3 Attacks In A Day, Including At Prophet’s Mosque – What Goes Around Comes Around

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Jul 05 2016
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Rystad Energy estimates recoverable oil in the US from existing fields, discoveries and yet undiscovered areas amounts to 264-billion barrels. The figure surpasses Saudi Arabia’s 212-billion and Russia’s 256-billion in reserves. The latest study by Oslo-based group means for the first time, the U.S. holds more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia and Russia.


More importantly, the analysis shows the world has oil reserves of 2.1-trillion barrels – 70 times the present production rate of roughly 30-billion barrels of crude oil a year. Assuming we use up 100% of the annual oil production, which we don’t because some would go into reserve silos, the global oil reserve is sufficient to last us another 70 years.

Saudi Arabia Oil Production Monitoring Command Center

That’s good news to consumer because it means cheap oil prices are here to stay. But its bad news to Saudi Arabia as it would not only be harder to control America through crude oil manipulation, the kingdom’s own survivability is in jeopardy, if the country doesn’t diversify from its oil revenue fast enough.


However, there’s a more pressing issue than sagging oil prices. Saudi’s pet – Al-Qaeda – has grown, bred and transformed to what is known today as ISIS, a monster beyond the kingdom’s control. While it was nice to see how U.S. World Trade Center was crumbling down during the September 11 attacks by Al-Qaeda, ISIS is a different animal altogether.

September 11 - 911 Attacks USA - Saudi Arabia Sponsors Funding

Muslims across the globe saw for the first time how ISIS terror group conducted 3 suicide bomb attacks in Saudi Arabia on Monday to coincide with the U.S. July 4 Independence Day holiday. If the attacks had occurred in the U.S. or Europe, Muslims would be celebrating, or at least keep their silence in approval.


But the triple attacks happened not in any ordinary cities of Saudi but included the city of Medina, Islam’s holiest site after Mecca, and it happened just outside the Prophet’s Mosque – where the Prophet Muhammad is buried. Saudi-owned al-Arabiya television said an initial death toll from the Medina blast included 3 suicide bombers and 2 security forces officers.

Terror Attacks At Prophet’s Mosques in Medina, Saudi Arabia

Clearly, the ISIS terrorists were behind the attacks even though there were no claims of responsibility, for now.  The terror group had urged its supporters to carry out attacks during the holy month, which saw attacks in Orlando, Bangladesh, Istanbul and Baghdad. In a way, ISIS didn’t give a damn about Prophet Muhammad at all.


Interestingly, it requires the attacks on Islam’s second holiest site to get the attention, and condemnation, from Muslim leaders. For example, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak didn’t give two hoots about deaths caused by terrorists in Orlando, Dhaka, Istanbul, Baghdad or even the one which happened in his own backyard – a grenade attack at a night club – Movida – which wounded 8 people.

ISIS First Terror Attack At Movida Nightclub, Malaysia

Najib Razak, the same prime minister who told his UMNO-Muslims to emulate the ISIS terrorists 2 years ago, is now foaming on the mouth condemning the terror attacks in Saudi Arabia. What a hypocrite!! Is he trying to prove that it’s perfectly alright for his ISIS-fan-club  to butcher people – both Muslims and non-Muslims – as long as they don’t slaughter people in Saudi?


When we wrote that Indian Islamic preacher Zakir Naik was nothing but a snake oil salesman trying to make Muslims and non-Muslims hate and fight each other, some simple-minded Malaysian Muslims were foaming on the mouth protecting the fake preacher. Heck, even Malaysian holiest man Hadi Awang and PM Najib Razak experienced multiple orgasms after hugging Zakir.

Zakir Naik – Every Muslim Should Be A Terrorist

Guess what – at least 2 of 6 terrorists who hacked 20 people to death at a restaurant in Dhaka’s diplomatic zone were influenced by three controversial Islamists, including Zakir Naik, who had openly urged “every Muslim to become a terrorist”. Like it or not, Muslims leaders like Najib Razak and Hadi Awang indirectly play significant roles in the ISIS attacks around the world.


Saudi Arabia is now paying the price of breeding, grooming and sponsoring Al-Qaeda, who then transforms into ISIS, whom in turn started terrorising the kingdom in a serious manner since 2014. Saudi tried to contain ISIS by working with U.S.-led coalition bombing the jihadists in Syria and Iraq. In retaliation, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has called for attacks on Saudi Arabia.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak - 2014 Learn and Emulate ISIS - 2016 Condemn ISIS

Likewise, Malaysia, together with Indonesia and Thailand, is about to learn the steep price for doing virtually nothing in containing religion extremism in their countries. Sure, go ahead and continue breeding and feeding domestic Islam extremists. While non-Muslims could be the primary target, the Muslims would eventually become collateral damage.


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