38.6 billion collected in 2020.


So, exactly why and who advised the premier to tell some sad stories of gloom and doom, despite a projected booming economy? More importantly, how could the prime minister recklessly and irresponsibly make a dreadful statement that the country is running out of money and in the process spook the business community and foreign investors?

Muhyiddin Yassin - Legitimacy Lost - Emergency Declaration

Even if indeed the government is scraping the bottom of the barrel to make ends meet, it was both tactical and strategic errors to expose such humiliation. It’s not rocket science that the right thing to do is to quietly collect taxes and attract investors to replenish the empty national coffers. To give an impression that the government is near to insolvency is political suicide.


In fact, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Muhyiddin’s statements are a threat to national security. Investors may begin to doubt Malaysia’s ability to honour its debt obligations, which in turn could affect the country’s credit rating. A downgrade of credit rating (such as Fitch Ratings’) means the government’s cost of borrowing will increase, making it more expensive to borrow money.


But considering how the three traitors – PM Muhyiddin, gay Senior Minister Azmin Ali and Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin – had succeeded in scheming, plotting and sabotaging to topple their own PH government, it’s hard to believe the prime minister would be so dumb and careless with his choice of words, especially at a time when FDI is fleeing and avoiding the country like a plague.

Traitors - Azmin Ali, Muhyiddin Yassin and Hamzah Zainudin

There could only be one explanation. The fragile Perikatan Nasional is anticipating a total loss in the next 15th General Election, and the crooks most likely have plundered and siphoned hundreds of billions of Ringgit out of the country. But they could not justify the missing money, hence PM Muhyiddin cooked up some sob story – preemptively warned that the country has very little money left.


Yes, the Perikatan Nasional’s plundering would be so jaw-dropping it makes former PM Najib Razak’s thievery of RM2.6 billion looks like child’s play. According to the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS), the think-tank found only 23% or RM79 billion of the RM340 billion worth of stimulus packages came directly from the government.


IDEAS also discovered only RM65 billion or 20% of the total stimulus package were direct expenditures. At best, the government had lied and overstated the stimulus packages amount to artificially excite the economy, which fails miserably. That explains why it told workers to withdraw their own retirement funds in the Employees Provident Fund to boost domestic consumption and economy.

Offshore Bank Accounts

At worst, the crooks of PPBM (Bersatu) deliberately cooked up the accounting figures so that hundreds of billions of Ringgit are declared spent under the RM340 stimulus packages, but were quietly diverted to secret “offshore” bank accounts. That explains why the illegitimate government still refuses to reopen the Parliament, despite the King’s decree to do so.


Besides allowing Muhyiddin to cling to power, the Proclamation of Emergency, which was declared on Jan 12, also grants him the special power to do anything he likes without being challenged. On March 31, the power-hungry and corrupt regime finally unveiled its ugly face. A new law was gazetted to allow the Finance Ministry to approve additional spending without Parliament’s approval.


The suspension of Parliament means the illegitimate government could raid and rape the national coffers without anyone knowing it. If people do not even know transparently how the RM340 billion worth of stimulus packages have been used, chances are people won’t know how much money are being approved under the new Emergency Ordinance.

Parliament - Muhyiddin Yassin - 1-Day Session

The regime could unilaterally approve new spending without any justifications so that the money goes into their pockets. The best part is nobody can challenge it in court. Therefore, the RM662 billion (stimulus packages and Budget 2021) along with new supplementary budgets are essentially cash cows for the backdoor government to milk and plunder.


Malaysia is the only country in the world that has declared an Emergency as well as locking up the Parliament under the pretext of fighting Coronavirus. It’s a clever plan to kill two birds with one stone. On one hand, Muhyiddin can stay in power despite losing majority support in the Parliament. On the other hand, the crooks can help themselves to hundreds of billions of Ringgit without being questioned.


While Najib and his partner-in-crime Jho Low had to architect a grand heist – codename 1MDB – to steal a couple of billions of Ringgit, a complicated process that took years involving Goldman Sachs, assets and bond sales, and money laundering in countries across three continents, Muhyiddin and his boys could steal hundreds of billions of Ringgit with a simpler way – State of Emergency.

Perikatan Nasional Crooks - Azmin Ali, Muhyiddin Yassin, Hamzah Zainuddin


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Sigh 😞.. this author really got nothing better to do. Not even a name as to whom is the author who wrote this shit piece of article. Get out there and build the country instead of writing from your desk and be a keyboard warrior. What is there to “politik” about and blame shame? I bet this is a paid cyber warrior of PH. Mahathir and his PH team had all the opportunity to rebuild Malaysia. But they instead cancelled all China projects and what is there to talk about FDI when they cancelled those foreign investment? The reality is the west funded the opposition and wanted chaos and the downfall of Asian countries and economies with China ties. Look at the playbook of these opposition movement and you’ll see all the similarities. Malaysia’s Bersih, Hong Kong riots, Thailand protests, Myanmar protests and riots and now about Xinjiang cotton. The colour yellow, the peace and freedom hand sign, riots and using makeshift Molotov cocktails, blaming police for violence and killing the innocent, shaming the government. What else? Don’t you see the resemblance? The same playbook to overthrow your own country and make it fail. It is time Malaysians wake up open their eyes, toil and rebuild the nation together. Stop writing and sharing such non-news and non-events. The same agenda and strategy again to overthrow and destabilise the government, the economy and the country. When will this ever end?

I bet you’re a paid cyber warrior of PN, especially MCA President Wee Ka Siong. Why should not PH cancel or renegotiate China projects when the costs were jacked up for kickbacks to cover 1MDB?

You must be on some expired grass to suggest the West is interested to undermine a backdoor Prime Minister who is ashamed to use his real name – Mahaiddin.

We all know who the unsavoury leaders and politicians are in Malaysia and coincidentally they are all Anwar Ibrahim’s political foes.

Seriously, it’s time your site stops championing Anwar Ibrahim and instead champion what Malaysia should stand for, and what qualities national leaders should possessed.

Your idol Anwar Ibrahim has every quality that a national leader must not have. The way he cuts deal with the likes of Zahid shows his true self, willingness to pawn everything and everyone so that he can become prime minister. No need to argue semantics such as no proof the phone conversation is anything other than social, nothing wrong to call, bla bla and bla. It’s just pulling wool over our eyes, lying to ourselves that Anwar Ibrahim is THE one to save Malaysia.

In my view, there are so many Malaysians who are much better qualified to be prime minister than Anwar Ibrahim. Even you, the keyboard warrior behind finance Twitter will make a better PM, for a start, your conscience and heart seems to be in the right place.

So, instead of writing stuffs to continue to denigrate Muhiyiddin, PN, UMNO, Pas, Azmin, we all already know they are not in the “desired people or party” category, why not start writing stuffs that help to shape and promote a constructive, progressive and proactive mindset for Malaysians, especially the younger ones. Write about what the world outside Malaysia has been doing well, how ordinary Malaysians (not Malaysian government or politicians) can do collectively and individually to follow suit. Write about qualities of a leader and showcase potential leaders among the ordinary Malaysians. Forget about any politicians from both sides …. the likes of Rafizi, Nurul Izzah, Liew Chin Tong, etc are all part of the hopelessness of Malaysia, forget them!

Today, ordinary Malaysians are being suffocated by the toxic low-grade politicking of our politicians from both sides such that we do not see any glimmer of hope for the country, people and future. There’s no need for finance Twitter to help promote the toxic political environment and the continued frolicking in the political cesspool of Malaysia.

If you are a Malaysian, aren’t you tired about the sewage that’s being churned out by leaders and politicians? Aren’t you tired complaining about how bad and evil some of them are? Start doing something positive to change the country. Small steps like writing to help change the mindset of ordinary Malaysians go a long way to start the ball rolling.

When we wrote negative articles about Anwar, we were called pro-Mahathir site …

When we wrote negative articles about Mahathir, we were called pro-Anwar site …

When we wrote negative articles about Mahaiddin, we were called pro-Opposition site …

But we can’t make everyone happy, so we write what we like to write …

The writer is making slanderous negative statements on PN Govt without providing evidences to support his or her narratives except foul words to iterate the perhaps written nonsenses. If the writer has the evidences , please save our country by lodging required reports at Police Station or the MACC Office. Otherwise eat back your shitty stuff and don’t unnecessarily waste readers time.

It’s funny that people like you were the same type of people who fiercely defended Najib Razak not too long ago before he was defeated, and sent to 12 years in prison …

I won’t get excited over any argument about our kampong longkang slime political monkeys, none of them are worth anything than to vomit on.

The so-called opposition is as vomit-worthy as the gomen, that has been the reality all through history, and destined to be the same forever – until, of course, whatever gomen goes bust and there’s no pieces of political shiite left that want to take over covering the country in yet deeper shiite, such is the blessed one skill of our fcuking garbage politicians.

As much as it is a fact our political monkeys are ALL full of the brown stuff, the monkeys in our cursed and sh*t-stained country are also incapable of thinking outside their mental coffins.

Just why are our monkeys totally incapable of getting rid of our same old same old old old rotting pile of political shiite held close to their deflated bosoms by one lot of fcuking monkeys or the other?

Whichever is held up to be admired and worshipped, our monkeys can only find one or the other stinking rotten bunch of utterly useless and worthless fcuking political clown monkeys.

It is a unique disease of Malaysians called kiasuism, our fcuking sh*t4brain monkeys need to hold onto their garbage and junk for dear life, for this fcuking life of theirs now – and for their equally fcuking miserable next half-life in fcuking Hell, where they hope to drive around in their badly-toasted paper BMWs…

Our fcuking kiasu monkeys simply need to squeeze the last trickle of non-use out of everything. That’s why when you drive past the hovels of our fcuking glorifed peasants, coolies, mine-diggers, and assorted noisy, whining, moaning, grumbling, complaining garbage on two-legs, you find their hovels surrounded with used, over-used, discards, leftovers, junk and garbage our monkeys simply cannot bear to get rid of.

The same mental process goes for their decision about our fcuking garbage political monkeys, our sh*t4brain monkeys simply cannot bear to get rid of the same kind of fcuking garbage. However and whatever is decided, our political garbage has to be kept, admired and worshipped forever.

Until there’s a great quake and a massive change in the mentality of our sh*t4brain monkeys, Malaysia would forever have the same old same old old old rotten and stinking pile of fcuking political garbage monkeys in power – and that is because the sh*t4brain monkeys among voters simply cannot get rid of their garbage out of their worship of kiasuism and out of their gross inability of thinking outside the coffin.

There is actually nothing to argue over or debate about when it comes to choosing one fcuking pile of rotten sh*t or another fcuking pile of rotten sh*t, our monkeys can’t work it out that whatever they get would be just a pile of fcuking rotten sh*t! It takes one to admire and worship one.

But then, if our kiasu monkeys can grab it like they would grab at anything, any old sh*t is still worth grabbing, ain’t it!

They can resort to the usual endless squealing, moaning, whining, cursing, bitching, complaining non-stop about their bad grab mistake, wait for the opportunity to grab at another mistake meanwhile…

The moral of my drift, is you fcuking arseh*les all deserve it: the fcuking garbage you mouth off and fight so hard for is the fcuking garbage you arseh*les thoroughly ask for – and deserve, Ameen!

How pathetic, a fcuking country infinitely bigger than Singapore, what you get is fcuking dumbfcuk arseh*les debating over and voting for fcuking dumbfcuk arseh*les!

Priceless wonder! Uniquely Malaysia!

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