Get Ready For The Biggest Surprise – Hillary Clinton Is Losing!!

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Nov 08 2016
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The Reuters / Ipsos States of the Nation project gave Clinton a 90% chance of defeating Trump, seeing her on track to win 303 Electoral College votes out of the 270 needed, to Trump’s 235. Bookmaker Betfair reported US$140 million worth of bets were placed – with Clinton having 83% of winning, higher than Obama’s 76% chance in 2012.


Going by such numbers, why did Hillary Clinton cancel her election night fireworks show in New York? Apparently, the Clinton campaign had contacted the U.S. Coast Guard for permission to pull off a 2-minute long fireworks display scheduled to be released on Tuesday night – without explanation – over the Hudson River when the election results went final.


If Clinton campaign, backed by sexy numbers from liberal mainstream media’s poll and all sort of sophisticated statistic numbers, not to mention hundreds of millions of dollars worth of advertising, is supposed to win the 2016 presidency, why was there a need to cancel such celebration? The answer – either all the poll numbers were faked or the “Brexit Effect” is working.


Most polls leading into Britain’s June 23, 2016, referendum predicted Britons would choose to remain in the EU. Instead, they voted to leave the European Union by a 52% to 48% margin. Therefore, assuming the polls in favour of Clinton were not cooked in the first place, people are not convinced yet that a Clinton’s victory is a done deal.


The S&P 500 fell 5% after “Brexit” before recovering. Major financial institutions now believe that if Clinton wins, the S&P500 should skyrocket between 3% – 5%. However, the S&P 500 could potentially fall 5% – 13% if Trump wins the election. If Brexit is any indicator, it’s wise to prepare for the biggest nightmare on Wall Street – a Trump’s victory.


CNN, often mocked and joked as Clinton News Network, is now singing a different tune from an “easy win” to “tightening race”. In an attempt not to be seen as the biggest fool, CNN has shifted its “Electoral College Map”, moving Maine’s 2nd Congressional District, Ohio and Utah as “battleground” to “lean Republican”, while New Hampshire as “battleground” from “lean Democrat”.


Essentially, the more than 270 votes has now been reduced to 268 for Clinton, as compared to previously when she was declared the winner even before the election kicks off. Fox News Electoral Scorecard has changed its projection too – making North Carolina battleground rather than leaning towards Clinton, while Arizona, Utah and Iowa move to leaning Republican.


Historically, there had been 4 times where presidential candidate didn’t win the popular vote like what Hillary Clinton is enjoying now, but went ahead and received the greatest number of electoral votes, and subsequently won the presidency – John Quincy Adams (1824), Rutherford B. Hayes (1876), Benjamin Harrison (1888) and George W. Bush (2000).


In 2000, George W. Bush was declared the winner of the general election and became the 43rd president, despite getting 540,000 less votes than Al Gore in the popular vote contest before the actual election. However, Bush won the electoral vote, securing 271 to 266. And Donald Trump could be the fifth presidential candidate to join the list.


Here’re some signs that Hillary Clinton could be walking on a losing path like Al Gore. On the eve of Election Day, Clinton was visiting “states she thought she had locked up months ago” such as Pennsylvania and Michigan, suggesting that her panicked team wasn’t sure of the “rabbit in the bag”, hence sent her to make a surprise last-minute defence of these states.


Clinton campaign also has everything to worry about African-Americans, whose votes and turnout were wrongly presumed, despite Barack Obama’s whining, screaming, begging and bitching in helping Clinton. While Hispanic’s turnout has been mind-boggling, the percentage of African-Americans turning out to vote has been miserable, as proven in Florida’s early votes.


Because it isn’t Barack Obama, a true African-American, who runs for the presidency, obviously there isn’t any incentive for African-Americans to obediently go out and vote for Clinton. Obama’s 8-year of lame duck administration that hasn’t delivered significant improvement to the lives of the Blacks also contribute to the lower than expected turnout.


And that’s bad news to Clinton because the African-Americans overwhelmingly support Hillary Clinton, or so they thought. The African-Americans turnout is down 11% in the early voting in North Carolina. There is also the possibility that the African-Americans could have a second thought about voting for Democrats Hillary Clinton and could swing to Donald Trump.


Democrats’ underperforming in Florida, Arizona, Iowa, Colorado, North Carolina and Ohio also means the Republicans are outperforming in these states – a surprise bonus for Donald Trump. There’s one thing which has gotten Clinton campaign crazily worries though – the super huge crowd that Trump managed to attract to his talks.


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