Sweden The “Rape Capital” – A Paradise For Migrants That Nobody Talks About

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Feb 20 2017
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There’s a hidden paradise among the Europe countries but it isn’t Germany. And this country was being mentioned by President Trump during his first public rally (since inauguration) on Saturday. Trump was obviously referring to an explosive interview between Fox News Tucker Carlson and documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz that took place on Friday night, the night before the rally.


Titled “Stockholm Syndrome“, the documentary revealed the rape and violence exploding across Sweden due its immigration policies. Ami officially awarded Sweden the “Rape Capital” of Europe, for obvious reason. Like Germany, the Swedish government was exposed for purposely covering up the perpetrators of rape crimes to protect the migrants.



While the United States consider themselves the world military and economic superpower, the Sweden, amazingly, consider themselves the global humanitarian superpower. Fighting tooth and nail with Germany, the Swedish open up their borders up to everyone and anyone. Sweden wanted to be more open and more liberal than Germany.


Comparing to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s 1.2-million of refugees / migrants imported, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s 163,000 might look lame. But that number is more migrants per capita than any other nation in Europe. However, while only “54 migrants were employable” in Germany, Sweden did better – 500 of their migrants gained employment.

Sweden - More Refugees Per Capita Than Any Other EU Country 

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. As much as Sweden wishes it didn’t happen, rape and violence committed by those migrants aren’t any difference than those in Cologne. While the Swedish government “covers up” migrant rape, local Swedish, stunningly, prefer to say the rapes were carried out by “men”, not “refugees or migrants”.


Because the authorities and the people of Sweden choose to cover up migrant rape for the sake of “humanitarian”, majority still want to have an open door policy and to welcome more migrants or refugees, despite a spate of violent attacks and sexual assaults at a music festival recently. Like Germany, a high level of unemployment among migrants in Sweden means greater social unrest.

Sweden Welcome Refugees

But why should those migrants work in the first place? Sweden is a paradise to the migrants because they are given hard cash by the government without having to work a single day. In 2016, Sweden received 28,939 migrants where most of them came from three Muslim countries in the Middle East – Syria (5,459), Afghanistan (2,969) and Iraq (2,758).


Sweden pays newly-arrived migrants to encourage them to enter the community. As a refugee who receives a residence permit, each of them gets up to US$35 (£28; €33; RM156) a day – five days a week without question asked. The migrants don’t have to work to receive “establishment allowance” during their first 2 years in Sweden, after which the entitlement can continue.

Migrants Refugees Get Free Cash – From Swedish Taxpayers

But that was not all the goodies migrants would get for doing practically nothing in Sweden. If they have children, they will get something called a “supplementary” establishment allowance. For each child under the age of 11, they will get US$91 (£73; €86; RM405) a month, and US$170 (£137; €160; RM757) for each child who has reached the age of 11 – up to 3 children.


Newly arrived immigrant can receive a maximum of US$510 dollars (£410; €480; RM2,273) a month through this supplementary establishment allowance alone. Add in the daily US$35 of “establishment allowance”, a migrant with 3 children would be getting free cash of US$1,210 (£974; €1,140; RM5,393) – every month. Who in the right-mind would be looking for jobs?

Sweden – A Paradise To 163,000 Migrants

Naturally for poor Arabs who have several children, there is every reason to try to get a residence permit in paradise Sweden. But even if they couldn’t get a residence permit, they are entitled to also receive economic and social benefits – state-funded health care, dental care, contraception counselling, and maternity care, as well as care in case of abortion.


There’re more – illegal immigrant is also entitled to transportation to and from health care facilities, and even an interpreter. In fact, illegal immigrants pay lower fees for their medical and dental care than Swedish citizens pay, something that not even 355,000 Swedish senior citizens living below the European Union’s poverty line get to enjoy.

Swedish Girls Welcome Refugees

In Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, the children of illegal immigrants receive full income support while illegal migrants who have children have their entire rent paid by the municipality. In short, your children will receive free healthcare, free education and free accommodation, regardless whether you’re on Swedish soil – legally or illegally.


Sadly, despite throwing freebies and giving free money, the migrants do not feel any loyalty to the Swedish culture, let alone adapt and respect the Swedish way of living. To make the party more excited, the migrants know they can rape and get away with it. Facing a shortage of police officers, the chances of the police finding a rape suspect is only 14%, based on 2015 statistic.

Muslim Migrants Showing Their Appreciation To Sweden - Burning Swedish Flag

The most outrageous and shocking rape case that humanitarian superpower Sweden can be proud of is none other than a case against three men (two were born in Afghanistan and one Swedish citizen whose country of origin is protected) arrested on suspicion of raping a woman in the city of Uppsala and broadcasting it live on Facebook early of this year..


Together with Denmark, Sweden now has the highest rates of sexual assault in the European Union, according to a study by the European Agency for Fundamental Rights. Swedish women now have to think twice about swimming at public pools, because young male Muslim migrants have turned them into destinations of rape and sexual assault.

Migrants Raping A Swedish Girl – LIVE from Facebook


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Those who welcome immigrants should be asked to house and feed them and not make the rest pay for their calls. The immigrants do not want to go to their own kind/religion neighbouring countries but prefer to go to EU non-same religion/culture countries.
Europeans used military might to invade and colonise many Mid-East & African and Asian countries. Locals in the Americas, Australia and other countries were almost wiped out by the invading Europeans [but leaving some as tourist attractions].

The immigrants may also be proving true what Gadaffi said about five decades ago that EU countries will be taken over by his kind without firing a shot and these immigrants may be the first wave.

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