PM Theresa May Should Just Resign If She’s Not Interested In Her Job

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Jun 10 2017
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British Prime Minister Theresa May is in trouble. In fact, she’s in deep shit. She has practically committed hara-kiri by calling for a snap election. She deserves to be mocked, laughed and insulted by all world leaders – mostly liberal EU elites – who were shocked by Brexit but determined to do anything to stop Britain from literally exit EU, including holding a second Brexit Referendum.


With all constituencies declared, the Conservatives won 318 seats – down from 331 at the 2015 election – while Labour was on 262, up from 229. In essence, no party has gained a clear majority. UK is now facing a hung Parliament. May’s ruling Conservative party is short of 8 seats to forming a government with a simple majority in Britain’s 650-seat Parliament.

Britain Snap Election 2017 - Conservatives Theresa May Faces Labour Jeremy Corbyn

Stunningly shocked, Theresa May put on a brave face, vowing to form a new government to lead Britain out of the European Union. She made the statement outside her Downing Street office after seeking permission from the head of state Queen Elizabeth II to form a new government, apparently with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), who won 10 seats.


But why bother foaming at the mouth about forming a government when she isn’t interested in her job from the beginning? Either that or she’s the dumbest prime minister United Kingdom has ever had. In the first place, why did she call a snap election when her ruling Conservative party was enjoying a 5 seats majority? Ahh, she wanted a bigger majority.

British Prime Minister Theresa May – Spineless and Clueless

That’s a valid argument if her party was nearing its 5-year term. But there was still tons of time left before the next general election. With 3 years to go, why should she rush and risk getting slaughtered? Ahh, because polling numbers said she would win even if she puts 650 monkeys as candidates. After Brexit and Trump presidency, which part of “numbers-cooking” that she doesn’t understand?


Pre-election surveys had failed to predict the outcomes of the 2015 Parliamentary general election, the 2016 Brexit vote and the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Polls have never been independent and fair, let alone reliable. After all, didn’t polls (Reuters/Ipsos) said Hillary Clinton have 90% (or even 99%) chance of winning the 2016 U.S. presidential election? Guess who the U.S. president is today.

Theresa May and Hillary Clinton

It appears that Theresa May was Hillary Clinton in the making the moment she believes the favourable poll numbers. At the latest, Mrs. May was scammed with a sexy lead – 42% to Labour’s 35%. Heck, a final poll by The Times even glorified Theresa May’s party with a majority of almost 50 seats. Deng Xiaoping once said – “It doesn’t matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice.”


In the case of out-of-touch Theresa May, she fabulously fell for the same old trap (probably can’t differentiate a black cat from white) – overly confident. It was the same “over confidence” factor – that the Brexit would never succeed – that had many young Britons slept at home instead of going to the polling station. As a consequence, Brexit succeeded. This round, the reverse is true.

Britain UK Election 2017 - Young Voters Voting Labour

Alarmed by the polls which gave Conservative party a “sure win”, the same young Britons who had wanted “Remains” were out in full force, throwing Mrs. May’s party under the bus. More UK millennials tried to register to vote ahead of the general election than before the Brexit referendum. Complacent, Theresa May’s supporters weren’t as aggressive.


UK government data showed that about 2-million people aged 34 or under signed up in the 5 weeks before the May 22 registration deadline, up 20% on the comparable period before the Brexit vote. Turnout had increased in 554 of the 646 constituencies. Estimate number showed that youth turnout was at around 69% – a huge increase compared to the 43% achieved in 2015.

Britain UK Election 2017 - Young Voters Voting Labour 2

Young Britons, especially Londoners, wanted to remain in the EU, and voted for Labour in droves simply because they thought there’s a chance, no matter how slim, of a second referendum. But anti-Brexit’s revenge was not the only major problem. Otherwise hardcore EU supporter Scottish National Party would not have lost 21 of the 56 seats it won in 2015.


True, it was Theresa May’s prerogative, as the British prime minister, to call for a snap election whenever she likes. But she screwed up everything, from policies to strategy to personalities. She showed weak leadership and inconsistency during her campaign, if there was one to begin with. She made a number of U-turns that undermined her talk of competence, toughness, and stability.

Britain UK Election 2017 - Theresa May Dementia Tax

Low-income voters were offended with a proposal to replace free lunches in state schools with free breakfasts. Solid middle-class Conservative voters were shocked by the suggestion of a “dementia tax,” which would effectively force them to cover the cost of old age care by selling their most valuable legacy – their homes. Heck, she tried everything in her power to shoot herself.


She should know better than anybody else about her unimpressive record while serving as Home Secretary for 6 years, during which she slashed 20,000 police forces. Yet, when terrorist attacks hit Manchester and London, she conveniently blamed the Internet, while babbling about “ripping up” Britain’s human rights’ laws in order to combat domestic terrorism.

Britain UK Election 2017 - Theresa May Cut 20000 Polices Forces As Home Secretary

The fact that Theresa May thought she could get more firing power with a bigger parliamentary majority when discussing Brexit with the EU goes to show she was as clueless as a chicken at KFC. At negotiation table, it depends entirely on her tough personality, competency, and strategy and of course, negotiation skill. Nobody at Brussels had questioned her legitimacy.


Does she really think those EU elites give a crap on how many seats Conservative party could win? The vengeful EU have sharpened their knives and are ready to slaughter whatever plans or proposal put on table by Theresa May. They just want to punish UK, come rain or shine, but May was so obsessed about getting her mandate, so much so it looked like she was dragging her feet to negotiate with EU.

Britain UK Election 2017 - Theresa May Dares Not Face Brexit EU Negotiator

Britons are in a delicate situation. There doesn’t seem to be a good choice to choose from. They are angry about globalization, but fearful of Islam and immigration, and at the same time worried about money and their children’s futures. Unfortunately, there’s no best of breed on the menu. A leader with strong personality and great credibility like Margaret Thatcher is currently short of supply.


Labour party’s Jeremy Corbyn, if allowed to lead UK, will transform Britain to become an EU’s lapdog, worse than before Brexit last June. We’re talking about the same Corbyn who has opposed police shoot-to-kill tactics when dealing with terrorists. Labour party won spectacularly because angry young voters were out on a revenge mission – to punish their pro-Brexit parents and grandparents.

Britain UK Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn Welcomes Refugees

As Mr. Corbyn wooed students with promises like restoring free university education and scrapping austerity, the arrogant Mrs. May made one U-turn after another as if she wasn’t interested in his job at all. The worst part was her refusal to take part in a televised debate with other party leaders. At least Donald Trump was courageous enough to debate with tier-1 politicians such as Hillary Clinton.


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Well, when you are surrounded by clueless advisers AND you are stupid clueless yourself, then expect to be clobbered…just like how the press slaughtered her in the morning-after headlines :

Gamble in April, costs May in June ( hehehehe)

June is the end of May ( hehehehe)

Queen of Denials ( hehehehe)

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