“This Is For Allah” – Ignorant British Under Attack, London Becomes Londonistan

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Jun 04 2017
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Islam, the supposedly religion of peace is again put to test (or rather humiliation) when three terrorists, armed with a white van, drove into pedestrians at 50mph on London Bridge before getting out and stabbed people in nearby Borough Market. Witness Erick Siguenza told BBC News that one of the attackers screamed – “This is for Allah” – as he went on his stabbing rampage.


The three men, described as being “of Mediterranean origin”, were wearing what was believed to be fake suicide vests with metal canisters strapped to their chests. The attackers stabbed a police officer on the bridge and then used 12-inch hunting knives to randomly attack revellers at busy bars and restaurants in the nearby Borough Market. One man was stabbed five times.

London Terror Attack - London Bridge and Borough Market - Map

One woman said she saw three people with what appeared to be their throats cut at London Bridge. A chef from the nearby Fish restaurant said – “I saw two guys with big knives downstairs outside Roast. They were stabbing people. The police were running away, they were community police. They were normal officers, they were running away.”


Even guests at hotels have been evacuated. Zaven Jordan who is visiting from Australia was staying in Novotel Southwark when she was woken by a fire alarm. When guests assembled outside the hotel he said police told everyone to run. He was reportedly walking the streets trying to find somewhere to stay as the hotel he was staying was not answering their phone.

London Bridge and Borough Market Terror Attack - Women Stand at a Police Cordon

At least 7 people have died and 48 have been injured following the Saturday’s 10:08pm attack. Assistant Commissioner of Met Police Mark Rowley confirmed that all three terrorists were shot and killed within 8-minute of the first call to emergency services. Four explosions – confirmed as controlled blasts by the police – were heard near London Bridge between 1:23am and 1:49am.


The attack, now qualified as the deadliest terror attack carried out in London in 12 years, came just days before a general election and 12 days after 22 people were killed when a suicide bomber targeted an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. It was the third terrorist attack to strike the United Kingdom this year, after a man drove a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in March.

London Bridge and Borough Market Terror Attack - Police Rushing To Scene

Authorities who used Twitter to tell panicked Londoners to “run, hide, tell”, claimed that a subsequent Vauxhall stabbing, is unrelated to the events at London Bridge and Borough Market, which were declared as terrorist attacks. At least one man was arrested in Vauxhall while another man was arrested on Southwark Bridge, but police are yet to issue any information about this.


Conservatives have been leaving tons of sarcastic comments, with some congratulating ignorant Briton liberals for welcoming Muslim refugees into the country, never mind it had not been established the background of the attackers. They also congratulated Londoners who had voted Sadiq Aman Khan, the first Muslim to become the Mayor of London.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan - Terror Attacks Are Part and Parcel of Living in Big City

After the London Bridge and Borough Market attacks, Mayor Sadiq Khan said – “I condemn it in the strongest possible terms. There is no justification whatsoever for such barbaric acts.” Ironically, it was the same Mr. Sadiq who commented last September that the threat of terror attacks is “part and parcel of living in a big city”.


When it’s Parliament – a representative of democracy, freedom, human rights, and the rule of law – was attacked 3 months ago in March, it was a great humiliation to the Great Britain. Back then, Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter and mocked London Mayor Sadiq Khan for his perceived “pro-terrorism” and “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” stand.

London Bridge and Borough Market Terror Attack - Police Giving Instructions

Including the London Bridge terror attack, there have been 4 terrorist attacks and 183 deaths (Baghdad-27 deaths, Afghanistan-112 deaths, Manila-37 deaths) since the beginning of Muslim holy month of Ramadan on May 26, 2017. Ramadan is usually used to launch terrorist attacks, with promise of extra benefits for dying in such attacks during the holy month.


Immediately after the 22-year-old Salman Abedi detonated a rucksack filled with tricyclic acetone peroxide, bolts and nails, murdering 22 people including children at Arena Manchester on May 22 – the worst terror attack to strike the UK since the 7/7 London bombings 12 years earlier – it was revealed that Britain is a time-bomb with 3,500 potential terrorists under monitoring.

ISIS Islamic State Holding Flags Swords and Gun

In fact, the Government of the United Kingdom has allowed about 400 ISIS-trained fighters returned from war zones in Syria and Iraq. Despite being on red alert for more attacks on home soil, however, there were 260 terror-related arrests in 2016 – a drop of 8% compared to 282 people held in 2015. Even then, only 96 of the 260 arrested had resulted in a charge by January 16, 2017.


As a start, Britain can actually do a simple thing – deporting people who are not British citizens and who are known to be terrorists. But even doing such an easy task proves to be too difficult for the British government. Prime Minister Theresa May hasn’t the spine and political will to carry it out, as admitted by former Intelligence Chief Richard Kemp.

British Prime Minister Theresa May – Spineless and Clueless

Like other liberal leaders, Theresa May only dares raising or lowering “national critical level”, a fire-fighting rather than a pro-active measure, in dealing with domestic terrorism. To add insult into injury, British cops aren’t armed hence they ran away when the 3 terrorists started shouting “This is for Allah” and went on their stabbing rampage in London Bridge.


It appears Britain is still in denial mode over the problem of Islam radicalization happening in its back yard. Besides sending away (or at least locking up) potential terrorists identified, mosques must be regulated and monitored 24×7. Over 80% of the mosques in the United States “have been radicalized by Saudi Arabia money and influence.”

London Becomes Londonistan

Like it or not, it’s getting harder to argue and justify that Islam is a religion of peace, after the spike in terror attacks in the holy month of Ramadan and the latest London Bridge attack. But in the case of London-turned-Londonistan, although it sounds cruel, the Londoners and British actually deserve what they voted for. When will they ever wake up to the reality?


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This situation will not continue to stay for long. It will reach tipping point when the host countries are faced with their citizens dying in droves. Desperate measures which were dismissed out of hand before will be deployed if these leaders want to keep their positions. Ultimately the evil Saudi will face an explicit ultimatum…no more holding hands, cheeks kissing and carefully veiled words.

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