Ex-Police Chief Khalid In Trouble – The Traitor Who Tipped Off A.G. Gani’s Charge Papers On Najib

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May 17 2018
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Khalid Abu Bakar was one of the most arrogant and corrupted police chief under Najib administration. After retired as IGP (Inspector-General of Police) on Sept 4, 2017, he was rewarded with the chairmanship of Prasarana, which owns public transport operators such as RapidKL. Two months ago, he was appointed as a director of Apex Equity Holdings Bhd.


But his luck is running out. Mr. Khalid is among those who have been blacklisted from leaving the country. Others include Arul Kanda “Anaconda” Kandasamy (1MDB CEO), Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi (former 1MDB CEO), Ismee Ismail (former 1MDB director), Apandi Ali (Attorney General), Irwan Serigar Abdullah (former treasurer-general), Dzulkifli Ahmad (former MACC chief).


Those who had been aiding or abetting their crooked boss Najib in the 1MDB scandal will either get demoted or paraded – in court. It’s safe to presume all the people whose names are on the no-fly list will be punished, one way or another. It’s not sure how Prime Minister Mahathir plans to skin former IGP Khalid, whose pastime hobby was using Twitter to get his job done.

1MDB Scandal - Gani Patail, Zeti Akhtar, Khalid Abu Bakar, Abu Kassim

Unlike others, he has been suspected to be the traitor among the top 4 guns – former Bank Negara (Central Bank) Governor Zeti Akthar Aziz, former Attorney General Gani Patail, former MACC chief Abu Kassim and former IGP Khalid Abu Bakar – who were part of a task force involved in the investigation of 1MDB scandal back in 2015.


Mahathir had hinted that one of the four top guns had betrayed the other three in an attempt to bring Najib Razak to face justice. Mahathir said that if not for the alleged act of betrayal, the corrupted prime minister would have had faced action. Pro-Najib bloggers had claimed 3 of them – Zeti, Gani and Kassim – had betrayed Najib, suggesting that Khalid was indeed the traitor.


In July 2015, the then-Attorney General Gani Patail was sacked ahead of his retirement date in October, while the special task force was busy probing the scandal. He was replaced by Najib-friendly Apandi Ali as the new attorney general, despite the fact that not only he was already retired (aged 65), but was also a former Kelantan UMNO treasurer.

Altantuya-Shaariibuu Murder - Najib Razak and Razak Baginda Inset

Coincidently, Mr. Apandi also headed a three-member Court of Appeal in 2013 which released two policemen from charges of murdering Mongolian Altantuya Shariibuu, who was killed in 2006 in a high-profile case linked to a submarine deal involving Najib’s former personal aide (Razak Baginda). Najib himself was exposed of having had anal-sex with Altantuya.


After Gani was stunningly fired, it was later revealed that he was actually in the middle of preparing charge sheets (warrant arrest) against Najib Razak. The MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) investigation papers on SRC International (involving RM42 million) concluded there are at least 37 separate charges that could be made against Najib.


And Khalid is believed to be the disgraced traitor who tipped off Najib, leading to the former attorney general Gani being axed. Had the former police chief not betrayed the task force, Najib would have been booted and precious lands and assets would not have been sold to China, not to mention billions of dollars of external loans made by the former regime.

Najib Razak Arrest Warrant Draft - Sarawak Report - 1MDB Scandal

Indirectly, Mr. Khalid could be responsible for the murder of deputy public prosecutor Kevin Morais because he is believed to be the key prosecutor on the case and the source of the leak of the original charge sheets prepared by Mr. Gani. If a new and independent investigation is opened on the murder case, there’s likely to be finger prints of Mr. Khalid all over the place.


Clearly one of Najib bootlickers, Khalid was instrumental in cracking down on dissent, including cartoonist critical of Najib regime. He often used his Twitter account to issue warnings to government critics and to order his subordinates to track and investigate dissenting voices, including cartoonist Zunar (Zulkiflee Anwar Ulhaque).


Khalid infamously vowed to search every “wormhole (lubang cacing)” for sex blogger Alvin Tan Jye Yee until the wanted Malaysian was found. Alvin had since sought asylum in the United States to escape UMNO and the police force threats after he was slapped with multiple charges over his now-defunct sex blog and controversial Hari Raya greeting involving pork dish “bak kut teh”.

1MDB Scandal - Money Trail Into Najib Razak Private Account - Transferred Back

But the answer as to why the former police chief had chosen to betray the task force became clearer when his daughter – Juwiza Khalid – was exposed as the owner who runs a firearms company called Nilai Arms and Ammunitions. Gun permits are issued by state police chiefs and since they were subordinates of the IGP, “conflict of interest” obviously existed.


The Royal Malaysia Police is one of the most corrupt, if not the most corrupt institution, in Malaysia. If Mahathir wishes to, he is spoilt with tons of corruption charges to be slapped on Khalid Abu Bakar, even if the former IGP hadn’t abetted and aided Najib Razak. But with his involvement in protecting the former prime minister, he has had practically dug his own grave.

Former IGP Khalid Abu Bakar


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Jilat habis Mahathir…kutuk habis Najib wp dia dah jatuh. Sampai sekarang tiada dakwa pun Najib rompak 1MDB… Bodoh punya AG.
Janji parti harapan menipu orang awam. Bagi alasan hutang tapi berlagak bila kata “mana ada bangrap Malaysia”. Pada tahun 2010 LGE terencat akal ada kata Malaysia bakal bankrap di Hong Kong..
Nampak sangat new gomen ini jenis kakistocracy!

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