20 Million Vaccinated Per Day – China Needed Only 5 Days To Push The Number From 500 Million To 600 Million

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May 30 2021
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First, it was the race to become the first to produce Covid-19 vaccine. Now, it’s the race to become the first to vaccinate the entire population. As China, the world’s second largest economy, tries to catch up to Europe and the United States, a new record is being broken again. After hitting 15 million people, the Chinese government has vaccinated 20 million people per day.


As of Friday (May 28), mainland China has administered more than 600 million doses of Coronavirus vaccine. Astonishingly, it took the country only 5 days to push the number of people getting jabs from 500 million to 600 million – an average of 20 million per day. It started quite slow, but has been accelerating at insane speed.


Initially, China only managed to vaccinate about 15 million people in the third week of January this year, even though it had actually started giving emergency vaccinations as early as July, 2020. The country officially kicked off its mass vaccinations on 15 December, 2020, targeting high-risk groups such as health care workers and people who work or study overseas.

Coronavirus - China Vaccination - People Getting Covid-19 Injection

The first 100-million milestone was achieved only on March 27. That’s about an average of 1.25 million jabs per day in two months. Interestingly, March 26 was the day the race to the finish line started, the day China and the rest of the superpower were neck and neck with 6.77 people in every 100 people in the population were vaccinated.


Then, it exploded. Beijing took 25 days to reach 200 million shots, 16 days to 300 million, but only 9 days to achieve the 400-million mark in early May. Since May 12, more than 10 million doses had been administered every day in China, until May 17. It stunningly broke its own record after sixth consecutive days of vaccinating more than 10 million doses every day.


On that day (May 17), it managed to administer more than 15 million doses in a single day. Apparently, the accelerated vaccine drive came as a response to local outbreaks of Covid in the port city of Yingkou in the northeastern province of Liaoning. As China went into overdrive, it subsequently achieved 34.55 per 100 people vaccinated, compared to 21.6 per 100 people in other countries.

Coronavirus - China Mass Vaccination

The country, famous for its ability to build high speed railways and skyscrapers at lightning speed, took 7 days to achieve 500 million vaccine jabs on May 24. But on Friday (May 28), another 100 million people received their doses – just 5 days to hit the 600-million mark. At the rate of 20 million jabs per day, China will need another 40 days to vaccinate its entire population of 1.4 billion.


Essentially China could help Malaysia’s population of 33 million achieve herd immunity in less than 2 days. The rate also means China can deliver a dose to the entire vaccine-eligible population of Australia “every day” – making Aussies forever immune to Covid-19 virus. The same rate can provide herd immunity to Canada in 2 days, France in 3 days and Germany in 4 days.


It would be interesting to see whether China could take less than 5 days to inject 100 million people from now onwards. But even if Beijing could maintain its vaccination program at the current rate, it is already a winner. In comparison, the United States reported an average of 1.8 million vaccinations per day, even though it had given 3.4 million daily shots during its peak on April 13.

Coronavirus - Americans Reject Covid-19 Vaccine

As of May 28, the U.S. had given 166,388,129 residents at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccine – representing 50.7% of its 330 million population. At the same rate of 1.8 million vaccinations per day, America would need about 90 days to achieve 100% protection (at least 1-dose). But the U.S. and Europe can never achieve herd immunity due to persistent hesitancy about vaccines.


With more than half of adults in the United States have been inoculated with at least one dose of a vaccine in early May, daily vaccination rates have been dropping ever since. Polls show that about 30% of the U.S. population are still reluctant to be vaccinated. Experts have said the herd immunity threshold is at least 80% of a country’s population.


Another competition is the race to promote Chinese vaccine to the world. As Beijing tries to promote its homegrown Coronavirus vaccines – both to domestic and international consumers – more than 600 million doses of Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines have been produced. Sinovac alone could produce 6 million doses every day. That has effectively dwarfed the production in Europe and the U.S.

Coronavirus - China CNBG Sinopharm Covid-19 Vaccine

China, through its vaccine diplomacy, has shipped more than 265 million doses across Asia, South America and the Middle East. The country is expected to produce more than 3 billion doses by the end of this year. The U.S., under the new President Joe Biden, has so far committed 80 million doses to the rest of the world.


The recent introduction of a new single-dose vaccine, a third vaccine developed by the Chinese military could be a game changer. Developed by the Chinese military and Tianjin-based biotech company CanSino Biologics, the homegrown Convidecia “Ad5-nCoV” vaccine has been introduced in at least seven provincial-level regions, including Beijing.


In Feb 2021, data released from an interim analysis of Phase III trials with 30,000 participants and 101 Covid cases showed Convidecia had an efficacy of 65.7% at preventing moderate cases of Covid-19 and 90.98% efficacy at preventing severe cases. However, Pakistan trials reported 100% protection from severe disease and 74.8% against any symptomatic Covid-19.

CanSino Biologics Building

It means the CanSino vaccine has quite a similar efficacy to Johnson & Johnson’s one-dose regimen called “Ad26.COV2.S”, another genetically modified adenovirus vector vaccine with 66% efficacy in a global trial. The vaccine is based on technology similar to the Russian’s Sputnik V and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines.


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Malaysian ketuanan “superiority” doesn’t work, it is fcuking steamy pigsh*t that doesn’t even come anywhere near Indian bullocksh*t.

What Malaysia desperately need now is Chinese ketuanan.

It is Chinese ketuanan that is Number One in the world – China blindingly shines not just for dealing with the pandemic, not just for coming up with number of vaccines, not just for its ability to make its vaccines available the world over, something the US and the EU are utterly unable to do, China can deal with vaxxing its huge population super efficiently and super fast!

No need to tell you Malaysian ketuanan cannot even do 0.2% of what Ketuanan China can do. If Malaysia can, among many other achievements any superior country can make, Malaysia would have made freaking space stations and conquered space decades before the Chinese could. Instead, we made fcuking Protons of origami quality coffins on cheap tyres that we never improved beyond the first days the pathetic crap were made.

Right now, and when the pigsh*t is halfway out the ketuanan arseh*le, our monkeys in gomen are desperately looking for the fcuking toilet: the gomen is panicking running around in circles before getting nowhere very fast with handling Covid.

Not just fcuking itself as usual with dealing with containment of the fast and wide spread of the virus which is a continuous routine, our ketuanan can’t even procure the vaccines which is a simple matter of paying money. And even with whatever vaccine it has, the ketuanan gomen can’t even roll out the tvaccination the typical and classic half-baked comic ketuanan “superior” way.

It’s all about saving lives, Malaysia should let Ketuanan Cina take over or it will be only about the end of Malaysia and a lot of deaths in the hands of our ketuanan monkeys. Let the very capable, effective, and amazing Ketuanan Cina take over the whole handling of the pandemic here. It is not about the “superiority” and the huge ego of our ketuanan. Just a small bunch of Ketuanan Cina will be enough to deal with Malaysia’s very serious and deadly crisis.

If Ketuanan Cina cannot make the marks, we’ll, we can always blame them!
If there’s the one and only thing our fcuking ketuanan is good at it is blaming the Chinese for anything and everything. And, Alhamdulilah, our fcuking ketuanan definitely has some six decades of experience doing that!

“the country, infamous for its ability to build
high speed rail …”

The word is not ‘infamous’, it should be ‘famous’.

Infamous meaning.
“well known for some bad quality or deed.

Famous, not infamous.

None of the jab makers claim that their products prevent (a) infection (b) transmission. Only the patron governments make these claims.

” it should be ‘famous’”

“Famous, not infamous.”

Well-spotted, and all that, but, fcuking hell, it’s Malaysia’s multitude of famous back-Alley tuyishen “schools” again.

Fer Allah’s saki, à half-awake reader would have realised the mistake is not due to having no certificate from our fcuking mangled Manglish outfit!

Let’s see a comment, not turn the site into a language masturbating wonder, please, you can surely desist from wnaking off fer two minutes!

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