Britain’s New PM Is Either A Traitor Or A Woman Who’s Anti-Brexit

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Jul 01 2016
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From hero to zero – that was the best description for Boris Johnson, the former Mayor of London who was backstabbed by his friend. He was brave, bold and a Brexiteer who brought down Prime Minister David Cameron. He was the favourite to become Britain’s next prime minister, but like “Game of Thrones”, he was betrayed and terminated at the eleventh hour.


Johnson was forced to pull out of the race when his own campaign manager betrayed him in spectacular fashion. In a statement that shocked every single Brexiteer, Michael Gove announced he would quit his role as Johnson’s campaign manager and put himself forward for the party leadership instead, shortly after 9am on Thursday.

Betrayal - Michael Gove and Boris Johnson

“I have come, reluctantly, to the conclusion that Boris cannot provide the leadership or build the team for the task ahead,” Gove, who had repetitively said he never wanted the keys to 10 Downing Street, has finally shown his true colour. Within minutes, members of Parliament who had pledged their support to Johnson were abandoning him in favour of Gove.


A justice secretary who was demoted by Cameron from education secretary to chief whip before bounces back, Michael Gove is a controversial guy who commands legions of admirers as well as haters. However, judging by how he outsmarts and leaves Boris Johnson with very little time to re-strategise, perhaps Gove is a better politician to run a post-Brexit government.

Former London Mayor Boris Johnson and British PM David Cameron

Boris Johnson was the sexiest guy running for Brexit campaigns but he’s not as ruthless or as cunning as Gove, a skill much sought after to lead a complex set of negotiations with the hostile EU chiefs for good deals. Betrayal or not, many were frustrated and angered that Johnson surrendered too easily after being outmanoeuvred by his No. 2.


Was it a coincidence that Michael Gove suddenly realised Boris Johnson didn’t have the leadership skill to run the country? It appears Gove was working hand in hand with his wife, Sara Vine. Sara had sent an email to a member of the public, apparently by “mistake”, expressing worries about Johnson’s popularity with the Tory membership and with media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Sarah Vine and Michael Gove – The Backstabbers

The email from Sarah Vine, a Daily Mail columnist, also contained advice to Gove not to guarantee his support for Johnson’s leadership bid without a specific job offer. The email blunder – either deliberately or otherwise – was a brilliant strategy to tell the world that it wasn’t Gove’s fault that he cannot support Johnson because MPs don’t like him (Johnson).


However, both Michael Gove and his wife Sarah Vine might not get the keys to 10 Downing Street after all the betrayal. Home secretary Theresa May is now the favourite to replace David Cameron; at least that was what bookies can tell. Asked for her pitch, she said: “I’m Theresa May and I’m the best person to be prime minister.”

Theresa May - British Home Secretary

May positioned herself as a candidate to unify the party and has attempted to woo leave voters by signing up Chris Grayling, a prominent leave campaigner, to chair her campaign and pledging to create a department to negotiate the UK leaving the EU. She also promised categorically that Britain would leave the EU, with no attempts to “remain through the back door”.


Pledging that “Brexit means Brexit” and that there would be no general election before 2020, Theresa May positioned herself as the candidate of stability and experience. She claimed there would be no “emergency budget” to deal with the consequences of Brexit and promised that under her administration, she would no longer seek to reach a budget surplus to avoid tax increases.

Remain Supporters – David Cameron and Theresa May

There’s one serious problem with Theresa May though. She was a strong supporter of “Remain” campaign, therefore, she’s seen as David Cameron’s backup minion in case of a successful Brexit. And it’s extremely hard for Brexiteers to trust an EU supporter whose record on immigration was a spectacular failure.


Theresa May declared she was the best person to take on Angela Merkel. Perhaps the time has come for Britain to have a woman as the next prime minister after Margaret Thatcher. Besides having a soft spot for refugees, perhaps Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel could be tamed by another woman.

Britain’s Next Prime Minister – Theresa May or Michael Gove

But if May was a die-hard fan of EU, which translates her to being a possible Merkel worshipper, how could the British people trust her government to make a complete U-turn against the Germany Chancellor and negotiate good deals for Britain? Either way, Britain’s next prime minister will be traitor Gove or an EU supporter May.


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