Top-10 Exposive Secrets From “Fire And Fury” Book That Makes Trump Super Mad & Furious

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Jan 04 2018
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Forget North Korea. Donald Trump may have a bigger and powerful “nuclear button” than Kim Jong-un’s, but the U.S. president has a bigger fish to fry. The man he once considered an asset to his administration has turned rogue. That man – former chief strategist Steve Bannon – has revealed his former boss’ skeleton in the closet, much to the pleasure of Trump haters.


From friend to foe – the war actually started between Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon. Both Kushner and Bannon wanted to become Trump’s most trusted – and only – adviser. Clearly, as the husband of Trump’s favourite daughter Ivanka, Bannon was no match to Kushner and was forced to resign. As the Chinese saying goes – “one mountain cannot contain two tigers”.


But Mr. Bannon has no wish to go quietly. Despite the friendly drama displayed by both Trump and Bannon in the public, the former White House Chief Strategist was furious that President Trump had chosen his son-in-law over him. His frustration was the best gift to author Michael Wolff, whose upcoming book – “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” – reveals explosive secrets.

President Donald Trump and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon

President Trump has essentially declared war on the same man considered the architect of his populist campaign. The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when Bannon attacked not only his presidency, but also his family. Trump said – “When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. Now that he is on his own, Steve is learning that winning isn’t as easy as I make it look.”


So, what is so damaging about the revelations on Trump’s family that the U.S. president is so incredibly mad and furious now? Go get some popcorn – with extra butter – and Coke before the top-10 most explosive secrets, or rather allegations, are being revealed by author Michael Wolff.



{ 1 } Trump Didn’t Want To Be President

After the 2016 presidential campaign was over, Donald Trump didn’t expect to win the race to the White House. In fact, he had already planned to return to private life. But the TV-reality celebrity would happily accept his loss. His primary goal wasn’t to win the presidency to begin with. Once he lost, he would be fabulously famous for taking on the “Crooked Hillary”.

Donald Trump Did Not Want To Be President

The book says that Trump’s favourite daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner would become instant celebrities, thanks to the wide (and free) media coverage. Melania had been assured by her husband that he wouldn’t become president. Melania could then return to her usual luxurious life. Losing was actually winning to the Trump family.



{ 2 } Ivanka and Jared’s Deal – The Wife To Become First Woman President

Ivanka Trump - First US Woman President

After the stunning defeat of Hillary Clinton, whom Donald Trump called “Crooked Hillary, Ivanka and her husband Jared made a deal over who would get to run for office. Suddenly, the prospect of America having the first woman president could be sooner rather than later. And when presented with an opportunity, it was agreed that Ivanka Trump would run for president.



{ 3 } Trump Was Angry Celebrities Didn’t Attend His Inauguration

Donald and Melania Trump - Angry Unhappy on Inauguration Day

As a celebrity himself, it’s not hard to understand why Donald Trump was angry on his Inauguration Day. According to the book, he didn’t actually enjoy his own inauguration as A-level stars had boycotted his big day. Not only was the soon-to-be-45th POTUS pissed off, he also fought with his wife Melania, who thought they won’t make it to the White House in the first place.



{ 4 } Donald and Melania Sleep Separately – They Hate White House

The U.S. president and his lovely wife sleep in separate bedrooms and needless to say, they hate the idea of moving into the White House. This is the first time that a presidential couple had maintained separate rooms since the Kennedy White House. Trump also doesn’t like the White House housekeepers from picking up things he throws on the floor.

Donald and Melania Trump - Sleep Separately

Michael Wolff wrote that Trump told the housekeepers – “If my shirt is on the floor, it’s because I want it on the floor.” The U.S. president also imposed a set of new rules such as prohibiting anyone from touching anything, especially his toothbrush. Apparently, he had a long-time fear of being poisoned, one of the reasons he preferred fast food McDonald’s.



{ 5 } Trump Gets Bored When Taught About Constitution

Donald Trump Gets Bored

The book “Fire and Fury” reveals that a campaign aide – Sam Nunberg – tried to educate candidate Donald Trump about the U.S. Constitution. But Trump, already “The Apprentice” celebrity, grew too bored to make it past the Fourth Amendment. Nunberg claims – “I got as far as the Fourth Amendment, before his finger is pulling down on his lip and his eyes are rolling back in his head.”



{ 6 } Murdoch Called Trump “A Fucking Idiot”

Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch was instrumental for the success of Brexit. But as stunning as he was at Trump’s unexpected victory, he was equally stunned by the new U.S. president’s lack of understanding on issues of policy. During a phone call on 16 December 2016, about one month before Mr. Trump took office, he told Murdoch that he would expand H-1B visas in order to help the industry.

Rupert Murdoch Called Donald Trump A Fucking Idiot

Mr. Murdoch suggested that it might be difficult to reconcile the administration’s stance on building a roughly 2,000-mile long wall along the US-Mexico border. But Trump seemed unconcerned, assuring Murdoch – “We’ll figure it out.” – to which the NewsCorp owner said – “What a fucking idiot” – as he shrugged and got off the phone.



{ 7 } Trump’s Intelligence Was Questioned by His Top Guns

Like “The Apprentice” TV-reality show, the amount of hiring and firing under Trump administration is legendary. However, behind the scenes in the White House, the president’s most trusted aides and advisers actually have little respect for their boss. Behind Trump’s back, they questioned the U.S. president’s intelligence.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Called President Donald Trump - A Moron

Previously, it was leaked that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Trump a “moron”. But the book claims Tillerson wasn’t the only one who think very lowly of Trump. Steve Mnuchin and Reince Priebus this Trump is an “idiot, while Gary Cohn believes his boss was as “dumb as shit”. As for National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster, President Trump was “a dope”.



{ 8 } Bannon Believed Trump’s Son Guilty Of Treason

The bad blood between Bannon and Trump wasn’t confined to Kushner alone but spilled to the president’s son. Bannon was particularly critical of a June 2016 meeting involving Trump’s son Donald Jr, son-in-law Jared Kushner, then campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya at Trump Tower in New York.

Donald Trump with Son and Son-in-Law Jared Kushner

Bannon also speculated that Trump Jr had involved his father in the meeting. He said – “The chance that Don Jr did not walk these jumos up to his father’s office on the twenty-sixth floor is zero.” In a nutshell, Bannon described the Trump Tower meeting as “treasonous” and “unpatriotic” and even predicted that investigators will focus on money laundering, cracking Trump’s son like “an egg”.



{ 9 } Trump Won’t Read – Even 1-Page Memos

Trump openly declares his admiration for former Goldman Sachs executive Gary Cohn, who leads the president’s National Economic Council. Behind his boss’ back, however, Mr. Cohn has been whining and bitching. In his email, Cohn said – “Trump won’t read anything – not one-page memos, not the brief policy papers; nothing. He gets up halfway through meetings with world leaders because he is bored.”

Donald Trump - Lazy and Do Not Read Memos

Mr. Cohn’s exposed email continues – “Kushner is an entitled baby who knows nothing. Bannon is an arrogant prick who thinks he’s smarter than he is. Trump is less a person than a collection of terrible traits. No one will survive the first year but his family. I hate the work, but feel I need to stay because I’m the only person there with a clue what he’s doing.”



{ 10 } Obstruction Of Justice Onboard Air Force One

Mark Corallo, the spokesman for President Donald Trump’s legal team had resigned within two months of being on the job. Mr. Corallo, supposedly a crisis communications guru, was reportedly complained about the fighting among the lawyers. He also reportedly said he didn’t like the strategy of attacking Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s credibility.

Donald Trump - Aboard Air Force One

The book by Michael Wolff, however, reveals another interesting and juicy story. Mark Corallo apparently upset and feared of possible obstruction of justice due to a statement drafted aboard Air Force One that defended Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer in June 2016.


Mr. Wolff claims he interviewed more than 200 people, including senior White House staff members, over 18 months to gather information for the book. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters at a briefing that Trump was “furious, disgusted” by Bannon’s remarks about his son, calling the claims “outrageous” and “completely false.”


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