Waytha Moorthy Has To Be Fired – The Scapegoat Caught In The Crossfire Of An Evil Plan To Topple Mahathir

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Dec 24 2018
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Fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim has died from injuries sustained during the riot at the Sri Maha Mariamman temple in Subang Jaya last month. Since then, the ethnic Malays have been demanding that P. Waytha Moorthy, National Unity and Social Well-being Minister, be fired. The Indian community, on the other hand, is defending the minister.


The opposition gleefully plays the death of the fireman to the hilt, before his autopsy could even be carried out. Riding on the ethnic Malays sentiment for revenge, pro-UMNO (Malay nationalist party) and pro-PAS (Islamist party) cybertroopers, propagandists and bloggers have launched a pre-emptive strike – alleging that the government will “cover-up” the death of Adib.


No matter what will be the result of the autopsy, the only story acceptable to the opposition and their supporters is that fireman Adib, a Malay Muslim, was dragged out of the fire-engine and beaten up by a gang of Indians. And the so-called four Indian gangsters will be paraded and become the poster boys to remind the Malays how their fate has become under the new government of Pakatan Harapan.

Hindu Temple Riot - Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim

But the Indian gangsters are just the appetiser. The main course is Waytha Moorthy. They want the inexperienced minister to be sacked, allegedly over his failure to contain interracial tensions surrounding the Hindu temple unrest, which contributed to the death of fireman Adib. Make no mistake about it. If 24-year-old Adib was indeed murdered, the culprits must face the music.


Here’s the burning question – was Waytha Moorthy directly responsible for fanning racial sentiments that led to the violent riots, which ultimately killed the innocent fireman Adib?


First of all, the riots started after 50-250 Malay gangsters, allegedly hired by the developer, entered the Hindu temple and “run amok” and terrorised the house of worship. Amusingly, however, all the people demanding the resignation of the minister have been dead silent about the Malay thugs as well as the developer, as if they were innocent and played no part in the death of Adib.

Subang Jaya District Police Chief ACP Mohammad Azlin Sadari

Secondly, the Subang Jaya District Police Chief Muhammad Azlin Sadari was caught issuing a false statement that the cause of the riot was a misunderstanding between two Indian groups over the temple relocation. The Facebook post later removed the word “Indian”. Was the police chief trying to cover-up the reality that it was Malay gangsters who started the slaughtering?


Interestingly, the “incompetent” Subang Jaya police chief was transferred out to Bukit Aman’s Crime Prevention and Community Safety Department, effective November 26, the same day the riots exploded. The Selangor police chief, Commissioner Mazlan Mansor, said the transfer was a coincidence and had nothing to do with the fiasco. Yeah, right.


Thirdly, Waytha Moorthy had in November 26 condemned the police for dragging their feet. Did he lie about the police being late to the scene after the Hindu temple was terrorised? Apparently, only one Subang Jaya police patrol car was at the scene at 4.15am when the group of 50 Malay thugs, armed with iron bars and machetes, entered the Hindu temple at Seafield at 2:30am.

The FRU (Federal Reserve Unit) reportedly arrived at 6am. Three days ago (Dec 20), former Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Musa Hassan appeared to agree with Waytha Moorthy. Mr. Musa said the late action taken by the police in apprehending the rioters has delayed the identification of those who committed offences during the riot.


It’s very important that Musa said the trespassing of the temple, the attack on civil servants and the riot were handled late. How so? Many have missed out the point that fireman Adib was allegedly attacked on November 27, the “second day” of the fiasco. Had the police handled the situation at lightning speed on the first day itself, the crisis would not have had spread for the worse on the second day.


What this means is Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim may be alive today if the authorities had moved in to arrest the Indian rioters and the Malay thugs – without resorting to delay or cover-up based on race and religion. Is it fair to blame Waytha Moorthy for speaking the truth, but quietly transferred Subang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Mohammad Azlin Sadari for his incompetency?

Subang Jaya Sri Maha Marianmman Temple Riot - Chariot Damaged

The death of Adib is being capitalised by the opposition and it seems the Mahathir government is caught off guard. Obviously, it’s easier to blame Waytha Moorthy because he’s an Indian. Even Mahathir’s boys agree that the easiest way to solve the issue is to throw the Indian minister under the bus. Yes, the death of Adib could be a weapon more lethal than the anti-ICERD rally.


Mahathir, his media adviser Kadir Jasin and extremist Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali could be playing good-cop-bad-cop in the Hindu temple drama. After calling Mr. Waytha a “pig”, and condemned that there were too many Indian ministers, Ibrahim Ali had threatened to “run amok” but was never arrested, unlike UMNO minion Papagomo.


PM Mahathir claimed he hasn’t decided whether to sack Waytha Moorthy or not. But the writing is on the wall when his adviser Kadir told all and sundry that the Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action Force) chairman should voluntarily relinquish the ministerial post, claiming that he had become a “liability” to his boss – Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. That’s a polite way of telling Waytha to resign, or be fired.

Mahathir Mohamad - Blue Suit 2

However, the 93-year-old Mahathir also realises that the sacking of Waytha Moorthy will not be the end of the racism and extremism game being played by the opposition. If they could force the old man’s hand into sacking the senator, it would embolden UMNO, PAS and other extreme-right ethnic Malay organisations to demand for the sacking of other Indian ministers as well.


After all, Minister of Water, Land and Natural Resources Dr Xavier Jayakumar, Minister of Communications and Multimedia Gobind Singh Deo and Minister of Human Resources M Kulasegaran were present at the press conference condemning the slow response from the police when the riot incident occurred. The extremist group will most likely demand for more Indian heads to be chopped.


After the plan to use the anti-ICERD rally (December 8) to spark a racial riot similar to that of May 13, 1969 failed spectacularly, the opposition parties think they might have found another brilliant plan to take over the government. The evil plan is to take a page out of the 2007 Hindraf Rally, the protest by the Indian community which gave birth to more rallies that ultimately toppled the old regime.

Malaysia Ethnic-Indian Hindraf Uprising - Demonstration

It is also worth to note that the formation of Hindraf in 2007 was the result of cases of temple demolitions and conversions. Now, do you understand why the UMNO and PAS have been quietly sponsoring mini rallies almost on a daily basis to pressure Mahathir to sack Waytha Moorthy? Heck, they have even demanded the resignation of the prime minister if he’s too chicken to sack the Indian minister.


They wanted the ethnic-Indian to feel victimised by the new government and to rise against the Mahathir administration, the same way Hindraf had rallied against the previous Barisan Nasional government about 10 years ago. Their next target is Attorney General Tommy Thomas, hence the wild accusations that the ethnic Indian Christian was planning to cover-up Adib’s death.


Yes, while the main course is Waytha Moorthy, the dessert is the incorruptible Tommy Thomas. This top lawyer has to be sacked for prosecuting too many corrupt UMNO big guns. Once they find the right footing and ingredients, they would apply the same racism and extremism formula to the ethnic Chinese. Like the ethnic Indian, Mahathir will eventually have to choose between Malay and Chinese voters.

Waytha Moorthy - Mahathir Mohamad


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Who was initiated & made situation towards crime incidents?
Why have to blame Waytha ?
These mandate of police & thugs over there, better to
Sack / romove subang police chief Mohamad Azlin Sadari.
Very radically of sentiment race & some idiots political
Agendas gain by opposition parties. PH government should
Moved on wisely.
Waytha being innocent & with his duties responsibility.

Its about time to bring the groups that created the racial tension to thr fore and be held accountable.

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