Gangster Jamal Was So Irritating Cops Gave Him A Bloody Lesson

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Nov 14 2016
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For some time now people thought Jamal Md Yunos was immortal. With the exception of foreign superpower like China Ambassador to Malaysia Dr Huang Huikang who intervened and prevented racial riots at Chinatown Petaling Street last year, it appeared nobody could stop the Red Shirts leader, whose gangsterism is legendary.


Endorsed by Najib Razak, Mr. Jamal is one of the Malaysia Prime Minister’s favourite thugs to do all sort of dirty jobs – intimidating, beating, vandalizing and whatnot – on anyone dares opposing Najib administration. A mobster for rent, Jamal was a Form-5 dropout who used to be a burger seller at Sentul and a drug-pusher.

UMNO Red Shirts - Jamal Md Yunos

Jamal’s business ventures in restaurant (Restoran Ikan Bakar Sekinchan) and reconditioned luxury car sales (IBM Automobiles) suffer huge losses due to over-pricing. A womaniser and an arrogant thug who has offended even the underworld, he often carries a gun wherever he goes, although it’s unknown if he does possess license for firearms.


Therefore, for a person of such calibre, one might perceive Mr. Jamal as a tough “Mafia Boss”. The last thing one would expect from him was to whine, bitch and cry like a baby when he was punched in the face and nose, resulting in a bloody nose. The best part was he didn’t even know what or who hit him. It was humiliating for him to get whacked in front of his boys.


Apparently, Jamal and his Red Shirts paid-followers were pursuing and harassing Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin on Sunday as she and PKR political members were promoting the Nov 19 Bersih rally at the Ampang Point shopping centre. Jamal was seen shoving a man in a Bersih shirt before police stepped in, resulting in a heated scuffle between the police and the Red Shirts thereafter.


Shortly after, Jamal was left bleeding from his nose. Nallan Dhanabalan of Ampang PKR claims plainclothes policemen punched Jamal when police were trying to separate the two groups. True enough, Jamal was reported to have shouted – “Polis tumbuk saya (the police punched me)” but later told reporters that it was “one of Zuraida’s boys”.


Clearly Jamal has lied because according to government-controlled media “The Star”, Bersih supporters had left by the time the scuffle broke out. Jamal Yunos today flip-flopped again and said he did not intend to accuse the police of punching him. “I meant to say ‘officers, I was punched’. But at the time, I was filled with so much emotion that the words came out wrong,” – said the thug.


Every dog has its day but for Jamal, his luck ran out on Sunday when even some cops couldn’t stomach his thuggish antic hence delivered some punches on him. It doesn’t matter whether the cops bloodied his nose either accidently or deliberately because the incident shows that if the local police really wanted to stop the Red Shirts from terrorizing the city, they can do it.

UMNO Red Shirts Rally Charming Message - Police Beating Red Shirts

In reality, with the exception of some top police chiefs who sit in air-conditioned room running the errands of the government of the day, tons of low-ranking police officers on the ground are sick and tired of Najib administration feeding hooligans in masks such as Jamal who causes nothing but troubles and hardship to innocent people.


The plainclothes policemen, if indeed they had given Jamal his bloodied nose, should be given a raise. There’re still some good cops among the corrupted police force. But even if Jamal was punched accidently by his own Red Shirt boys in the scuffle started by themselves, and not the cops, the drama was good enough to teach Jamal a bloody lesson.


The fact is gangsters like Jamal is nothing but a coward who could only act tough when surrounded by paid-followers. Alone, he would most likely go into hiding. What Bersih rally organizer needs are some dozens of tough looking and bouncer-sized security personnel, preferably with military or police background, to keep people like Jamal away.


Sure, teachers always teach students not to resort to violent when being bullied. However, sometimes you need a gangster to teach and intimidate another gangster. And the best way to do that is to replicate the same tactic used by the mobsters – gather a bigger crowd and beat the crap out of the so-called thugs sponsored by Prime Minister Najib Razak – an eye for an eye.


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It is really sad to see the police being ridicule and to make matter worse the IGP is not standing up for his men when this jamban thug do not give two hoots to the man in blue and time after time intimidate and challenge them on their authority. Well fortunately somebody in the police force has to do the dirty job and give him a good physical advise. I believe there are also many more in the forces who like to be give “free advises” to this jamban thug.I bet you that many in the police force are good and law upholding personnel trying to earn their daily keeps and ensure a peaceful environment so that the rakyat can carry on with their activities to bring this nation up.Seeing their own instituition in shambles and their top officer prejudice and indifferent attitude in upholding the impartiality of the law in the country is a situation that warrants immediate remedial.If the IGP is mire in politic and have subserviency only to his overlord, is very repulsive not only to the rakyat but also
to his man in the police academy.
This jamban thug has gone too far with his antics and thinking that his clownish repulsive actions as a bravado actions in a political game and falsely believe that he is stronly backed up by his master but did not realise that the back lash that will affects every Government Institution and engulf everyone to speed up the change in the political landscape.

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