Germany Has Been Importing Junk Migrants – 1.1-Million “Unemployable”

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Jul 08 2016
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Chances are you would have heard about the infamous “Shoe Salesman in Africa” story during one of your sales or motivation talks. The moral of the story was to tell the importance of being “solutions focused” and not “problems focused”. In a nutshell, behind every crisis or problem, there’s a golden opportunity.

Bata Shoe Kenya

Anyway, the story goes that when one pays a visit to Kenya, “Bata” was the shoe company dominating the African country – not Nike or Reebok. How come? Here’s the tale: at the end of the 19th century, just as colonial Africa was opening up as a market, all the manufacturers of shoes in England sent their representatives to Africa to see if there was any opportunity.


  • All except one came back and reported – “This is a terrible business opportunity, no one wears shoes.”
  • However, Bata representative was grinning from ear to ear and reported – “Nobody in Africa wears shoes. So, there’s a huge market for our products in Africa!”
  • And that’s why signs promoting Bata appear all over Africa, even in the remotest of spots.

Bata Shoe in Kenya 19th Century

And so, United States, Germany and France saw the opportunity in the Syrian War Crisis, and believe the flooding of asylum seekers or refugees was a goldmine, or so they thought. Besides getting the opportunity to be greeted as a hero or heroine, President Barack Obama and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel were competing for Nobel Peace Prize.


Because 81-million of Germany populations were facing low birth-rate, Merkel thought the refugees could provide labours building Volkswagen and Mercedes (for example), not to mention boosting domestic economy. Therefore, it offered some of the most generous terms of asylum, welcoming about 1.1-million people in 2015 alone – the highest since post-World War II.

Refugees at Rail Station of Passau, Germany

Chancellor Angela Merkel was so excited about her 1.1-million newly found goldmine that she didn’t think the mass sexual assaults / rapes by 1,000 Muslim migrants/refugees in Cologne, Germany, on New Year’s Eve, was a problem worth mentioning. She instructed the police and mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, to cover-up the “rapefugees” crisis.


The propaganda trumpeted by the German government, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Deutsche Bank was such that the migrants would be an economic boon for the country. International media played their role expressing how fortunate Germany was with a sudden influx of doctors, engineers, architects and whatnot, making Angela Merkel even prouder.

Irresistible - Angela Merkel Taking Selfie With Refugees

Unfortunately, based on a survey done by Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung, most of the top 30 companies on the German stock exchange (DAX) said they were unable to employ any of the new arrivals because they lacked the necessary qualifications needed to fill any of their roles.


Of 4-million workers employed by Germany top-30 companies, only “54 migrants were employable”. That’s a pathetic figure considering 1,100,000 migrants were imported and are currently being provided shelter, food and money under Merkel administration. To add salt into injury, 50 of the migrants were employed by the German post office.

Survey by Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung - Number of Refugees Employed in Germany

Software giant SAP reportedly hired two migrants working for them, while pharmaceutical manufacturer Merck said they had hired two. Clearly, what was trumpeted by pro-refugees media about the prospect of brain-gain has turned out to be brain-dead instead. Seriously, if there were great brains within the millions of refugees, wouldn’t Turkey or Saudi have them grabbed?


Another study conducted by Kiel-based Institute for World Economics estimated that only 2% of recent migrants to Germany are employable. Professor Ludger Wössmann, director of the Centre for the Economics of Education in Munich, said his research showed at least two thirds (66%) of migrants can’t read or write.

Germany Refugees - Two-thirds of Migrants Can't Read or Write

Interestingly, at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche said the migrant influx would provide Germany with an “economic miracle”. As excited as Chancellor Angela Merkel, he claimed migrants who travelled to Germany are highly motivated – the automaker was “looking for such people”.


Of course, based on Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung’s study, Mr. Zetsche’s company has yet to hire any migrants. But industrial leaders were not the only group being pragmatic, or rather foolishly brainwashed. Some German universities are opening their doors to allow refugees to audit classes for free, as if they were some sort of junior Einstein.

Refugees and Migrants in Germany - Only 54 out of 1.1-Million Employed - Unemployable

Today, not only the 1.1-million refugees or migrants couldn’t contribute to the Germany’s economy, the asylum seekers represent a financial burden, costing the nation billions in housing and other aid. Many of them will stay and build new lives in Germany rather than return home. Merkel’s hope for them to assimilate is not working and there’re higher chances of them getting radicalised instead.


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