Earthquake & Tsunami Due To Angry God – Zahid Should Stop Trying To Prove He’s Asia Biggest Moron

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Oct 24 2018
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We know Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was a thug. Not only the Java-migrant was a gangster, he was also a bloody coward mugger. That explains why his family, obviously terrified and panicked after being slapped with 45 charges, had resorted to coaching his own 9-year-old granddaughter Sofee to unleash threats against Mahathir government for locking up “grandpa” Zahid.


Zahid, his wife Hamidah and daughter Nurul Hidayah should be careful what they wish for. Threatening a government by brainwashing children could produce undesirable results. Terror group ISIS has also radicalized children to kill and butcher fellow Muslims who disagreed with them. Zahid’s innocent granddaughter could become a “radicalized Islamist terrorist”.


Besides being a thug, albeit a coward one, the former deputy prime minister has also proven that he has always been a big bully. Unable to control his emotion, probably disturbed by the prospect of being the first among the crooks to be jailed, Zahid apparently snapped at a reporter who asked him if he would take leave as UMNO president due to his pending court case.


The disgraced Zahid went ballistic – “What right do you have to ask that question?” The thug was so arrogant that he had no clue that the journalists were just doing their jobs. The fact that he couldn’t answer such a simple question – politely and tactfully – actually speaks volumes about his insecurity and inferior intellect, despite possessing a PhD in Communication.


Yes, in spite of his doctor’s degree from Universiti Putra Malaysia’s (UPM), making him Malaysia’s first cabinet minister in 2008 to complete a doctorate while in service, it appears that Mr. Zahid still struggles to engage in a healthy and mature conversation with reporters without resorting to threats, mocks and insults. This is not the first time he has bullied reporters though.


Even after losing the government and no longer walks the corridors of power, Zahid Hamidi continued to demonstrate his arrogance and thuggish behaviour. Imagine what he could do to the reporter had he become a prime minister today. For humiliating him with such difficult question, Zahid might butcher the reporter the same way Saudi Crown Prince assassinated journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Zahid Hamidi - Has No Balls

But his arrogance and ignorance was just the appetizer. Two days ago, PM Mahathir told a forum that “UMNO is gone”. While the 93-year-old prime minister was speaking figuratively, Zahid wasn’t impressed and responded yesterday to the damning appraisal literally. “UMNO still exists. We can see UMNO still exists.” – Zahid proudly told reporters as he walked away from the media in Parliament.


Seriously? Was Zahid Hamidi really that awesomely retarded? Still, that wasn’t the best part. The brilliant part was when Dr. Zahid declares the recent natural disasters – earthquake and tsunami – that hit the city of Palu in Indonesia was the wrath of God, as punishment for the activities of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community there.


The 65-year-old Zahid said in Dewan Rakyat (House of Representatives) – “We know of the earthquake and tsunami in Palu recently and it is learnt that there are over 1,000 LGBTs who were involved in such activities when the tragedy happened. As a result of that, the whole area was wiped out. And this is Allah’s punishment to them.”

Zahid Hamidi - Arrogant Gesture

Grandpa Zahid should get a medal for his newly achieved stupidity. He was so dumb that it makes Islamist party PAS President Hadi Awang looks like a rocket scientist. Mr. Hadi, who always uses Allah to justify repetitive floods in Kelantan and Terengganu (two states under PAS administration) as the God’s “test”, must be impressed that someone has beaten him in his own game.


With more than 2,000 deaths, Zahid, however, couldn’t explain why his co-called Allah didn’t just punish the LGBTs only but had to kill other innocent Muslims as well, including 34 children following the devastating magnitude-7.4 eartquake and ensuing tsunami in Palu, a remote northern region of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.


In the same breath, was it the fault of the lesbians and gays too that the angry God unleashed the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami and killed more than 200,000 Indonesians in northern Sumatra’s Aceh province? Perhaps Zahid could ask Allah since he appears to have direct access to the God’s WhatsApp or WeChat.

Palu Sulawesi Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami

And since he was so sure that it was God who had punished the people in Palu, probably Zahid should seek advice from Allah whether he would end up in prison for criminal breach of trust (CBT), money laundering, corruption and abuse of power. And he certainly must interrogate the God why he is being unfairly slapped with 45 charges despite him being straight, not curly.


It was estimated there were 9-million LGBTs in the United States in 2012 alone. If the God saw it wise to wipe out the entire 395.1 km² of Palu just because over 1,000 LGBTs were enjoying their exotic activities, would it not be fair for the same God to also wipe out America too? There were 3.6-million gay people in Britain and 6% of Europeans identified as LGBTs.


Did Zahid realize that there were 272,493 gays in New York, not to mention 140 LGBT bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants, shops and whatnot in Paris – two of his family’s favourite holiday destinations? Did the moron also realize that London, one of his favourite shopping cities, is also known as Europe’s gay capital? Why did he go against the Allah – enjoying himself in those cities?

Zahid Hamidi - Arrogant Gesture 2

On the contrary, if indeed the earthquake and tsunami hitting Indonesian’s Aceh (2004) and Palu (2018) were unleashed by the mighty God, it has nothing to do with LGBTs but everything to do with Islamist extremists, fundamentalists and even racists such as shallow-minded Zahid Hamidi. Otherwise how do you explain the tsunami that wipes out UMNO on May 9th?


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One of my father’s favorite expressions (usually about politicians) was

“It is better to be thought an idiot than to open your mouth and remove
all doubt.”

As for Hamidi, nothing more needs to be said, other than he continues to ignore the above advice.

Ur write up of Zahid was real n fine ….. until the 6th paragraph till the end … thats when u ended up no diff frm Zahid.
Talk bad of Zahid is fine … but talkng “bad” of Allaah is not.
Remarks like “…..his so called Allaah ….” , and all other remarks u made of Allaah (questiong if he was Allaah , y do this instead of that , or do that instead of this) , was not right.
But it was the Allaah related remark in d last para , that made u no diff frm zahid.

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