Here’s Why Americans Should Vote Clown Trump As The Next President

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Jun 08 2015
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Ronald Reagan ruled the White House from 1981 – 1989. Prior to his presidency, very few in their right mind believed the former film actor could become the 40th President of the United States, let alone a two-term great president. But Reagan was so good that when he left office in 1989, his approval rating was at 68%, matching those of Franklin D. Roosevelt, and later Bill Clinton, as the highest ratings for departing presidents.


People may only remember Reagan for his infamous “Star Wars” programme, but he actually did more than toying with George Lucas’ fantasy. He was a great economic reformist. Reagan inherited an extremely weakened economy – high tax rates had severely limited jobs and investment and brought in less than expected government revenue.

Ronald Reagan As An Actor

President Reagan cut personal tax rates and government regulations, stabilizing the economy and encouraging entrepreneurs. Following the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981, unemployment in the succeeding years fell an estimated 45%. Amazingly, total tax collections rose from US$500 billion in 1980 to US$1 trillion in 1990.


But Reagan administration was also the biggest spender in defence. During his years in office, Reagan expended a total of US$1.72 trillion on national defence, more than any of his predecessors. However, his era was also the Cold War era, and many believed his huge spending had helped, one way or another, in ending the decades-old Cold War.

Ronald Reagan As The US President - Legacy in Stamps

Now that Hillary Clinton looks set to continue the Democrat’s dominance for the White House after Obama, some are wondering if there’s no more Republican shining stars. After all, Obama is one heck truckload of bullshit. Perhaps it’s time for the Americans to choose a joker whom they have very low expectation, with a hope of striking another Reagan.


How about Donald Trump? He’s a businessman, investor, author, TV personality, billionaire and anything but a politician, literally speaking. Okay, he had backed out from his 2012 presidential race, but that doesn’t mean he’s a chicken. As a businessman, he was just being realistic after a survey by George Washington University showed 71% said he had zero chance.

Donald Trump - The Apprentice - You're Fired

So, instead of wasting time, Trump chose to focus on his highly successful TV series – The Apprentice. He may have made a correct decision, to prove that despite Obama’s overwhelming popularity, Americans have been fooled not once but twice by the president’s  perceived charismatic leadership. Obama is nothing but an empty vessel.


In a latest twist of suspense, Mr Donald says he’ll make a formal announcement on June 16, eight days from now, if he’s going for the presidency or otherwise. He hinted to The News & Observer that “a lot of people are going to be happy”. He boastfully claims that nobody but him can make America great again, but not before calling Republican candidates – Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio – clowns.

Donald Trump Pointing Finger at You

Trump knows he lacks the political experience to be president, to which he said can be compensated with his self-claimed strength in foreign policy. He further claims he has made tons of money beating China and other countries. If that was not enough to make him sounds like another version of Ronald Reagan, there’re more.


Although the country’s unemployment rate has been going down, surprisingly not many Americans feel any richer. Now, Americans who have been bitching about jobs being siphoned out of the country have another reason to vote for Trump. He said Ford and other companies looking to move manufacturing to Mexico or overseas should be slapped with a 35% tax when they bring the goods back to the U.S.

Rich Todler with Cash

By forcing more jobs to be brought back home, Trump believes it would make U.S. so rich that it’s beyond imagination (*grin*). Heck, he was so confident about his credential that he thinks he would be the greatest job president that God ever created. Just like Reagan, Trump promises huge spending in the military, so that others would respect America.


Most importantly, he said he knows how to beat badass ISIS. Of course, he criticized the moronic Obama administration for telling and sharing about every single military action with the press. Amusingly, he questioned why Secretary of State John Kerry bicycles at age 71, and in the process breaks his leg in France.

Donald Trump as President of the United States in Oval Office

Not forgetting Hillary Clinton, Mr Donald Trump bitched about how the potential first women POTUS keeps avoiding media questions. While many have been joking about him wearing a wig, Trump assures the public that it is his real hair (*tongue-in-cheek*). So, is this the type of president that Americans should send to the White House?


Why not? At least, this clown speaks to the media and doesn’t lie about receiving campaign funds from questionable foreign agencies or governments. How much worse can it really get that the so-called great full-time politicians have not already done? Wasn’t Obama the greatest leader sent by God to the American people? And what happens now?

Donald Trump vs Barack Obama

Perhaps America needs a crooked businessman, a shameless self-promoter, a fearless boss ready to fire nonsense government officials and whatnot, to make the country great again. It’s time Americans bet their money on an entertainer such as Mr Trump, the same way they bet on Reagan 35-years ago.


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