Game Over For Merkel – A Humiliating Election Defeat In Her Own Backyard

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Sep 05 2016
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Every dog has its day, but for the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, her day had ended the moment she welcomes 1.1-million Syrian War refugees, and arrogantly ignored her mistake. Two days ago, she was still a defiant and cocky dictator, rejected charges by anti-immigrant critics that her government was spending less on Germans due to a large influx of refugees.


In an interview published in Bild newspaper, Merkel strongly defended her decision – exactly 1-year ago when she opened the door without a proper study to refugees claiming to be fleeing conflicts in the Middle East. She lied – “We did not reduce benefits for anyone in Germany as a result of the aid for refugees. In fact, we actually saw social improvements in some areas.”

Germany Cologne Under Attack - Victim - Antonia Rabente - 26-year-old Student

Of course, she conveniently ignored how her own people were victimised when 1,000+ Arab and North African migrants launched a mass robbery, molest, rape and sexual assault in Cologne. She had kept quiet for days while close to 650 cases of sexual assault and theft were filed. She also instructed her officials to deny and cover-up the “Cologne Rapefugees” crisis.


When it was exposed that out of 4-million workers employed by Germany top-30 companies, only “54 migrants were employable“, Angela Merkel was so embarrassed she has been importing junks instead of talented migrants. She told executives from Germany’s biggest listed companies to attend a summit where she “urged” them to hire more.

Refugees and Migrants in Germany - Only 54 out of 1.1-Million Employed - Unemployable

Survey by Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung - Number of Refugees Employed in Germany

Still, Merkel was unapologetic, even after the influx of migrants masked as refugees has dragged her approval ratings to a five-year low of 45%, down from 67% a year ago. Today, she is silenced after being delivered a slap by her own voters who yanked her CDU (Christian Democratic Union) party into third place in elections in a north-eastern German state.


The election in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, in the former East Germany, saw the anti-immigrant and anti-Islam Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD) party took a surprisingly 21.9% of the votes, behind the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) party which won around 30.5%. Merkel’s own CDU party came third with about 19% of the votes – its worst ever result in the state.

Game Over – A Defiant and Arrogant Angela Merkel

Here’s the most humiliating part: Angela Merkel’s constituency is in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. Essentially, the German voters in her home turf were sending a message to Merkel that they have had enough of her “Wir schaffen es” (we can do it) bullshit. It was a significant signal ahead of next year’s (2017) general election, where Merkel was considering a bid for a fourth term as chancellor.


The AfD, initially an anti-euro party, and is now anti-immigrant and anti-Islam, has enjoyed an unbelievable rise not because the people of Germany love the party more than CDU party but rather because they hate Angela Merkel more. The fact that the Germans have chosen a 3-year-old AfD party over Merkel’s CDU speaks volumes about the peoples’ displeasure over the refugees’ crisis.

Leif-Erik Holm and Alexander Gauland of AfD Toasting After Exit Polls - Germany State Election

Thanks Merkel – Supporters of AfD Couldn’t Believe Their Windfall - Mecklenburg-West Pomerania Election

According to a Der Spiegel magazine report, Merkel wanted to announce her intention of running for a fourth term this year but was forced to shelve her ambition due to resistance from her sister party, the CSU (Christian Social Union), which together with CDU and SPD, made up the Merkel’s “grand coalition” government.


However, there will be another test of Angela Merkel’s popularity when Berlin’s state election is set to go in full force on September 18. Another embarrassing defeat in Berlin will definitely put pressure on Merkel’s partners – CSU and SPD – to make the chancellor eats humble pie or suffer the German federal election in 2017.

Germany Terror Attacks - Defiant Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel

Still, the simple fact that Merkel’s party was booted by Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, a state with small populations of only 1.6-million and a region which was assigned very few refugees numbering 23,080 only, means other states suffering from a bigger number of refugees/migrants could potentially deliver more severe blows to Angela Merkel and her minions.


If Merkel plans to stay in power for another term, she has no choice but to demolish her pet project – importing migrants disguised as refugees as if they were some sort of adorable Pokémon. But that would mean losing face in front of 1.1-million refugees who have been worshipping her like a Goddess. The second alternative is to quit before the CDU-CSU-SPD coalition is rejected from government altogether.

Irresistible - Angela Merkel Taking Selfie With Refugees

Chances are SPD, and to a certain extent Merkel’s own CDU, will force Angela Merkel into retirement simply because the arrogant chancellor cannot possibly accept her mistake on the refugee crisis. SPD is not ready to risk losing the government to junior AfD, which was founded on an anti-euro ticket in 2013 but is now represented in 9 state parliaments.


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No one can be that stupid. She is either blackmailed or under the control of someone higher. She and the other NATO leaders are all intimidated and controlled.

They will all lose power and replaced by groups who will be adamantly against the controlling force. NATO will break up.

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