Russian Airbus A321 Crash – Can Putin Feel What Malaysians & Dutch Felt?

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Nov 04 2015
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When the Russian Airbus A321-200 crashed in the Sinai on Saturday, killing all 224 people on board (including at least 24 children), it immediately brings back the sad memory of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 which was shot down, allegedly by Russian-made BUK surface to air missile. The MH17 disaster killed all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board.


Almost immediately, ISIS claimed responsibility for shooting down the Russian plane, releasing a video to back their claims. If it was true that the ISIS was the culprit then it goes to show that Russian air strikes in Syria have been superbly efficient that the barbaric terrorists are taking revenge.

Russian Airbus A321-200 Flight 7K9268 - Shot Down by ISIS ISIL Terror Group

Russian Airbus A321-200 Flight 7K9268 Crash - FlightRadar24 Map

However, the Egyptian government has rubbished that the plane was shot down by missile. The Russian concluded that the Russian Airbus A321 that crashed in the Sinai broke up in mid-air at 36,000-feet. The plane had been heading from the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to the Russian city of St Petersburg before the crash.


Four days into the investigation into the fate of Flight 7K9268, the Egyptian government now said there was no evidence to support claims by Russian officials that the 18-years-old Airbus A321 “broke up in the air”, despite wreckage from the jet being spread over a 20 square mile radius.

Russian Airbus A321-200 Flight 7K9268 Crash - Tail Wreckage

Russian Airbus A321-200 Flight 7K9268 Crash - Tail Wreckage 2

Aviation sources have pointed to damage in the rear section of the plane which showed evidence of “fuselage skin peeling outwards possibly indicative of a force acting outwards from within” suggesting of an act such as a bomb. An American satellite had detected a heat source at the time the jet exploded, suggesting an explosion although it doesn’t reveal what caused it.


Russians now know why Dutch and Malaysian families demand an investigation to determine who shot down flight MH17 in Ukraine on July 17, 2014. The Russians should demand a transparent investigation into the worst aviation accident in the Russian’s history, without any cover up from Putin administration.

Flight MH17 Incident - Passengers Nationalities

But the Russians also noticed something quite disturbing – their President Vladimir Putin was nowhere to be found after the disaster. It took the Russian supremo 2-days after the crash to finally make his first comments on Monday. He said the crash of a Russian Airbus A321 was a great tragedy called on investigators to build an “objective picture” of what happened.


If an American passenger plane were to crash like this and President Obama went MIA or golfing instead, it would be a disaster. So why does it took the mighty Putin so long to say some words of condolence? Putin did not even show up in St. Petersburg to support the crying relatives of the crash victims. If it was Obama, he would have had “pretended” to cry.

Barack Obama Cycling vs Vladimir Putin Horse Riding Bare Chested

Ahh, but Russia is not a democracy country where the president needs to do PR or marketing stunts by shedding crocodile tears in public. In Russia, Vladimir Putin is God who enjoys approval rating of 89%. One can also argue that even during the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 crisis, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak had been hiding for months.


So, does that make Putin a “coward” considering a democratic country such as Malaysia has a prime minister who was too “chicken” to lead his people during the missing flight MH370 crisis? Not necessarily. A Russian political observer, Anton Orekh, believes Putin doesn’t like his photo or name to appear next to bad news such as losses or tragedies.

Malaysian Airlines MH370 Missing - Solemn Najib Razak

Putin wants to be linked to victories and courage such as photo of him riding a horse or fishing topless. After all, during the Kursk submarine disaster that killed all 118 sailors and officers in 2000, Putin went silent for 5-days. In fact, ego had gotten the better of him when he accepted assistance from Britain and Norway only after 5-days of unsuccessful attempt to rescue the Russians trapped inside the submarine.


Perhaps Putin doesn’t really care for the 224 people on board the Russian Airbus A321-200 at all. They were dead anyway and no amount of tears can bring them back so why the needs to show Putin’s wet, weary eyes in the public which could be twisted and abused for ISIS or United States’ future propaganda?

Russian Airbus A321-200 Flight 7K9268 Crash - Putin Reaction

Even if it’s true that the crash was due to a terror attack by a terrorist who had successfully smuggled a bomb on board Flight 7K9268, Putin administration will not admit it because to do so means his policy in the Middle East was wrong. Too bad – those 224 poor souls were simply collateral damage, the same way the Malaysians and Dutch on board the Flight MH17.


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Sir, you are assuming that Russia (and Putin) is responsible for the MH17 disaster. Well, we really don’t know yet even though the Dutch “report” suggest Russians and the rebels at fault. What is glaringly missing in the MH17 investigation is what did the blackbox reveal? It was retrieved and shipped to UK and nobody heard about it or even question its absence so far.

What we have read though in the Airbus disaster and the earlier one whether the pilot crashed the plane into the mountains, is that voice recordings and results from the respective blackboxes were available days after they were retrieved.

So, what did the blackbox of MH17 says … after so many months?

Smurf, if Russia or Putin for that matter is clean, he shouldn’t VETO to block MH17 tribunal for an investigation.

What did the blackbox of MH17 says? That’s why we need an international tribunal to establish the truth, no?

Normally during war, tbe country will close the air space, airlines will not fly in.

In case of MH17, Ukraine kept the air space open.
MAS flew into it.
KLM was the code share partner.

3 days before, intelligence officials and government officials briefed Western leaders on the MINIMUM safe height to cruise.

On day of incident the missile was brought in.

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