Easy Win! – Theresa To Become British PM After Novice Andrea “Quit”

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Jul 11 2016
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Conservative leadership candidate Andrea Leadsom proves she’s an easy meat and does not have the strength, experience or stamina to become British next prime minister. She has announced she is pulling out of the race to replace David Cameron. The junior Energy Minister’s latest dramatic move means Home Secretary Theresa May is given a walkover.

Game Over - Andrea Leadsom Making Her Announcement

Andrea Leadsom said: “The best interests of our country inspired me to stand for the leadership. I believe that in leaving the EU a bright future awaits, where all our people can share in a new prosperity, freedom and democracy. A nine-week leadership campaign at such a critical moment for our country is highly undesirable.”


Instead of a proper Tory leadership contest between a Brexiteer Leadsom and an anti-Brexit May, the people of Britain could see a coronation of Theresa May. Nevertheless, Andrea Leadsom was brought down by her own inexperience and naivety in facing the real world of politics, especially in handling the forever media hostility.

Britain The Times Newspaper - Andrea Leadsom - Being A Mother Gives Me Edge On May

Leadsom, has attacked “gutter journalism” after it was reported that she claimed she would be a better prime minister than her Conservative leadership contest rival, Theresa May, because she has children and May does not. Her campaigner manager Tim Loughton claims she was the victim of dirty tricks.


In her interview with the Times, journalist Rachel Sylvester quoted Leadsom saying that being a mother was an advantage in the election because it showed that she had “a very real stake” in the future of the country. She reportedly said – “I am sure Theresa will be really sad she doesn’t have children so I don’t want this to be ‘Andrea has children, Theresa hasn’t’ because I think that would be really horrible.”

Family Photo - Andrea with Freddie, Ben, Charlotte and Harry

Leadsom, 53, has two sons and a daughter. May, 59, on the other hand is married, but has never had children. She has said little about this in public, but has made it clear that childlessness was not a choice. After the motherhood article, senior Tories called for Leadsom to quit the leadership contest because she was “inexperienced” and clearly not “PM material”.


Astonishingly, the inexperienced Leadsom reportedly sent an apology text to May at lighting speed. Her intention may be good but why should she care how Theresa May would think if in the first place, she strongly believes being a mother does have the edge to be a better prime minister? By quitting and apologizing, it shows she lacks principle and cannot take any heat at all.

Britain New Woman Prime Minister - Andrea Leadsom and Theresa May

Actually, it’s not extremely damaging to say that being a mother was an advantage. But to compare it with her opponent who hasn’t a child, that’s a huge mistake any politician should not have had committed. Its politics 101 guide Leadsom should know, even before she was to become a junior minister under Cameron administration.


Still, Leadsom could put the blame on the media for taking the interview out of its context. She could play dumb, ignore further questions about her motherhood remarks and change the subject to what she plans to do as Brexiteers are set to meet the vengeful and evil EU leaders, as what a seasoned politician would do. Over time, people would forget about her little blunders.

Theresa May Commands Highest (199) of Tories Votes

Theresa May and her supporters haven’t even started their blitzkrieg on Andrea Leadsom and already the latter’s camp is crumbling down with a single interview with the Times. Imagine Leadsom as British prime minister facing the cunning Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel who is easily 100 times dirtier than British media and politicians combined.


Perhaps Leadsom did the correct thing by quitting, not that she has other choices in the first place. She’s no fighter and would be an easy meat to Angela Merkel anyway. However, as long as David Cameron hasn’t formally resign to the Queen, who’s not currently in London until Wednesday, Theresa May cannot be sworn in as the British second woman prime minister.

Can Theresa May Become “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher

Once Cameron resigns officially at Buckingham Palace, he will then be able to leave Downing Street, followed by May meeting with the Queen. May will then enter 10 Downing Street, officially becomes Britain’s new prime minister. There’re also calls for a snap general election but May had earlier rubbish such possibility – prefers to wait till 2020.


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