U.S. Congressman Shot – Similarities Of Muslim Terrorist & Democrat Terrorist

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Jun 15 2017
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United States appears to have entered a Civil War. This isn’t just a war between the left-wing and the right-wing. This is a war between the Democrats and the Republicans. Wait a minute. While all Democrats belong to the left, not all Republicans belong to the right. That’s too bad. All the left-wing liberals masquerading as conservative Republicans will be targeted.


As the saying goes – “not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims” – all the American liberals, certain Republicans included, are essentially the terrorists after the latest shooting in Alexandria, Virginia. If such violence continues, it’s a matter of time before Muslim terrorists would sing – “not all Liberals are terrorists, but all terrorists are Liberals.”

Terrorism - House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (Republicans) Shot

A congratulation note should be sent to American left-wing liberals – Democrats, mainstream media, Hollywood celebrities, comedians, some Republicans and even the U.S. Intelligence Community – for successfully produced its first American terrorist, after a gunman opened fire on Republican congressmen and staffers, pumping between 50-100 rounds of bullets.


A strong supporter of Democratic Party, the American liberal terrorist – James T. Hodgkinson – fired at Republican members of Congress at a baseball practice, seriously injuring House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and four others before U.S. Capitol Police took him down. Two firearms were recovered at the scene – an SKS rifle 7.62 (a Chinese-made AK variant) and a 9 mm pistol.

Terrorist - James T. Hodgkinson, Strong Supporter of Sanders

American Terrorist James T. Hodgkinson - Message Posted - Destroy Trump

Mr. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois, was revealed to have had campaigned for Democrats Bernie Sanders. He had posted on a Change.org petition, saying – “Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.” Although Sanders has condemned the attack, he is equally guilty for stoking hate against Republicans and the rich.


Ever since Donald Trump won his presidency, all sore losers from the Democrats couldn’t accept their defeat. Working hand in glove with partner-in-crime liberal news media and even spy agencies, the left-wing has been provoking and encouraging their supporters to do whatever they could to fight Trump administration and the Republican Party he represents.


According to Hodgkinson’s Facebook page, he is a member of numerous left-leaning online groups, including – Rachel Maddow For President 2020; Sanders For President 2020 and Donald Trump is not my President. He also belonged to a number of anti-Republican groups, including – “The Road To Hell Is Paved With Republicans” and “Terminate the Republican Party.”


Although Hodgkinson has twice been involved in gun-related matters involving law enforcement, those were not what had radicalized him to terrorize Republican members of Congress. Before his latest act of terrorism, he was at best merely an American bully. And there’re hundreds or perhaps thousands of such bullies in the United States.

Democrat Liberals - Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

If Koran / Quran were the medium that has radicalized Muslim terrorists, then CNN, New York Times and LA Times are the news media that have done the same radicalization on American terrorist Hodgkinson. In fact, left-wing politicians such as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are no different than extreme Islamic preachers, preaching violence and hatred to their ignorant supporters.


Basically, there’re two types of ignorant liberals being radicalized. First is the type such as celebrity Madonna who courageously told her fans that she had thought about “blowing up the White House”, only to chicken out with tail between her legs when Secret Service moved in to investigate her threats. She has since gone into silence, nowhere to be found.

Madonna - Blowing Up the White House

Same thing goes to comedian Kathy Griffin who thought she was untouchable, posted a photo of her holding a fake bloody head representing a decapitated President Trump. When Secret Service launches an investigation into her stunt, perceived to be a security threat to the U.S. president, and the draining of her endorsement deals, the comedian started to cry.


The second type involves little-known and poor ignorant liberals such as James T. Hodgkinson. Celebrities such as Madonna and Griffin are coward bitches who would only cry, whine and bitch until foaming at the mouth. They would disappear into thin air the moment they face a prospect of getting locked up in prison or losing endorsement money.

Kathy Griffin with Fake Beheaded Bloodied Head of Donald Trump

It’s people like Hodgkinson, a loner and a loser, who would do the actual terrorism after they reached the boiling point of hatred and radicalization. His IQ was too low to realize the real intention of Democrats, reporters, TV hosts, late-night comedians and celebrities, who compete with one another to come up with the vilest epithets for Trump and his supporters.


Let’s call a spade a spade. Although his name was not “Muhammad”, James T. Hodgkinson is a terrorist. To be precise, he is an American Democrat terrorist. And he became a terrorist after being radicalized by left-wing liberal preachers – CNN, New York Times, celebrities, comedians and Democrats. And this is just the beginning of the American Civil War, if the provocation and hatred don’t stop.

Terrorist James T. Hodgkinson and Bernie Sanders


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