A Story Of Double Standard In Judicial System – Pensioner Sent To Lockup, Crooked Najib Walked Free

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Apr 25 2020
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On September 20, 2018, people were quite excited as there was a chance that Najib Razak could spend a night in police lockup. People were already frustrated that the crook was given so many special privileges by the new Pakatan Harapan government, including not having to wear the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) orange uniform.


Former Prime Minister Najib was charged with four counts of abuse of power and corruption involving RM2.282 billion in 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) fund and 21 counts of money laundering. There was an argument between the defence team and prosecutor whether Najib should be allowed bail. The prosecution said all the 25 charges were not bailable, but the defence disagreed.


Even though the prosecution team (led by former Federal Court judge Gopal Sri Ram) objected to any bail, but in the eventuality the court grants it, the amount should be RM5 million due to the seriousness of the offenses. Prosecutor Sri Ram had argued in the court that Najib’s social status was “not sufficient grounds to grant bail”.

Najib Razak - Mock and Insult Judge and Police

However, Najib’s hotshot lawyer, Shafee Abdullah, argued that his client should not only be allowed bail, the amount should be just RM500,000 – 10% of the amount suggested by the prosecutor. At that time, the bail office was already closed as the operation hour was from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Similarly, the court’s bank had closed for the day – suggesting that Najib won’t be able to pay his bail at all.


Finally, Sessions Court Justice Azura Alwi fixed bail at RM3.5 million. Not only was Najib unable to pay his bail that day, his lawyer had even asked for the bail amount to be paid in instalments. Surprisingly, the judge allowed Najib to defer his payment of RM1 million the next day (Sept 21), while the rest is to be settled by Sept 28 (eight days later) at RM500,000 a day.


Najib was allowed to walk away a free man that day, largely because of his social status, and partly due to extremely broken and corrupt systems, thanks to 61 years of one party rule – Barisan Nasional. How could a crook like Najib be exempted from wearing the orange suit, but Shafie Abdal (current Sabah Chief Minister) had to be humiliated with the trademark uniform?

MACC Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Lockup Orange Jumpsuits - Najib Razak

More importantly, how could the despicable Najib be allowed the convenience of posting his bail the next day because the bank was closed, not to mention the flexibility of paying his bail in instalments, as if he was purchasing some sort of electrical appliance from a shop? Yes, the Kangaroo Court still exist in Malaysia, and the double standard can be clearly seen even during the Coronavirus lockdown.


A retired civil servant was reportedly arrested on Monday (April 20), about 300 metres away from his home. He was on his way to buy food, but the police was not convinced. The reason – he was wearing sport shoes, hence the authorities believed he was exercising and not actually going to buy food. He was charged at the Kuala Lumpur Magistrate Court the next day (April 21).


According to the accused’s lawyer, Tay Yi Kuan from Messrs Roshan, the pensioner had reached the court as early as 8:45am. However, it would take hours later at 4:30pm that the case was called upon by the court. The accused was charged with violation of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (Measures within the Infected Local Areas) Regulations 2020.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Military Roadblock

Tay said – “Although the case was called earlier around 2:30pm, there was a double entry in the system, meaning the accused case was entered twice, so for the first entry, the accused was given a discharge not amounting to acquittal (DNAA).” When the retired civil servant pleaded not guilty, Magistrate Nur Farahain Roslan granted bail of RM1,500 with one surety.


Like Najib, whose son Mohammed Nizar was ready to pay bail for his father, the son of the pensioner who allegedly had flouted the movement control order (MCO) was present at the Magistrate Court to post the bail. But unlike Najib’s bailors, the retired civil servant’s son brought enough cash to pay for the bail.


Despite having enough cash to bail his father, it was too late because apparently the Maybank branch located at the Kuala Lumpur Courts Complex, the authorized bank to process bail applications, was closed at 4pm as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown. Another authorized Maybank branch located at Desa Sri Hartamas had already closed earlier at 2pm for the same reason – MCO.

E-Jamin Bail Payment System

The alternate bank – Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) – located at LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri or Inland Revenue Board) was also closed during MCO. To make matters worse, lawyer Tay Yi Kuan revealed that the “E-Jamin”, supposedly online payment system which could process bail payment in just 30 minutes, was not working as the person in charge was not at Court.


To begin with, the bail counter, which processes all bail matters closed at 4pm – making it impossible for the accused’s son to post bail. When a bail is granted by the magistrate, the bailor has to go to the bail counter to inform the person in charge so that a form can be issued. With that form, the bailor will then have to open a bank account and deposit bail money into that account.


Subsequently, the bank officer will prepare a letter confirming that the bail amount has been deposited into the account. The bailor, in this case the retired civil servant’s son, has to rush back to the bail counter to submit the letter so that the process of releasing the accused can be completed. But the story didn’t end there, of course.

Kuala Lumpur Court Complex - Kompleks Mahkamah Kuala Lumpur

Lawyer Tay pleaded with the Magistrate Court to allow his client to post bail the next day because all the authorized banks were already closed by the time the case was called to be heard at 4:30pm. He justified that his client had been at the courthouse as early as 8:45am and the bailor had brought enough cash. To his horror, Magistrate Nur Farahain Roslan denied the request.


Thanks to the inhuman decision of the magistrate, the retired civil servant, despite having pleaded his innocence and being granted bail, was sent to spend a night in Sungai Buloh prison, the same prison that many people had hoped Najib Razak would spend years for stealing and plundering the national coffers to the tune of billions of dollars.


Sure, some said Najib was innocent until proven guilty, but so do the retired civil servant. Both Najib and this accused have pleaded their respective innocence. But unlike Najib, the pensioner did not even ask for instalment with regards to his bail. What the poor man had asked for was for the flexibility to post his bail the next day.

Malaysia Judiciary System Double Standard - Ordinary People vs Najib Razak - Post Bail

Exactly why Najib was allowed the convenience of posting his bail the next day because the bank was closed, but not the retired civil servant due to the same reason? Was it his fault that all the banks were closed due to the lockdown declared by Prime Minister Muhyiddin? Was the allegation of flouting MCO a more serious crime than Najib’s stealing billions of dollars in the 1MDB scandal?


Perhaps Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat – the first woman Chief Justice – should explain what appears to be a glaring double standard in Malaysian Judiciary. Should not an incompetent and a heartless magistrate like Nur Farahain Roslan be fired, or at least demoted? Failure to do anything or trying to sweep the injustice under the carpet will definitely send a wrong message about the integrity of the Palace of Justice.


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It may not be a case of “double standard”, it could simply be because in Malaysia the monkeys run the zoo.

61 years of independence, the monkeys still cannot be trusted to do anything without the order and guidance of the colonial massahs.

What pitiful house-niggers!

Watch out….Umno Pus are getting ready to dump PN unless Jibby,Pornogromo court cases are thrown out via new DG. Kleptocrats are forecasted to make a big come back as Moo cannot hold the alliance much longer. They are pushing Jibby to return as the next PM9 as the plot is already set by shadowy politicians.

Was the allegation of flouting MCO a more serious crime than Najib’s stealing billions of dollars in the 1MDB scandal?

Come to think of it, the 1MDB debacle was actually a blessing in disguise for Malaysians. More than corruption, it helped expose a more important (and far more sinister) group of low lifes – racists.

You know their typical profile: Old money, educated overseas, ‘spick Engrish’ only, love to say Niamah this, Niamah that (especially that washed-out radio DJ), totally suck in BM, cannot spell the name of their own MB or Sultan, still think they lost billions from “Rosmah’s handbags” – and assume anything remotely connected with Melayus must be a bad thing!

Yes, the same idiots who got allergic to the songkok and suddenly wanted to don their own ethnic headgears in Parliament (except when crawling to beg the King). The same idiots who claimed Jawi was an attempt to “Islamise” people. The same idiots who thought the monarchy depends on their pathetic tax contributions. The same idiots who thought any use of BM in official matters would kill their Queen’s English.

Aside from racism, these people also suffer from a serious IQ-deficiency. It’s like there’s a “logic block” inside their puny brains that gives them the right to insult Malaysian intelligence. Just read their comments. They go like this:

“1MDB! Thieves & robbers. Don’t support the King.”
“1MDB! Thieves & robbers. Don’t wear songkok.”
“1MDB! Thieves & robbers. Don’t learn Jawi.”
“1MDB! Thieves & robbers. Don’t wear tudung.”

Excuse me??

I never really understood the racism of Pakatan Perkauman, even when they comically kicked themselves out from government. And now trying to regain support by stupidly showcasing their racism in full view of Malaysian Netizens.

Funny thing is, these are the same yo-yos who kick up a fuss whenever they want people to accept them, from pesta tanglungs to ponggal pots, you name it.

But then, the second some distinct Melayu-thingy comes up, they turn ballistic, firing another round of racist nonsense – and then back-pedalling like circus clowns when other Malaysians get pissed off.

Really Pakatan Perkauman, if THAT’s your strategy to sneak back in, I suggest you fire your campaign director.

Because I seriously doubt Malaysians would rush to vote a bunch of losers who love to pick quarrels with the majority!

Ok so that acar mangga lady may have demonstrated her intellectual talent about that PPE-tudung thingy. But what Exactly was the source of her racist diatribe?

If you ask me, it was the word ‘tudung’. That’s what triggered her racism. If it said ‘punjabi suit’ instead, she would’ve had No problem. In fact, probably showered them with praise, brag about ‘diversity’ and all that.

But the second you mention songkok, or tudung, Boom! Their phobia suddenly returns.

By definition, the word ‘phobia’ refers to an irrational fear. The key word, is irrational. Because that’s what sums up these bozos. They are irrational, and they love to peddle their irrational poison to other Malaysians, stuck in the delusion that their failed ‘Malaysia Baru’ still scores points with Malaysians.

Haaaarkkkk. Ptui!

Anyhoo, I have a little revelation for the likes of pickle-makers and washed-out radio DJs. Since I returned overseas a week ago, these are the people I encountered.

Embassy officials who helped repatriate my family – Melayus

MH pilots and crew who brought stranded Malaysians home – Melayus

KKM staff who sorted our first screening – Melayus

Immigration officers who processed our documents – Melayus

Secondary KKM screening medic staff – Melayus

SMART personnel who processed our quarantine protocol – Melayus

MAHB security who escorted us to holding area – Melayus

Army personnel who arranged our logistics and transportation – Melayus

Police escort and preliminary hotel arrangement – Melayus

Civil Defence who processed our hotel arrangements – Melayus

Daily medical follow-up and test sampling protocol officials – Melayus

Housekeeping, food, security etc – (mostly) Melayus

Here’s another one. At the hotel reception, I asked a young man standing in a ‘senang diri’ pose. “Dik, dah berapa jam berdiri mcam ni?”

The exhausted young man replied “18 jam bang”.

And that’s just EXCLUDING the 50,000 other multi-agency frontline staff who are preventing our country from falling apart right now – while you post your Instagram food pics and Tik Tok vids.

While you privileged Pakatan Kayanganers ponder on this, here’s a little message from the rest of us – NIAMAH!🖕🏾😎

You do realize that 85%-95% of staffs working in the Embassy, KMM, Army, Police, Civil Defence, Medical Staff and whatnot in the “Civil Service (Government servants)” are Melayus, don’t you?

BTW, it’s the holy month of Ramadan so your middle finger is not a nice gesture …

“You do realize that 85%-95% of staffs working…”

Actually most of the time they are not working at all.

Or cannot work – due to being rather useless, lazy, slow, incompetent jobsworths.

Other than being rude, coarse, showing off they’ve got one position or the other, throwing their weight around, being ugly decorations in the office etc when they are not hiding from work, taking leaves, surfing the net, gossiping, daydreaming, sleeping, sneaking off to the shops or cafés, selling pyramid, schemes, dubious products… it is impossible to find more than just a tiny few who are struggling through work they can’t handle.

In fact, it is quite a tough one working out if the jobsworths often in ill-fitting uniforms are alive, are not faulty robots, or porn dolls.

Fred, why do you spend so much energy and time on your dumb golliwog chickenshit lingkang caveman “supremacist” rant when all you get is a good sloshy pttuuiii spit in your face?

Like you’ve just got from the uncles here.

Is that moronic or is that moronic?

Careful! These days the pttuuiii may be laced with a hefty dose of that rather fashionable corona thinggy..!

If all you can manage is weak turd-rate “supremacist” garbage, it is not worth getting a pttuuiii in return.

Always try harder.

Otherwise it’s best recline under the coconut tree, I l’ll bang the saucepan when it’s feeding time.

Freddie Mercury the reasons why all service were provided by Malays or in your word Melayu is because almost 98 percent & many 100 per cent of Jobs in civil service & govt agencies are only for their own kind. A very shameful racist policy of Umno led govt.
The non- Malays built Malaya from nothing. Many died clearing jungles & make huge sacrifices. They send kids overseas when doors to local unis were closed to them. Using money they mortgage their homes.
Orang Asli the real owners & Real Bumis are left out.
So be fair in your comment.
All must be treated equally before the law.

“Orang Asli the real owners & Real Bumis are left out.”

Very true!

And what shame!

Orang Aslis do not thump their chests to claim the land is theirs.

They do not wave their fists or stab keris in the air in friggin’ mad adolescent fits to display of lelong extra-cheap bogus laughable” supremacy” and threaten violence and even death to others.

They do not tear their hair out in insane rage over perceived slights they imagined or invented the minorities supposedly did unto them.

In other words, Orang Aslis do not get into pantomime hysteria and warlike behaviour because as a majority with all the power some others have in their trotters, they are somehow frightened of some rather weak and insignificant minorities!

We have heard the tale about an elephant being afraid of a mouse, but the moronic impossible paranoid fear of our hahahalf-baked longkang “supremacists” for the minorities is quite something bizarre else – and straight out of the comic pages!

Orang Aslis do not cry out loud, often, and continuously when others steal from them, insult them, harass them, and marginalise them.

As the genuine 100 percent First Nation, the Orang Aslis do not constantly and forcefully remind others of that.

Or demand others balik elsewhere.

There’s certainly plenty all can learn from the Orang Aslis.

First and foremost, the lesson is on how to be civilised.

Yes, by any simple reckoning, or by any careful deliberation, the Orang Aslis are way way more civilised than our favourite turd-grade chickenshit “supremacists” with their grand bogus impossible fairy tales and myths about their longkang playground “supremacy”.

So fcuk off all ye “supremacist” oinks, go to the Orang Aslis, bow deep, bang your thick skulls on the ground in deep humble respect.

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