BREXIT 2.0!! – Here’re 12 Major Reasons Trump Wins Presidency, Against All Odds

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Nov 10 2016
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The world is in shock over the stunning victory by Donald Trump. He’s now President-Elect Donald Trump. But if one had read why Americans should vote Trump as the next president then one would not be surprised by today’s results. After all, Trump is a businessman, investor, author, TV personality, billionaire and anything but a politician.


Yes, back in June 2015, we had written that Americans should vote Donald Trump simply because he wasn’t a politician. He might be full of rhetoric but he spoke the truth. And the truth hurts. From the start, he never aimed for the rich and famous’ votes. He never begged for the Hispanics and African-Americans’ votes. Heck, he didn’t even bother about his campaign funding.


Today, Donald Trump is joining the list as the fifth presidential candidate who wins the presidency despite not winning the popular vote, after John Quincy Adams (1824), Rutherford B. Hayes (1876), Benjamin Harrison (1888) and George W. Bush (2000). In fact, Trump did better than Bush who had secured 271 to 266 electoral votes.


With 31 electoral votes still available, Trump has taken 279 as compared to Clinton’s 228. Trump has indeed created a jaw-dropping tsunami with his incredible victory. This is indeed Brexit 2.0 after Britons voted to exit the European Union in June. But how could Trump deliver such a shocking results? Here’re the 12 major reasons.



{ 1 } Excessive Fear-Mongering

Financial markets would collapse and America would plunge into recession and depression. Millions of Americans would lose their health insurance. Terrorist attacks would skyrocket. White supremacists would be empowered while Muslims would be slaughtered like a pig. Earth would go yellow because Trump doesn’t believe in climate change. These were some fear trumpeted by Clinton campaign.


Like the British Brexit, the campaign against Trump had thrown everything but the kitchen sink, creating too much fear that it began to sound comical and fake. And like former British Prime Minister David Cameron’s promise of World War 3 if Britons choose Brexit, Hillary Clinton and President Obama had also made the same “overkill claim” if Trump is elected.



{ 2 } Cologne Rapefugee, Europe and U.S. Terror Attacks

Americans have seen with their own eyes how the import of Syrian refugees / Arab migrants without proper screening and filtering has caused deadly problems. They read how 1,000+ Arab and North African migrants launched a mass robbery, molest, rape and sexual assault in Cologne, Germany. After Britons, the Americans realized they would be next to be raped if Clinton wins.

Germany Cologne Train Station - 1000 Arab Mobs Molest, Rape, Sexual Assault Women - Illustration

Obama and Clinton have been mocking Trump’s call to ban admissions of Syrian refugees without proper screening. However, the Paris attacksBrussels attacks, Nice attacks, Orlando attacks and Bernardino attacks had turned what appeared to be Trump rhetoric into nightmare reality to millions of American people.



{ 3 } Uncontrollable Immigrants / Refugees

As more and more Americans agreed with Trump to ban the import of refugees / migrants, Obama arrogantly did the opposite – rushing against time to bring in more refugees instead. Both Obama and Clinton have said the U.S needs to do more to help EU, hence unilaterally increased the target 85,000 to 110,000 of Syrian refugees for the fiscal year 2016.


While it was bad to import refugees / migrants uncensored, it was worst for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton not to acknowledge that the Orlando attacks and Bernardino attacks were caused by “Radical Islamic Terrorist”. FBI was even instructed to censor words “ISIS” and “Islamic State” from a transcript linking terrorist Omar Mateen’s allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.



{ 4 } Angry Sanders Voters

Democrat Bernie Sanders who lost to Hillary Clinton took to the stage and urged the audience – “Hillary Clinton must become the next president of America.” Spectacularly, Sanders drew jeers from his own supporters. The chaos on the first day of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia started after WikiLeaks released nearly 20,000 Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails.

US Democratic Party Convention - Bernie Sanders Supporters VS Hillary Clinton Supporters

The leaks revealed how the Democratic Party favoured Hillary Clinton and conspired behind the scenes to discredit and defeat Bernie Sanders, as early as March 2015. No rocket science here – many Sanders supporters had stayed home, instead of voting for Clinton, with some might have even voted for Trump as “protest vote”.



{ 5 } Clinton Is More Corrupt Than Trump

True, Trump has been part of the crony-capitalist machine that has distorted politics and policy, but Hillary Clinton actively corrupted government while serving in public office. Trump isn’t a politician – officially – until Friday 20 January 2017. Clinton, on the other hand, is an experienced corrupt politician.


Clinton’s corruption can be traced back to the Bill Clinton presidency from 1993 to 2001, to Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. Since 2001, the Clinton Foundation has raised a staggering US$2 billion – supposedly for charity – but with tax records revealing only 10% of the money went for programs, with at least 50% going directly to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s pockets.



{ 6 } American People Hate Obama

Americans, in general, were sick and tired of Barack Obama administration. Exit polls show 4 in 10 voters said they were hungry for change while nearly 7 in 10 voters said they were unhappy with the way the government is working. 25% said they were angry and three-fourths of those angry voters backed Trump. Six in 10 voters said the country is on the wrong track.


The “artificial low interest rate” introduced by Federal Reserve means the U.S. economy isn’t rosy and here’s the proof – 6 in 10 voters said the economy was either not good or poor. Two-thirds saw their personal financial situation as either worse or the same as it was four years ago. Therefore, it was a suicidal mission from the beginning when Obama asked for his “third term” by voting for Hillary Clinton.



{ 7 } Trump Targets White Voters Without College Degree

In front of a Ford Motor Company executive, Trump said, “If you close these factories, as you are planning to do in Detroit and build them in Mexico, I am going to put a 35% tariff on those cars … and nobody is going to buy them.” It was music to the ears of people in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin – all states won by Trump.


The working class Americans have essentially lost everything they had except one thing – the right to vote. Trump got 7 in 10 votes from non-college-educated white men and 6 in 10 votes from non-college-educated white women. Clinton who heavily depends on Hispanics and Black-Africans got less than a quarter of white men without a college degree.



{ 8 } Trump’s Racist Campaign Works

Trump knew he can’t be jack of all trades and master of none. He had to choose and he chose American white voters. After all, how much could he swing the non-white voters who are already Democrats hardcore supporters? Turns out, even after his talks of anti Mexican immigrants, he secured roughly the same share of Hispanic voters as Romney had claimed 4 years ago.


The Republican was drawing about a quarter of Hispanic voters and about less than 1 in 10 black voters. Although Clinton got about 6 in 10 Hispanic voters who were born U.S. citizens and about 8 in 10 Hispanic voters who were naturalized citizens, Trump won more than half of white voters, who made up 70% of the electorate.



{ 9 } Excessive Attacks From Media and The Rich & Famous.

In September, Bloomberg Magazine ran a story entitled, “Hillary Clinton Is Outraising Trump 20-to-1 Among Billionaires.” From billionaire Warren Buffett to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to celebrities such as Madonna who had offered “oral sex” to Clinton voters (which she refused to honour), all the rich and famous people have been criticising Trump for speaking the truth.


Liberal mainstream media who were supposed to play the role of delivering neutral news have suddenly become politicians. CNN was so bias that it is called Clinton News Network. People looking for balanced or alternate news were forced to search the Internet and ended with Breitbart, Drudge, InfoWars and Daily Caller instead.



{ 10 } Cooked / Faked Polls

The Reuters / Ipsos States of the Nation project gave Clinton a 90% chance of defeating Trump, seeing her on track to win 303 Electoral College votes out of the 270 needed, to Trump’s 235. Polls from other liberal mainstream media have similar favourable poll ratings in favour of Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, these sexy numbers were faked at best.


The reality, however, is far from the beautiful dream presented by the media. Pollsters have been “oversampling” by at least 10% for Democrats. The problem with such cheating tactic though was the fake impression that Clinton will definitely win, hence making some Democrat supporters complacent, even over-confidence, and some had stayed back at home instead.



{ 11 } Trump Is A Reality-TV Star

Clinton’s ability to raise fund is legendary. But this is not a contest on who gets more money from donors. For the week beginning October 25, the Clinton campaign spent $154,696 per electoral vote in advertising. Donald Trump’s expenditure per electoral vote for the same week was $91,938. However, as a reality-TV star “The Apprentice”, Trump knows how to get free advertisement.


Donald Trump has gotten the equivalent of nearly $3 billion in free advertising from May 2015 to May 2016, according to the latest statistics from the firm mediaQuant. In comparison, Hillary Clinton only earned the equivalent of $1.1 billion in free advertising. Without media realizing it, while they were busy attacking Trump, they also gave him free coverage.



{ 12 } Democrats and Clinton’s Arrogance

Despite corruption and email scandals, Hillary Clinton walks away scot free, laughing her way to the bank. FBI was told by U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who in turns received her instruction from President Obama, not to charge Clinton. Comically, Clinton has been investigated, and cleared – twice – by the FBI, the first of its kind in the history of the U.S.


Evidently, voters turned up in great number to ensure Trump wins, and as votes-counting shows Trump was winning, there were chants to “Lock Her Up”. Clinton was so arrogant and out of touch that she had called Trump supporters the “basket of deplorable”. That was how she looked down at people who disagree with her.


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