Lock Them Up!! – Here’s The Best & Easiest Way To Deal With UMNO Gangsters, Racists & Bullies

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Dec 30 2018
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What do Jamal, Papagomo and Azwanddin have in common? They were all UMNO gangsters who used to make a living by screaming, crying and bitching about Malay and Islam supremacy being threatened by non-Muslims. Of course, the Malay and Islam supremacy have never been threatened because they were protected under the Constitution.


Besides being the majority (61.7%) of the 32 million populations of Malaysia, the ethnic Malays dominate the civil service – 78.8%. The Malaysian army comprises 98% of Malays, while in the Royal Malaysia Police, 80% consists of Malays. In terms of King, Sultans, Malay Rulers and Governors, all of them – 100% – are Malay Muslims. So, how could anyone threaten the Malays and Islam?


However, like sex, yelling Malays and Islam under threats always sells for obvious reason. People like Jamal, Papagomo and Azwanddin knew the Malays, let alone Islam, can never be threatened due to multiple levels of protection. But like hot cakes, playing 3R cards (religion, racial and royalty) always succeeded in rallying the gullible and ignorant Malays.

Jamal Md Yunos with Red T-Shirts for Rally

Most often than not, mercenaries like Jamal, Papagomo and Azwanddin would benefit financially from their sponsored rally or demonstration. For example, when Jamal Yunos boastfully targeted 300,000 participants for his “Red Shirt” rally in 2016, he made millions supplying red shirts to the hired protesters paid by ex-UMNO President Najib Razak.


Emboldened by their political master, the (former) ruling government led by UMNO Malay nationalist party, Jamal and Papagomo were invincible and untouchable. Even the police forces became their bitch – forced to protect the mobsters instead of applying the rule of law on them. But everything crumbles upon the downfall of the mighty racist and corrupt old regime.


The world’s biggest crook Najib Razak and his deputy, Zahid Hamidi, being slapped with dozens of charges of criminal breach of trust (CBT), money laundering, corruption and abuse of power, can no longer protect or sponsor their minions. The first casualty was Jamal Yunos. The burger seller turned drug pusher turned UMNO mobster became fugitive almost overnight.


Jamal Yunos – Protected by (former) Deputy PM Zahid Hamidi

Mr. Jamal fled to Indonesia but was soon arrested, while getting a haircut, and deported back to Malaysia to face justice. The Red Shirt leader, once the blue-eyed boy of ex-premier Najib, is today a toothless tiger. Yes, it would take only 27 days of being locked up in prison to change the racist, bully and thug. The fearsome gangster is today as harmless as a dove.


After his release from detention, Jamal said he felt that prison was the worst place on earth, even though he was housed in the “Tawakal” block which was the “best” block in the Sungai Buloh prison. He described it as entering a grave, where the stench and the confined space caused mental anguish – even to the prison guards. Obviously the time spent in prison has changed him, one way or another.


In fact, Jamal the mobster was so traumatised by his short stay in the prison that he had nothing but praises for premier-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim. He said – “I have to salute Anwar who spent years in jail. He was mentally and spiritually tough. When I was in there, I understood how Anwar, as a human and leader, was “cukup hebat” (incredible) and should be given recognition.”

UMNO Thug Jamal Yunos – Thrown Into Jail After Bail Revoked

He even said his experience in jail was an important lesson from God and it had educated him – suggesting that the arrogant man might have finally understood about karma. Has anyone heard about the mighty Jamal Yunos since then? He was too chicken to even join the recently held anti-ICERD rally, a supposedly demonstration to protect the supremacy of Malay and Islam.


Another notorious gangster under UMNO payroll, Papagomo (real name: Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris), appeared to have suffered the same fate. Belonging to Malay criminal gang groups in the country – the “Tiga Line” and “Double 7” – the former policeman turned blogger turned gangster was a bigger bully than Mr Jamal, until the collapse of UMNO and his recent arrest on Nov 29.


When UMNO was still in power, the “untouchable” Papagomo had no respect for the law whatsoever because he was “above the law” due to the special protection given by ex-PM Najib and his deputy Zahid. The mobster must have had thought he was still invincible when he posted a seditious video with ill-intention to spread racial hatred and touched on religious sensitivities.

UMNO Gangster - Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris - Papagomo

So, Papagomo insulted ethnic Indians as “squatters” and urged for ethnic minorities to be stripped of voting rights. The UMNO gangster had also defamed DAP (a component party of the new government) as the mastermind behind the riot at the Sri Maha Mariamman temple in Subang Jaya recently. He even accused DAP Supremo Lim Kit Siang of plotting the bloody May 13 racial riots.


Surprisingly, the supposedly tough guy Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris – known as “The War Machine” within UMNO politicians – has turned out to be a bigger coward than Jamal Yunos. What the police needed to tame the UMNO’s biggest bully was 4 days of imprisonment. Upon his release on police bail on Dec 3, with a tail behind his legs, the thug has become as timid as a mouse.


Like his UMNO brother Jamal, Papagomo had not dared make fun, let alone mock and insult, the non-Muslims since his release. As dumb as he might look, the thug-for-hired finally realises that the rule of law is real under the new government. Hence, he could spend years behind bars if he continues to make stupid stunt inciting racial hatred and riots.

Papagomo - Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris - UMNO - with Najib Razak, Khairy, Hishammuddin, Asyraf

Another fake Malay and Islam champion – Azwanddin Hamzah – has become the third idiot who followed Jamal and Papagomo footstep. Azwanddin is the adviser to Raggie Jessy, a blogger known for his controversial Third Force blog and the head of a new coalition, “Gabungan 3”, a supposedly new force comprises extremist and racist Malay groups such as UMNO and PAS.


Mr. Azwanddin obviously hadn’t learned any lesson from Jamal and Papagomo when he openly challenged the authorities and the government – “I long for May 13 (bloody racial riot). If we have to sharpen the parang (machete), we have to do it. If we have to sharpen the Keris (Malay dagger), we have to do it. If you record this, show it to DAP. If you are insolent, we Malays can be more insolent.”


The defiant racist and extremist, also the president of Jaringan Melayu Ma­lay­sia (JMM), continued his racist antic during a rally on Christmas day when he insulted Minister Waytha Moorthy as a pariah. Challenging the authorities again, he had even threatened to launch an attack on the Klang police station if action was not initiated after the death of fireman Muhammad Adib.

Azwanddin Hamzah – Threatens To Attack Police Station

Azwanddin Hamzah – Tripped Himself But Blames The Police

On Friday (Dec 28), he was remanded for four days under Section 506 of the Penal Code for criminal intimidation. Amusingly, when Azwanddin almost fell after alighting from a police truck because he knocked into a flower pot in the court compounds, his followers quickly spread fake news – crying, whining and bitching that the police had used rough tactics on the JMM president.


The police revealed that the incident occurred because the other detainee who was handcuffed with Azwanddin was walking too fast while the latter was waving to his supporters. The fact that his minions make a mountain out of a molehill after Azwanddin tripped himself speaks volumes that the so-called Malay and Islam hero is yet another coward like Jamal and Papagomo.


It will be fun to see if Azwanddin Hamzah will emerge from his short detention a changed man. Like it or not, the UMNO gangsters and racist bullies were more often than not cowards hiding behind special protection. Once the special privilege is removed and the rule of law is applied to them, they would be exposed as fake heroes or cheap opportunists. They dare not go to jail.

Lock Them Up - UMNO Gangster Jailed - Papagomo, Jamal, Azwanddin


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