Reopen For Business – Backdoor PM Muhyiddin Would Be Overthrown If Gravy Trains Do Not Restart

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May 03 2020
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Backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has decided to reopen business effective Monday (May 4), hence lifting the lockdown which has been enforced since March 18. The first bootlicker who came out to praise the PM was Deputy Federal Territories Minister Edmund Santhara, one of the traitors who toppled his own Pakatan Harapan government.


Santhara claimed it was his boss’ leadership that the country is so well managed, especially the Coronavirus outbreak. He gave the example of the appointment of Dr. Jemilah Mahmood as special advisor on public health as proof that Muhyiddin is a great leader who listens to advice. Perhaps Santhara was impressed with Jemilah’s advice that the pandemic may last 2 years.


Actually, it was a research done by foreign universities. A study headed by Dr. Kristine A. Moore, medical director at the University of Minnesota, included pandemic experts from Harvard and Tulane universities, says that if Covid-19 follows the pattern of the 1918 Spanish flu, the Covid-19 pandemic will most likely last up to 2 years. And its second wave could be worse.

Edmund Santhara alias Santhara Kumar son of Ramanaidu

Apple polisher Santhara even gave credit to Muhyiddin for not taking a holiday since he took over as the new prime minister on March 1. Seriously? Is this the best he could do sucking up to his boss? Santhara, son of Ramanaidu, should be ashamed of himself for not being able to tell if it was PM Muhyiddin or health director-general Noor Hisham Abdullah who has been managing the pandemic.


Mr. Muhyiddin declared an extension of the MCO (movement control order) for the third time on April 23, five days before the second extension ends on April 28, effectively locking down the country until May 12. Speaking in a live news broadcast, he said that the reason for the third extension was because his government has yet to bring the Covid-19 pandemic under control.


Yet, in his special televised address in conjunction with Labour Day on May 1, just a week after he told all and sundry that the pandemic has yet to be brought under control, the clueless and incompetent leader suddenly announced that the lockdown will be lifted. Why did he declare a third extension in the first place if he was already planning to relax the lockdown?

Dr Noor Hisham - Health Director-General

Heck, can you even say the MCO is still in effect when more than 90% of businesses can operate as usual tomorrow? Interestingly, Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said the announcement to allow most businesses reopen on May 4 did not mean everyone should rush to restart work – suggesting that the health director-general did not fully agree with the sudden lifting of the lockdown.


Yes, the fact that Muhyiddin decided to extend the lockdown for the third time for 2 weeks, only to lift the lockdown days later, speaks volumes that he is not only a weak, confused, clueless and incompetent leader, but also under tremendous pressure to choose between economy and health. And he had chosen wealth over health, simply because the national coffers are as dry as a bone.


Unlike his initial drama when he announced the extension of the lockdown for the third time, projecting a fake perception of a caring government who put the health and life of the people above everything else, Muhyiddin has twisted a new story to justify the relaxation of the lockdown. He whined and bitched that the country was losing an estimated RM2.4 billion daily during the enforcement of the MCO.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Lockdown - Muhyiddin Yassin Announcement

The PM argued that the country had already lost RM63 billion since March 18, and will incur another RM35 billion of losses if the MCO is extended for another month, bringing the total losses to RM98 billion. But did not he realize that on the day (April 23) he confidently announced the extension for the third time, the country had already lost tens of billions of Ringgit?


Still, it’s quite a mathematical challenge to figure out how the backdoor government’s genius finance ministry arrived at RM2.4 billion of daily losses from March 18 to May 1, considering the 43 days of lockdown would have incurred RM103 billion, and not RM63 billion as claimed (even if Saturday and Sunday were not taken into calculations, the figures still do not match).


But even if the country were to incur a total loss of RM100 billion, what’s the big deal? Did not the “Malay only” government proudly announces a jaw-dropping RM250 billion stimulus package to benefit all the people and all types of business under the sun? Was the finance ministry admitting that the huge and sexy figures were nothing but marketing gimmicks, hence the rush to reopen business now?

Coronavirus - Malaysia RM250 Billion Stimulus Package - Summary

Can the backdoor prime minister make up his mind whether he wants to combat the Covid-19 or the economy? He can’t have the best of both worlds, which he appears to be trying to achieve. If he treasures human life, the country will be plagued by recession, social unrest, unemployment and whatnot. If he treasures economy, infected cases and death toll would hit the roof.


In truth, Muhyiddin Yassin had no clue whatsoever how to manage the country, despite having a bloated 72 ministries in his Cabinet. The shortage of food, which leads to skyrocketing prices, is still happening. Senior Minister Azmin Ali, who was tasked to ensure sufficient supply of food during MCO, was still struggling to understand the basic concept of food supply chain.


Another Senior Minister, “turtle egg” Ismail Sabri Yaakob, was cracking his head, trying very hard to understand as to why the Coronavirus cases refuse to go down to single digit despite having arrested more than 20,000 people for violating the lockdown. Like the police, the backdoor government still hadn’t figured out that those defaulters did not contribute to the clusters of Covid-19.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Workers

Between April 23 and May 1, the incompetent Muhyiddin became more confused as there were two schools of thoughts giving conflicting advises. One group said the country needed more time to tackle the pandemic. Another group argued that it was not worthwhile to sacrifice the economy just to bring the Coronavirus cases to single-digit. Already, the effects of the lockdown have started.


From budget hotels to 5-star hotels like G City Club Hotel located near the KLCC, hundreds of employees have been left jobless due to hotels shut down in the country. According to Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH), the hotel industry is looking at potential losses of RM3.3 billion from room revenue alone if the MCO lockdown ended on April 28, and more if extended indefinitely.


About 47% of self-employed workers had lost their jobs. Even for those who were lucky enough to keep their jobs, 35.5% had reported salary slash by over 90%. That would translate to 1.34 million people having lost their jobs and almost 540,000 saw their income cut by a whopping 90%. The Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER) estimates that about 2.4 million people will lose their jobs.

Layoff Retrenchment - You're Fired Letter

And those estimates were based on 1-month implementation of the MCO lockdown, which means the free cash initiative and stimulus package announced by Muhyiddin were not effective at all. More importantly, as admitted by the prime minister himself, the country will not be able to collect taxes from jobless workers as well as companies that have to close down due to horrible business.


Obviously, without taxes, the backdoor government might find it difficult to even pay the salaries of its largest vote bank – civil servants, of whom 90% are Malays. To make matters worse, the bearish prices of crude oil and palm oil deliver double blows to the government. Not only it’s harder to milk money from state energy giant Petronas, the palm oil settlers may need bailout very soon.


But the inability to collect taxes from employees and companies was just the beginning. All the 72 ministers and warlords from the backdoor government of Perikatan Nasional were increasingly hungry for contracts and projects. If Muhyiddin did not reopen economy and business, the parasites won’t be able to grab new projects or contracts to enrich families or cronies.

Gravy Train - PM Muhyiddin Yassin - Bersatu, UMNO, PAS

From hawker centres to underground gambling dens, the side income of every government agency and authority have been severely affected due to Coronavirus. Even durian sellers by the roadside can’t pay their protection money as usual to the relevant authorities if the lockdown continues. Already, traders have been pretty upset after the cancellation of the annual Ramadan bazaars.


The only reason oppositions UMNO and PAS had agreed to throw their support behind Muhyiddin was to get the gravy trains restart again. In the same breath, all the warlords of Muhyiddin’s own party Bersatu (PPBM) haven’t gotten a bite of the gravy train since they defected. Besides, even if Coronavirus cases or deaths hit new record as a result of the lifting of MCO, none of the VIPs will be affected.


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I have been quite impressed with the depth of your analyses, but I think you are going too overboard now. PM8 may not be our choice, but he is doing a pretty good job on Covid-19 and we should not keep hurling mud at him, at least not until the pandemic is overcome. Look at what is happening in America. The whole country is in a disarray because everybody wants his or her own way. Take up your cause again when the time is right.

I’m impressed with people who consistently compares Malaysia with the U.S. and not South Korea …

We should put in as much effort – if we can call what’s been done over the coronavirus crisis an effort, in making sure our youngsters get very thorough grounding in the study of khat.

To make it absolutely effective, and to make absolutely sure that such thing as a crisis caused by the coronavirus will never hit us again, the khat indoctrination of our future generations should start now, minimum dose twice a day, two hours each round.

Unlike our old and older folks who would be less likely to be able to contribute to society even in the short run, or even be around for much at all with the virus happily swirling around and with the gomen’s comic effort at containing it, our young and future generations are best placed to deal with any future crisis.

In fact, they will be the only ones around to deal with anything – including the huge messes their useless older generations left for them to clean up forever.

I vote that we leave it to the inheritors of the future to decide what should be done at present about their future, I am more confident they would do a better job than any of our fcuked up politicians.

The children can do anything better with both hands tied behind their backs and eyes closed, wearing black shoes, than any of our gomens and oppositions combined and fitted with working heads.

The magic of khat should assure them their future, learning that above learning any computer language, science, maths or anything else would put our future generations in very good stead.

Combined with a religion, the result would be a killer answer to any future crisis.

Just like the coronavirus is a killer answer to the lack of use for our incompetent, clueless, worthless garbage clown moron politicians – and that includes those in the “opposition”.

The moral of the story is those who break the MCO, MCO+, MCO++ are more numerous, active and livelier (if not deadlier) than the midget brains of our garbage clown moron politicians who are absolutely clueless at what they should actually be doing about anything to do with the virus.

I say, leave it all to the children.

If they can’t do a better job, then balik Malaysia.

There won’t be any “Malaysia” left, anyway, at the rate we are going – or rather, not going!

So put on your thinking songkok, give this a think. It won’t hurt your head. Most of our headless chickens among our garbage clown moron politicians ain’t got one anyway.

Be dead serious, khatpitalise on what I say – when you are still around, still in gomen/”opposition”/neighbourhood/Malaysia/planet.

Even it is a comic outfit, I am inclined to say give Moo’s gomen a chance to muddle through with dealing (or not) with the coronavirus.

As it is, there’s no chance (as yet) to change to a different bunch of garbage moron politicians to wreck the country.

The so-called “Opposition” has been just as clueless, useless and worthless when it comes to dealing with the virus crisis, too. Not to forget, they have been just as fcuking clueless, useless and worthless when they were warming their seats when in gomen.

The M for Macaivillain Snake Pharaoh M for Monster – and his bunch of silly sycophantic running dogs asked for forever to get things right to make their non-biblical promises come almost true, the Moo gomen should be given equal time to make equally moronic incompetent useless garbage asses of themselves to destroy the country.

One can say Moo with his garbage clown moronic bunch have muddled their way through the virus crisis, made great asses of themselves.

The “Opposition” won’t be any different.

They could even be worse, with all their energy and effort spent bickering and backstabbing each other in their collective bunch of garbage parties with garbage clown moron politicians.

And with their chief clown garbage moron politician, the Snake Pharaoh.

One can say, too, Moo may be “Malay first”, but he has been blessed with the ultra rare insight leading to inviting the Chinese to advice on dealing with the coronavirus.

In other words, Moo sees the Chinese as his Uncle.

The “Opposition” would have gone to their Yank massahs to advise – and give them orders – on serving Yank interest.

The Yanks wouldn’t have been able to advise on anything. With their comic inability to deal with the virus, it would be cotton-pickin’ stupid to ask the Yanks anything.

Lest you get into a fit thinking I am saying I would put my faith in Moo’s gomen, I would say, even with Moo’s respecting the Chinese as his Uncle, there is still all the opportunity for his garbage clown bunch, and himself, to bungle with whatever great and good advice Uncle may give.

But compared to M for Monster Snake Pharaoh who only likes those Chinese who are his cronies, bagboys, and DAP running dogs, Moo, at least, for now, and just once, has done right (for a moment, Wow!).

So long as Moo puts aside his dumb “Malay first” ideology, continues to look up to Uncle, most things should be ok – so long as his clown bunch are not allowed to think or do anything brilliant for the country.

I doubt it was Moo who invited the Chinese, rather, it was the Chinese who foisted their “advice” on other countries in order to make nice after giving everyone the virus. They came when the epidemic was already in decline and the MOH did not insist they were quarantined, even though they came from an area in which there are “zero new cases” – which only one-day-olds can believe (people born yesterday). This goes to show that they are just here for politics and not health.

Shall we then compare reopening strategies to that of the UK. They have 3 stages of reopening. Orange can open some, yellow zones can open more and green zones can open much more. Us, sekaligus want to whack, open all. When lock, lock all. There are many rural areas which never had any cases at all. States that have been green for almost a month still had to wait until red zones cleared, as if KL is the center of the universe. A really shit lot of politikus.

But anyhow, let’s not forget that this was started by the biggest politikus of all – Mahataik, who chose the most tense time, when we were tipping between safety and pandemic, to throw a tantrum and leave us without a govt for two weeks. Thank Allah Almighty that he had to eat crow, and now he still dares to show his face, and without contributing a single cent, not to mention a billion or two, to the people bankrupted and who died of starvation due to his megalomania and hate of Anwar.

“I doubt it was Moo who invited the Chinese, rather, it was the Chinese who foisted their “advice” on other countries in order to make nice after giving everyone the virus.”

The Chinese cannot invite themselves anywhere, it is not like Malaysians crashing into a super bargain sales event – or turning into Malays and inviting themselves to feast for free during Raya.

There is such thing as diplomacy, China has no power to “foist” anything on any country, and Malaysia usually keeps China at an opportunistic distance.

There was no such thing as the Chinese having “foisted their ‘advice’ “, either, the Chinese can hold their heads up for nearly everything, they don’t have the Malaysian coolie and peasant submissive cringing and obliging mentality to even Malaysian’s grandpas, eg, the Yanks or the Brits – for everything the angmoh grandpas of Malaysians say to the Chinese that they don’t like, the Chinese stick their up middle finger and tell the angmohs to fcuk off.

As for “in order to make nice after giving everyone the virus”, the virus strains in “other countries” are different from that of China. Only the US is the only country with at least three of the strains.

There is no evidence as yet China is the only country to blame – unless, of course, one is obliged to go along with uncles Trump and Pompeo. One should not make hasty conclusions even if we can always rely on our bomohs and back alley psychics for our insights.

And, I don’t think China gives a shit about any need to “make nice” anything, their international effort is more about international relations and PR (nothing wrong with that either) than giving that shit you think they need crawl like groveling plantation monkeys to do others.

Just because some of us are still coolies and peasants in mentality should not mean therefore the Chinese are the same.

Just because some of us allow ourselves to be third class “citizens” in our country does not mean China’s Chinese are terribly hard up to see themselves that way – or allow themselves to be third class.

Can you dig this, Singapore’s propaganda machine spinning for Moo!

Quite a bit to desire from the programme, but the spin is actually rather positive for Moo.

It is weird that MCA fella was asked to speak, he is not all that relevant for the programme, I suspect that’s deliberate, Singapore may have wanted to spice it up by getting a token Chinese to speak when plenty of the “chosen wans” especially Assmin could have chipped in with a bit of English. Singapore seems to deliberately cut them out.

Quite strange Singapore didn’t get those garbage clown moron politicians in the gomen to make fools of themselves, there were plenty of opportunities for everyone of them to appear for Singapore to laugh at.

What is really refreshing is that big-mouthed Snake Pharaoh M for Monster was not given even a little bit of time to talk cock since he would be the one Singapore would like to see make a big ass of himself, and showing he would never stand knee high to his late dear friend Lee Kuan Yew.

Then again, the programme didn’t bother ask any of the “Opposition” to make asses of themselves either.

I would have thought the M for Macaivillain’s chief running dog Lickspittle Lim Khat Siang would have been given a chance to reel off a few sentences, it seems Singapore sees him as irrelevant these days, graduating from a has-been to never-was…

The programme says the handling of the coronavirus is a “test” for Moo’s gomen, one that he seems to Singapore to be handling quite well.

For those who like Moo as much as M for Monster, the coronavirus days are not quite over yet, there’s still room for Moo and his bunch to botch it all up.


“Shall we then compare reopening strategies to that of the UK. They have 3 stages of reopening. Orange can open some, yellow zones can open more and green zones can open much more.”

The colours of the “zones” or the “zones” themselves do not perform any magic.

UK effort, or rather, non-effort is an utter and complete failure.

And that is according to UK media – if you go beyond the usual Tory mouthpiece media.

The gross – and dangerous failure was not just right at the start – but long long before that.

A Channel4 news item yesterday reported that their Gomen’s emergency supplies stock were not only badly out of date, but even out of date ten years ago!

Such dire revelation, among plenty of other deadly cock-ups cannot be remedied by any “colour” of any “zone”.

The horrifying video can be watched on YouTube, the other news of the grand disaster that is Britain’s seriously incompetent and dangerously ineffectual non-effort are all over the media.

Yes, it is very like Britain’s “effort” toward anything, it is the usual fcuking Dunkirk myth, and painting nice colours on the Titanic as she is sinking.

For Malaysians lacking in imagination, it is looking for the toilet long after the treasure has gone out of the assh*le of the assh*le.

If anyone would invest just a little bit of time to follow the media more widely about the UK, you will discover even our garbage clown moron politicians have done, albeit so far, a damn sight of a far far better job.

And, yes, without any colourful “zones” either!

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