Theresa May’s Ruthless Hiring & Firing – A Sign Of An Iron Lady

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Jul 15 2016
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Theresa May is now officially Britain’s second woman prime minister. But she has some big shoes to fill, much bigger than Tony Blair or David Cameron. She has to at least be on par with Margaret Thatcher, the British first woman prime minister who was also known as the “Iron Lady”. Where Blair failed miserably in Iraq War, Thatcher succeeded in Falklands War.

New British Prime Minister Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth

Under tremendous pressure from the moment she was invited by Queen Elizabeth to form a Government, May stressed her determination to preserve the Union between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. She also promised to “rise to the challenge” of negotiating exit from the European Union and forge a “bold new positive role” for Britain in the world.


United Kingdom might have found it’s second “Iron Lady”, if her first speech as prime minister is any indicator. The speech wasn’t heavily-rhetoric as practiced by her predecessor David Cameron, or that of President of the United States, Barack Obama. Like Robin Hood, Theresa May emphasized the need to fight “burning injustice,” saying she will work on behalf of the poor, women and minorities.

New British Prime Minister Theresa May Speech at 10 Downing Street

May knew Brexiteers were skeptical of her due to the fact that she was a “Remain” supporter. She knew the best way to overcome the criticisms was to do the bold and unexpected. And she did just that – by sacking traitor Michael Gove of his Justice Secretary job, as well as 4 heavyweight ministers under Cameron administration.


Mr. Cameron’s right-hand man and the architect of “Project Fear” – George Osborne – was stripped of his prestigious and powerful Chancellor of the Exchequer post. Besides Michael Gove who had backstabbed his friend Boris Johnson at the eleventh hour before formal nominations closed, Osborne was one of the most hated persons amongst Brexiteers.

Jobless - George Osborne (L) and David Cameron

Former Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond is now the new powerful Chancellor of the Exchequer. Hammond’s old role, surprisingly, went to Boris Johnson, the former Mayor of London who had been tipped to succeed Cameron after the EU referendum but didn’t make it when Michael Gove knifed him spectacularly.


Besides making Boris Johnson the Britain’s new Foreign Secretary, one of the most powerful roles in government, Theresa May brilliantly strengthens her position from a possible revolt by bringing more Brexiteers into her administration. A prominent “Leave” campaigner, David Davis was made the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, a new post of “Minister for Brexit”.

Prime Minister Theresa May - Team o Battle Brussels - Boris Johnson and David Davis

Liam Fox, another senior Brexit supporter, was made International Trade Secretary, almost 5 years after stepping down as defence secretary during the coalition government. Theresa May’s old role, Home Secretary, went to Amber Rudd, who backed  the campaign to stay in the EU, and will now lead reform of Britain’s immigration system in the wake of the Brexit vote.


The other 3 axed were Oliver Letwin, Nicky Morgan and John Whittingdale, who lost their Transport Secretary, Education Secretary and Culture Secretary respectively. Gove’s job as Justice Secretary now belongs to Liz Truss, who became the first female Lord Chancellor in the thousand-year history of the role. Miss Morgan’s job was given to another woman, Justine Greening.

Prime Minister Theresa May - Sacked - Michael Gove, John Whittingdale, Nicky Morgan and Oliver Letwin

It would be absolutely thrilling to see new Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson deals with Barack Obama, whom had warned and threatened the risks of Brexit by saying Britain would go “to the back of the queue” in any trade negotiations. Those under Obama administration who had laughed at Boris will have to work with him, now that he’s in charge of spy agencies including MI6 and GCHQ.


The formation of “Brexit Champion” Boris Johnson, “Serial Tory Rebel” David Davis and “Ex-Defence Secretary” Liam Fox look like German Panzer tanks ready to take on Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. The Three Musketeers would definitely take a lot of heat off Theresa May who needs to spend some time to heal the wounds of the referendum civil war.

Prime Minister Theresa May - Cabinet - Liam Fox and Philip Hammond

George Osborne who got the British economy back on track after the recession was quite a talent. If only he didn’t architect the “Project Fear” through the ridiculous “Brexit Budget” scare. Okay, maybe Osborne was considered talent only to the rich but not the poor, whom the former chancellor tried to tax heated Cornish pasties and other hot snacks – the so-called “pasty tax”.


Strategically, Prime Minister May simply couldn’t risk keeping ambitious Osborne, whom would not only bring discontent to her government but also could architect a plot to overthrow her. Therefore, her decisive move to sack George Osborne was a clever tactical move. Osborne was simply too drama queen to the liking of British voters after Brexit.

Prime Minister Theresa May and former Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher

More importantly, by hiring the “good guys” and firing the “bad guys”, and in the process running a “unity government”, PM Theresa May is essentially consolidating her powerbase. Even her rival for the leadership who subsequently pulled out, Andrea Leadsom, is given a new role as the Environment Secretary, despite the motherhood fiasco.


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