PM Muhyiddin May Extend Lockdown Until May Because The Unstable Government Can’t Take Any Political Risk

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Apr 09 2020
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On Friday (March 10), the government of Muhyiddin Yassin will announce the fate of the MCO (movement control order), which has been enforced since March 18. But based on the current status of Coronavirus cases, you can bet all your money that it will be extended again. In fact, it’s not an exaggeration to say the government may even extend the lockdown until end of May.


At best, the backdoor government, under economic pressure, may grant some minor relaxation to certain private sectors in a certain zone to resume their business – probably on a limited scale basis such as allowing them to be operational on alternative days of the week. At worst, the clueless PM Muhyiddin will make the easiest decision – keeps telling people to stay at home and enjoy the free cash given.


The writing is on the wall that the lockdown will definitely continue. More roads are being closed. MCO violations are trumpeted – even magnified – to justify the need for the lockdown to continue. New cases of Covid-19 are still in the 3-digit figures, with deaths reported on a daily basis. Every now and then, new clusters of Coronavirus will be discovered, thanks to the genius police force.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Tabligh Religious Member

A new sub-cluster of Coronavirus infections has just been found in Rembau, Negri Sembilan, thanks to the Tabligh religious gathering. Amazingly, there had been a violation of MCO in the Rembau district, but for obvious reason, no arrest was made. Thanks to Tabligh cluster again, 143 students of tahfiz madrassah school together with 5 teachers have been quarantined in Ipoh, Perak.


It appears that the health ministry is merely fire-fighting, as admitted by its director-general Dr Noor Hisham on April 8. There were 69 sporadic Coronavirus cases – infections without clear sources of origin. The disturbing part of those sporadic cases is that they came from all over the country. It’s still too early to say if the chaotic declaration of MCO by Muhyiddin had contributed to the birth of the sporadic cases.


However, one thing is almost certain – Muhyiddin government does not have any exit strategy for the Covid-19 pandemic. How do we know? After we published an article about it, UMNO vice president Mohamed Khaled Nordin said that it was time for the government to ditch “ad-hoc” approaches to make way for a more sustainable exit strategy and introduce a new normal to the society post-MCO.

Coronavirus - Muhyiddin Extends Lockdown Road Block MCO

In short, the UMNO warlord admits that the incompetent Muhyiddin government has been fighting the pandemic on ad-hoc basis (or fire-fighting) instead of planning strategically to avoid them hence has a zero exit strategy to deal with the virus. A simple step to meet the exit strategy is to ensure people have sufficient face masks to wear when the lockdown is gradually lifted.


Despite previous insistence that there were sufficient masks for everyone in the country, the prime minister has finally been caught lying through his teeth when his own government said (Wednesday, March 8) that face mask supplies in the market have improved to 25% (from 4%). That statement from the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry is proof that PM Muhyiddin was a liar.


Exactly how Muhyiddin could claim that there were enough face masks to go around when only 4% of the market had the supply? Then, the backdoor prime minister went shopping at a posh supermarket on March 30 and self-proclaimed that food supply was enough. But the same Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry also just admitted the shortage of eggs due to logistic problems.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Runs Out of Stock - Mask Sanitizer

Now, besides the prime minister, the Transport Minister Wee Ka Siong has also been caught lying. Mr. Wee has on March 28 said that the container congestion at three major ports in the country was over under his leadership. He also boastfully said his ministry had quickly solved domestic logistics problems. Yet, the people still experienced a shortage of eggs due to transportation issues.


With a supply of face masks at only 25%, clearly an exit strategy is not ready and the people cannot be allowed to resume their normal life, which translates to a prolonged lockdown until probably the end of May. Another reason why the government may choose the easy way out of locking everyone at home until the end of May is largely due to political reasons.


Muhyiddin government is extremely fragile. It could collapse any time if any of its allies, UMNO or PAS or “friendly” Sarawak-based GPS, pulls out of the hastily formed Perikatan Nasional government. The fact that the PM had to create a special post with ministerial level, Special Envoy to the Middle East, for PAS president Hadi Awang spoke volumes of the unstable backdoor government.

Muhyiddin Yassin and Hadi Awang

With the minorities, especially the Chinese and Indian voters, anxiously waiting to vote him out, Mr. Muhyiddin cannot afford a backlash from his own community. That explains why his recently announced RM250 billion stimulus package was designed to reward the 1.71-million civil servants with truckloads of cash, even though their monthly salaries were secured and they won’t lose their jobs.


While the ethnic composition of the Coronavirus cases and deaths are being kept under wraps, the majority of them have been linked to the Tabligh religious members – suggesting that the Malay community is mostly affected. If the MCO lockdown is relaxed and the infections get worse than now resulting in skyrocketing deaths, PM Muhyiddin Yassin would be in deep trouble.


His backdoor government, which has yet to get any endorsement or recognition from foreign countries (except Singapore and Indonesia), would most likely argue that the country needs at least 2 months of lockdown like Wuhan, China, before a decision can be made. A lockdown is Muhyiddin’s only option to avoid facing the Parliament. It also gives him the time to buy support from the opposition Members of Parliament.

Muhyiddin Yassin - Prime Minister Legitimacy In Question

That was why the cash distribution to the people was split into 2 months, April and May. Most of the comments in the social media who strongly rejected the lifting of the MCO lockdown came from civil servants or employees of GLCs (government linked companies). Who in their right mind would go back to work when they could sleep at home with special bonus on top of guaranteed salaries?


Taking the cue from China, the Malaysian government under Muhyiddin hopes to lift the control of the MCO when there are zero new Covid-19 cases and deaths. The clueless backdoor government has to deal with one issue at a time. It is trying not to make major political mistake. However, it’s not even a sure thing if the country could emerge victorious in 2 months like China.


That would bring back the issue of an exit strategy, which the incompetent government has none. The reason why the authorities have been foaming at the mouth to achieve 100% lockdown compliance is simply because the government has no other strategy. If Beijing’s lockdown strategy does not work in Malaysia, Muhyiddin would be in trouble.

Coronavirus - Wuhan To End Lockdown


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Blaming “ungrateful” pendatangs and various assorted kafirs have always been a viable strategy. If in doubt, just add sprinklings of these key words: “liberal”, “Freemason”, “agenda Barat”, “DAP anti Islam” and so on.

Also, by the way why isn’t Lim Guan Eng in jail yet? Every day that he remains free, the covid cases continue to increase. Coincidence??? I think not!!


Like China, what’s the problem if the lockdown strategy does not work in Malaysia? Muhyiddin & the backdoor govt would just engineer the figures and no one will even know. No one trusts China’s figures and we should not believe the new umno govt’s figures even more.

All your comment are bullshit.
If you don’t like what ever in malaysia f***off to other country!

How about you f***off to other country if you don’t like the comments here? As Mahathir said – it’s freedom of speech!!

“No one trusts China’s figures and we should not believe the new umno govt’s figures even more.”

Why specifically “China’s figures”?

No one should trust any “figures” from any country hit by the coronavirus, if winning your trust is what it’s about.

Where’s the connection with “China’s figures” and “new umno govt’s figures”?

Or with the issue of “trust”?

On the matter of data, there’s actually not much to trust or distrust there.

Different countries have different methods of accounting for, say, infection, death, etc, for example, the UK has its ONS provide a set of figures, while its gov.uk website gives another

It would be very Malaysian to suspect conspiracies, deception, dishonesty, lies, incompetence, etc etc.

After all, it is always with paranoid Malaysians to go into a shop with the suspicion the shopkeeper is only out to fleece him for two cents more.

Our shopkeeper sells his stuff cheap, gives Mr Paranoid two free gifts – and he gets even more suspicious!

Our gomens, not just this one, specifically instruct data of any sort is not given out, sure, data is also always dressed up and all that (not just by our gomens), but what can one get out of any data, say, how many died from the virus, say, if it is 100, 150, or 500, or 1000?

100 deaths, 150, 500 or 1000 can all be considered “big” numbers. 100 dead or 1000 dead are both “bad”. Why should anyone “prefer” 100 or 1000 – when you can get also10,000 – and more?

Bad is bad. Bad and extremely bad are the same.

Look at it this way, 1 person dead and it turns out to be your mother is certainly very very bad. It would probably be felt by you as as bad as 10,000 dead – or maybe, at least 5 dead.

Malaysians certainly have their kiasu and kiasi morbid fascination with everything.

And morbid attitude about anything.

But, honestly, what can you do if the gomen gives you its “figures” and there’s 100 or 1000 deaths from the virus?

In other words, what can you actually do with the data, regardless? Especially when you can’t do much if it is 100 dead like if it is 50 or 1000 dead.

Say, what can or would you do if the gomen reports genuinely honest “figures”?

Data can never be accurate from anywhere in the world, neither China or even Malaysia should be made specific example/s of any country or countries particularly “dishonest”, though, for Malaysia, we can add amazing incompetence and cluelessness about data collection and stats methods – one only needs remember that incident when a leading world expert commented on the use by Malaysia of very old statistics on poverty.

Still, my beef (or pork chop) would be, either way, whether its data is trustworthy or not, what can Malaysia do with its “figures” improve on poverty?

Some of our wide-between-ears wonder somehow think “figures” from Western gomens are more “trustworthy”.

“Fair enough”, so what are nearly all Western gomens doing about their “figures” and their inability to provide hospital beds, resources, and healthcare for those statistics that are their few or many sick?

China, for its reliable or unreliable “figures” can do what Western countries can’t about the coronavirus.

Trusting or not trusting data has got absolutely nothing to do with getting off the ass and saving lives.

Someone you care about gets sick, you get into panic mode to do something and everything about that, you don’t need wait for reliable data to come in telling you the person has died.

Getting free statistics, and getting plenty of free statistics is one thing.

Doing something genuinely useful with it is something else, admiring honest “figures”, sitting on it, shagging off with it, do not serve any purpose.

Our clown moron politicians need all the extensions for their botches on anything they touch that they, as usual, shouldn’t.

Extension on extension is nothing unusual with our gomens – all of them!

Our gomens have been run on nothing but extensions upon extensions to enable botches and failures to be saved by more botches and failures, just give them all the time and more time to allow for each botch to properly and disastrously complete.

Take, for instance, Proton. Until the Chinese uncles came and revived it from its guaranteed sure death and made a big success of it, Proton was on life support from year to year, sucking off massive bailouts year after year and month after month… For near two decades! – what fcuking world record was our clown monkeys thinking of winning!

We all know Proton is hardly the only gross failure, there are many many other well-known massive and expensive failures.

And we still have MAS (among others) on the ventilator for an eternity, waiting to die as surely it would.

So, there you have it! Extension upon extension until either there is the live-saving final death – or our nice Chinese uncles come and resurrect our grotesque failures, raise them from the undying dead.

Well, our nice Chinese uncles (and aunties, and their dogs and cats) have made a huge success of their effort toward fighting the coronavirus.

Sure, they have made mistakes, even blunders, here and there. But, overall, they have made a huge success of the fight – all while even the West whom Malaysians worship, can’t do it.

We are extremely lucky we are so near our Chinese uncles. All we need do is get in touch and have effort on a big scale, let our uncles micromanage our fcuked up botches at tackling the virus, we can’t do it by ourselves, we are not designed to do anything by ourselves without causing even more serious problems.

The Chinese have made their mistakes for us all, all we need to do is let them implement their success on us.

Better still, we invite in a big bunch of Chinese uncles here to take care of everything and save us – not just from the virus, but from ourselves!

Admit it, we are jolly damn good at killing off ourselves and country even without any virus, aren’t we just wonderful with obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, etc etc..? We really need the Chinese run our schools too – our rubber wobbly children can get plenty of real energetic exercise everyday, maybe even in their black shoes.

Unlike our favourite migrants and famous Fakir preacher, the Chinese are not going to be “even later pendatangs”, refusing to leave when their work is done. They won’t exactly wish to die being Malaysians.

The Chinese think of Malaysia, like Trump, of Africa, as just another “sh*th*le” country.

We can’t exactly blame the Chinese for their rather flattering perception: over six decades to get it half right while the Chinese needed only just two and half decades to get it entirely right, how else can the Chinese or anyone else think of our fabulously continuous and long losers’ streak?

Chinese tourists visit Singapore too. When they compare that little island to Malaysia, they shake their heads vigorously and have absolutely nothing wonderful to say about Malaysia. And then we can only sulk in rage and revive our only response, fire off the torrents of quite useless chickenshit good for nothing “supremacist” rants, sometimes in red Made-in-China T-shirts, to “get even”! Quite pathetic, really..!

Without our durians and sometimes palm oil, we are nothing else but the plantation toiling brothers of the Chinese – well, at least our migrants are, we can’t do anything related to work ourselves, remember..?!

And we do not even have to get off from under our coconut trees if we welcome the Chinese uncles in to run the country. We can continue to doze in sweet slumber oblivious as the industrious world whizzes past us, our uncles will Make Malaysia Great Again!

The moral of the story is: if you can’t do something, please own up to your inability, give up, and let the competent do it for you. We cannot let everyone in Malaysia die before our clown moron politicians wake up from the dead to the sick fact they are clown moron politicians.

There’s no one except the Chinese the most competent around to deal with the deadly virus. We are lucky, we are very much in love with the Chinese (and their money), all we need is invite the Chinese here in decent, effective numbers, help us.

All we need do is stop our chickenshit “supremacist” racist thinking and noisy rants which would only make the Chinese laugh and spit on… errr maybe not spit on – or sneeze at, but, they, like everybody else would definitely laugh – our racists are bleeding clowns all like our clown morons in gomen!

Go on! A sacrifice of some durians is all it needs to get our beloved Chinese uncles – and their Doraemon aunties, to come save us!

Think about it now!

Don’t leave thinking via postponing a quick exercise in the head via extension upon extension!

Over sixty years to get it right for our country, we still get it wrong. The Chinese will get it right for us instantly!

“… The Unstable Government Can’t Take Any Political Risk”

The gomen was super extra fast to prevent riotous trouble from brewing over Heineken resuming production of its lousy beer…

But that was only because some Beer Mats simply needed to protest over the right of others to enjoy their beers.

Meanwhile alcohol in sanitisers and insulin from pigs are perfectly fine…

So are Satan’s toys like mobile phones, television sets, karaoke mics, facial makeups… and Merc AMGs.

“If you don’t like what ever in malaysia f***off to other country!”

Ismail, I “f***(ed) off” to “other country”, that’s how I am here.

Aren’t you blessed?!

And, lucky you!

That explains why his recently announced RM250 billion stimulus package was designed to reward the 1.71-million civil servants with truckloads of cash, even though their monthly salaries were secured and they won’t lose their jobs.

Brudder, this figure includes the doctors, nurses, police, army and whatnot govt servants in the frontline doing a helluvagoodjob battling the coronavirus for the rest of the rakyat.

And what is your contribution to the nation as compared to them ?

Is it really that hard to pay special allowances to only those doctors, nurses, police, army and whatnot whom you said are doing a great job, instead of giving cash to every single of the 1.71-million servants?

Your argument asking my contribution sounds very familiar. Are you going to tell be to migrate to another country, like some others who disagreed with our comments?

Brudder, no one is asking you to take a hike and go back to Wuhan or Tongsan like some of your above comments….that would pretty much asking you to commit suicide.

It’s just to highlight that the bitter lesson the non-Malays learned over the past 30 days. The Malays were gracious enough to the nons to share political power but then they became arrogant. So the Malays decided to end power-sharing and cut them out.

And they are now back in their rightful place as the nation’s penumpang.

Actually Wuhan is perhaps the safest place on planet Earth so it’s quite fantastic to go there.

Ahh, it’s back to the subject of non-Malays being not grateful enough to the Malays, despite being the second class citizen in their own country.

Now, I understood your true intention …

“And what is your contribution to the nation as compared to them ?”

If you can look carefully at the site, Finance Twitter is helping Malaysian hard worker and taxpayers look after money, make money, invest money…

So that our perpetual parasites can have more free money.

That would certainly be called making a useful “contribution to the nation”.

The trouble with the “nation” is many of our parasites are not just fcuking stupid.

And lazy.

And useless.

They are also rather blind.

They can never see there are those who work hard, pay lots of taxes, get bitched, get harassed, get threatened, get attacked for their divine, supreme (different from “supremacist”) kindness… all while feeding their bloody bloodsuckers.

Such terrible greed, such shameless lack of gratitude, I say!

Those who can, certainly put in their soul’s worth into everything/

Those who can’t, are those fcuking layabout parasites, loving nothing than making “macho” loud and noisy chickenshit “supremacist” rants, boss around, bitch about – and do nothing useful for the “nation”.

“Contribution”, my divine ass!

Dear Paul,

Arrogance = end of power-sharing = back to square one ….kapish ?

“but then they became arrogant”

“Freddie Mercury”, I think it is the faulty, maybe deliberately faulty, “convenient” perception of some to claim any of the nons are “arrogant”.

Often those with undesirable permanently-adolescent psychological traits simply need to channel their inadequacy and insecurity by projecting them on targets they can blame, bully, harass, even assault.

When the psychologically, spiritually, and morally unsound are deprived of their easy and cheap targets, they often cannot find any purpose in their lives – by which, apart from their poor psychological makeup, lack of culture, lack of proper upbringing, they mostly can’t do anything else – like get off the backside and work, earn an honest living, be like those able, capable, hard working, with a spine…

Some have observed that such undesirable primitive and even animal traits may be due to the fact that they feel deeply ashamed they depend on others, feed off others.

Hence the need to channel their inadequacy, insecurity – and shame onto others they parasitically feed off from.

Besides, if one is excessively touchy, thin-skinned, over-sensitive to any possible trivial slights by some, the best thing is to be like many of the nons, be stoic, try grow a bit tougher, find a spine, stand tall, be big boys about the least important little things in life – any good and true religion – or a good book, can teach anyone that.

Man up, or bitch up (like the real Freddie Mercury) and a better world is yours!

Invariably, it is the arrogant who always need to claim others are “arrogant”. Others quite, and so easily “injure” their fragile little egos, poor little bastards…

I come by a lot of such “arrogant” types. Invariably, they are always the ones with deep psychological wounds and psychological issues.

They need sort out their heads – if your head is faulty, you will naturally see things in a particular (unsound, negative) way. A person with inferiority complex will always find someone else to make him enjoy feeling like a victim, a cheap one.

A bully, a social misfit, a religiously-warped, a thug, will always find someone else to pick on to make him feel himself as something of a fake worth. A little scratch and these poor sods rush out to scream and bitch – even wearing some kind of red uniforms when they do their helpless crying!

No one can be in awe or admiration if a culture exists where the rapist forever blames the victim, even deliberately stir things up to claim victimhood!

And the garbage of society will always want to distort society with his distorted views. After all, it is a cheap trick and easy way to earn a meal!

Maybe it is an even permanent way of getting a endless flow of free food vouchers to be in a perpectual reversed victim!

It may not, and often is not, someone else who is the cause of your cheap misery.

The problem is more than 99% always you at fault.

Think about it, Brudder. Try loading the faults onto yourself, go round looking at others with the eyes and belief the fault is always you.

Try that for a few months. I can guarantee you 99% your life would become much better once your mind opens and so your heart, once you stop playing thr fake victim even for a short while.

Just how can you be any victim when others don’t have any gomen, any administrative bureaucracy, any military, any police, any demographic number to play up any victimhood myth?

If not try my idea for the short time, you continue play the victim, continue fault and blame others, continue delude yourself you are “weak” and need to be “superior” while at the same time need all sorts of protection from some weak minorities, continue threaten others, you are going to get really really boring and even more idiotic to mainly yourself – no one who’s got more important things in life to live for and worry about is going to find you interesting – or give a shit about you (no one has, btw).

You are only going to feel even worse about yourself each time, sorry!

These days, blaming others, bitching, threatening others, etc etc have really gone stale, immensely boring, stupid, and useless… *Yawn*!

Btw, “Tongsan” best place to be in to be protected against the Yank virus. Too much on the internet about that! China spares no resource to fight the virus, has the resources, protects its elderly – not let them die, sent in hundreds of thousands of medical personnel to Wuhan to fight the virus, has the right gomen to make the fight possible, has the right population of supportive people willing and capable of winning the fight… You should want to marvel at China, show tremendous respect, do a post about that!

Leave out that veiled racist crap anti-Chinese garbage, don’t work these days… Not when the Chinese send in resources and personnel to us to fight the virus, we just can’t get anything right, even the chickenshit “supremacist” racism of some of us..!

So be a big boy about that “arrogant” thing, our Chinese uncles and Doraemons love us, they cannot be “arrogant” at all! Anyone else “arrogant” do calm down and go easy on them, okay, Big Boy?!

Here’s an angmoh expert fawning over China’s excellent job fighting the virus (he’s not the only one):



“Arrogance =”

Freddie Mercury, that’s not “arrogance”.

Your “arrogance” does not “=” anything!

You failed maths at school owat?

Never read half a paragraph on logic owat?

Have nearly no understanding of the English language owat?

Only good at being cocky about your cocked up lack of grasp of anything remotely “difficult” owat?

Spend too much time doing all that mercurial trans gyrating of the butt to the music of Malaysian Rhapsody owat?

Don’t worry!

Uncle is here to help you learn about growing up, be a big boy, get away from being a chickenshit half-baked garden variety little ineffective and ineffectual racist “tough” village quality cross-dresser “Freddie Mercury” fantasy dreamer.

A big number of words for “Useless Sod”…

There is always hope for the “poor boy” when Uncle is around, lucky you, pass on the shisha!

Btw, its capisce!

“Kapish” is the illiterate, lazy way out of being useless at spelling and useless at any language. “Kapish” tends to be used by Yiddish speakers, those of the Yahudi mafia, when they deal with the Italian mob. I know inside every one of our cheap quality “toughs” is a Made-in-Malaysia shoddy copy of the Yahudi mafia tough. Or a cheap copy of a black rapper, perhaps… *sigh*

Our “macho” adolescent may hate the Yahudis but secretly they all admire those frummies! And admire dem gangstas, too! Eh, Brudder?!

My command of the Italian language is jolly damn good too!

So is nearly everything else – but jealousy and that feeling of being incomplete (or being nobody) won’t help you, sorry.

Still, you’ve got to work at being something. Something real. Something admirable.

And that is not by beating everybody else down so that you can look “tall”. That’s being chickenshit “suspremacist”, half-baked.

When you are busy working hard at being something genuinely useful, you ain’t got the time or energy to even be a lousy hilarious kiasu racist, me tell you, Bro!

“…You just a poor boy, you need lots of sympathy…
Scaramouche, Scaramouche…
Free money easy come, easy go…
Galileo, Galileo Figaro magnifico…”
Hahaha..! Priceless!

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