Zahid Finally Quit – How The Idiot Leads UMNO To A New Low & Splits The Party Into 5 Factions In 6 Months

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Dec 19 2018
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Less than 24 hours after UMNO President Ahmad Zahid Hamidi declared he would not resign, lecturing critics instead on the party’s constitution and his legitimacy, the disgraced former deputy prime minister made a U-turn and quit. The pressure was simply too much for the Java-immigrant who had dreamt of becoming the president of UMNO, and the Prime Minister of Malaysia.


While his dream to become UMNO president has materialised, the ambitious man’s desire to walk the corridors of power as the most powerful man in the country hit the roadblock after the party lost the May 9th general election. Yesterday (Dec 18), Mr. Zahid, known for his thuggish behaviour, announced he would hand over his duties as UMNO president to Deputy Mohamad Hassan.


Yet, to save face, he insisted that he has not quit as party president. He said his deputy will have full powers and authority as president for a certain period of time. But every Tom, Dick and their hamsters know Mr. Zahid is game over. With a record 46 charges hanging around his neck for CBT and money laundering involving a whopping RM114 million, it’s hard to see how he could come back unscathed.

Zahid Hamidi – UMNO President

Even the legitimacy of his UMNO presidency is in jeopardy as MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) is investigating reports lodged accusing him of bribing delegates to vote for him as president during the party election in June. Essentially, Zahid is going down the history as the shortest serving UMNO president, an embarrassing milestone indeed.


It was quite hilarious that moments prior to Zahid giving up his power, he lectured party members not to behave like “crabs in a basket” – pulling each other down and stepping over one another in their efforts to escape, but ending up getting cooked instead. Heck, he even warned his enemy – PM Mahathir – about UMNO frogs jumping over to take over his party, PPBM.


Clearly, Zahid is a short-sighted and a vengeful leader. He is not a smart strategist, let alone a clever tactician. He would rather burn the bridge and severe relationship with whoever that has betrayed him, than to leave some room for a possible reconciliation at a later stage. That makes him an easy meat for the cunning grand old man Mahathir Mohamad.

Mahathir Mohamad VS Zahid Hamidi

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi also admitted that UMNO has split into eye-popping five factions after it lost power for the first time in its history after ruling the country for 61 years. He revealed that the first faction consists of those who want to maintain the status quo and not ally with any other parties. This disillusioned group obviously is still in denial mode about the reasons why they had been rejected.


The second group, according to Zahid, wants to join forces with only Mahathir’s PPBM party, thinking it would be the shortest way to come back to power. Has the UMNO president forgotten that he was the one who had fantasized about this route when he shamelessly bent down close to 45 degrees and met Mahathir in June to talk about a PPBM-UMNO merger?


A month after the humiliating election defeat, still licking his wound and with his tail between legs, UMNO acting president Zahid met the 93-year-old premier whom he had insulted and mocked with regards to his Indian ancestry – calling him the son of Iskandar “Kutty”. Despite kowtowing, begging and crawling to the old man to be included in the new government, Mahathir told him to fly kite.

Zahid Hamidi Meets Mahathir Mohamad - Bend Over

Zahid Hamidi Meets Mahathir Mohamad - After 14th General Election

PM Mahathir told the Indonesia-migrant to dissolve UMNO before any cooperation can take place. Zahid might be as bright as the next carrot you can find at Carrefour hypermarket, but he knew closing down UMNO before any deal is made means he will be as good as game over. There was no way Mahathir would include him in the ruling government cabinet.


The next month (July), PM Mahathir congratulated Zahid for being elected as the new UMNO president, but declared – again – that the Government will not work with the defeated and badly bruised party. The premier said – “Congratulations, this means he is loved by UMNO, and I congratulate him, but we will not work with them.”


By August, the new UMNO president – Zahid Hamidi – was fabulously devastated and demoralised. UMNO’s account was still frozen. Mahathir’s insistence on not working with UMNO practically closes any door of joining forces with PPBM party. So, Zahid tried his luck on the next best option – to join forces with PKR, another component party of the Pakatan Harapan ruling coalition.

Zahid Hamidi Visits Anwar Ibrahim in Hospital

So, the third faction of UMNO members who wanted to join forces with PKR, was also part of Zahid’s plan after he was rejected by Mahathir. But like an idiot, he counted the chickens before they hatch, telling all and sundry that UMNO was actually the government-in-waiting. Nazri Aziz, another thug in the same league as Zahid, was sent on his behalf to negotiate with PKR President Anwar Ibrahim.


Recently, it was revealed that in exchange for UMNO support for Mr. Anwar to become the next prime minister, the PKR must ensure UMNO does not get de-registered. UMNO also demanded the same funding allocation as the ruling government MPs to opposition UMNO lawmakers. This faction, however, no longer asked to be part of the government, but merely “government-friendly.”


However, the greedy scumbag Zahid Hamidi also has his hands in another cookie jar – the fourth faction – which wanted UMNO to join forces with PAS Islamist party. Together with PAS, this UMNO faction that Zahid was involved openly, wanted to create a grand coalition consisting of only ethnic Malays and Muslims. What this faction needs to do is to play 3R cards (religion, racial and royalty).

PAS Hadi Awang and UMNO Zahid Hamidi - Whispering

So, their first game was to play the anti-ICERD to the hilt. Taking to the street, Zahid Hamidi and Hadi Awang led their respective UMNO and PAS Malay-Muslims to rhetorically protest against what they claimed to be threats to Malay privileges and special rights and whatnot. Unfortunately, Zahid and his minions had forgotten there were over 100,000 non-Muslim members in Sabah UMNO.


Disgusted and angered by UMNO Peninsular’s excessive racism and extremism, Sabah UMNO quit the party just four days after the anti-ICERD demonstration. The mass exodus saw 21 of the 25 division heads, nine of 10 of its assemblymen, five of six MPs and two senators leaving the party in the state of Sabah, diluting UMNO’s 54 MPs to just 43.


Subsequently, 6 UMNO MPs have had enough of their president’s idiocy and quit the party to become independent lawmakers, joining three high-profile names who earlier left to join Mahathir Mohamad’s Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM). Thanks to Zahid brilliant leadership, UMNO currently has only 37 MPs, down from the 54 after the May 9 poll.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi - Quit UMNO - Dejected

The fifth faction, claimed Zahid, wants to form a new grouping altogether. Regardless how many factions are there in UMNO, the fact remains that the man behind the split is none other than Zahid himself. It was already an uphill task to lead a party that cannot survive without cash and power. It was DOA (dead on arrival) when the arrogant but intellectually-challenged man won his UMNO presidency.


Actually, there’s another faction – the sixth faction – which comprises ex-PM Najib Razak hardcore supporters. UMNO supreme council member Lokman Noor Adam has proposed for Najib to be made de-facto party leader and head of the federal Opposition. If this ridiculous idea materialises, it would be fun to see how the crook usurps the power of the UMNO (acting) president.


Amusingly, the UMNO president also unveiled that there is one party in the Pakatan Harapan coalition that they would never work with, saying – “UMNO rejects 100% any cooperation with DAP.” What makes Zahid think DAP wants to work with the UMNO in the first place. Again, this shows why Mahathir could easily slaughter UMNO under Zahid leadership.

DAP Supremo Lim Kit Siang and PPBM Mahathir Mohamad

If even Mahathir willingly works with once-rival DAP, who the hell is arrogant UMNO to say they would never work with the Chinese-majority party which commanded up to 95% of ethnic Chinese support? Does Zahid, or the next UMNO president for that matter, think a beggar can be chooser? Every dog has its day, but for Zahid, his luck lasts only for 6 months.


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