China Joining Russia In Syrian-Terrorist War – A World War 3 In The Making?

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Oct 09 2015
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Russian military activity in Syria is escalating, and Vladimir Putin was having fun watching the havoc done to US-backed rebels while his boys showing off their military toys, not to mention testing NATO’s capability and response time. When Russia deliberately sent an SU-30 fighter aircraft into Turkish airspace along the border with Syria, all hell breaks loose.

Syrian-Terrorist War - Russian Sukhoi Su-30

Syrian-Terrorist War - Russian Sukhoi Su-30 - Firing Missiles

United States and NATO immediately condemns the intrusion. Russia conveniently brushed it off as a mistake and blames the “bad weather”. Turkey also claims another unidentified fighter jet, presumably Syrian’s MIG-29, had locked its radar on to 8 of its F-16 jets on Monday – for 5-minutes.


Putin has also sent the country’s most elite special forces team into the war zone. And there’re reports that China was planning on joining Russia in the fight against ISIS. China has shown solidarity with Syria, joining Russia in vetoeing UN proposals against Syrian Bashar Assad. But how can China justify it?

China  Shenyang J-15 Jet Fighters Taking Off from Aircraft Carrier

China  Shenyang J-15 Jet Fighters Landing on Aircraft Carrier

Simple – last year, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had sent out a threat to China over the perceived oppression of the Muslim Uighur minority in the state of Xinjiang. Therefore, in the name of national security and the fight against violent extremist ideology, China has been reduced to no choice but to join comrade Russia in the Syrian war.


As a matter of fact, Chinese cruiser has already entered the Mediterranean, followed by its aircraft carrier. Just like how Russia displays its latest gadget such as Sukhoi SU-30, the Chinese couldn’t wait to test its Shenyang J-15 warplanes on aircraft carrier Liaoning-CV-16. After all, China has stakes in Syria’s oil industry – Sinochem’s 50% shares in Syrian oil fields.

China  Shenyang J-15 Jet Fighters

China Aircraft Carrier

Heck, even Israeli PM has already flown in to Moscow, secretly, for a meeting with Putin. It seems Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu realizes America isn’t dependable thus the need to hedge by working with the new real master of Middle-East. It’s a public knowledge that Netanyahu and Obama do not see eye to eye.


The Pentagon has revealed that U.S. warplanes in Syria are forced to change their course to avoid a collision with Russian warplanes. Even U.S. predator drones such as MQ-1 have to make ways for Russian fighter jets which had deliberately flown very close to the drones so that their presence can be seen and felt by the Pentagon.

US MQ-1 Predator Drone

Syrian-Terrorist War - Russian Military Intimidate ISIS and CIA

Besides hundreds of Russian marines, Russia has also deployed four BM-30 Smerch rocket launchers capable of firing cluster munitions, mines as well as high explosive warheads to Syria. Military analysts believe the Russians are forming a “protective belt” around Latakia, to protect President Bashar Assad.


But what raises eyebrows and send shivers down U.S. and NATO’s spines are the revelation of Putin’s latest weapons which were mostly unknown to the outside world until now – the high-tech missiles Pentagon calls SS-N-30s. Launched from Russia’s Caspian Sea fleet on Wednesday, the sophisticated cruise missile strike against Syrian rebels from nearly 1,000 miles (1,609km) away.

Syrian-Terrorist War - Russian Cruise Missile Kaliber

The newly discovered missile, which the Russians called “Kaliber”, is something similar to U.S. popular Tomahawk. Russian Defence Minister claims their ships have launched 26 such cruise missiles so far, destroying 11 targets and killing zero civilians. But in a latest CNN report, at least four missiles crashed into Iran, to which the Russian has denied, calling it part of the West’s “psychological warfare.”


But even if it was true that the cruise missile “Kaliber” had malfunctioned and strayed from its actual coast, it’s to be expected because the Russian Navy was still in the middle of testing its latest firepower. After all, an American AC-130 gunship had just mistakenly bombed a field hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, killing nearly 2-dozen doctors and patients.

Syrian-Terrorist War - Russian Cruise Missile Kaliber Crashed into Iran

Russia’s week-old military intervention in Syria has seen more than 100 airstrikes against the Islamic State and U.S.-backed rebel forces opposed to Bashar Assad. The U.S. claims only 10% hit the ISIS while 90% hit the rebel forces (largely sponsored by CIA). But to the Russian, anything or anyone not aligned to Bashar are regarded as terrorists, period.


Prior to “Kaliber”, only U.S. and Britain have boasted about their Tomahawks capability. Now Russia has joined that exclusive club of global military powers, Pentagon should have everything to worry. That’s because while the U.S. and UK require large warships – at least 500 feet long – to carry Tomahawk, Russian warships carrying Kaliber are much smaller – 200 to 300 feet only.

Syrian War - Russian Cruise Missiles from Flagships

It’s worthwhile to note that the Russian’s Kaliber can be equipped with both nuclear and conventional warheads and could reach a distance of 1,550 miles (2,500-km) away. It’s not that hard to see how the war against the terrorists could easily escalate to a bigger war should Turkey, for example, is targeted by a “malfunction” Kaliber due to “bad weather”.

Syrian-Terrorist War - Russian vs West Forces


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Well, ISIS control large territory in Iraq and Syria with significant oil production. I have theory that they flooded the oil that they get from their controlled territory in the black market, that’s why oil price crash… and US is protecting them because they need ISIS to destablise the oil price so that they can sabotage RUssia economy. Well, Russia cannot tahan anymore la, so that’s why they start bomb ISIS in Syria. Don’t you notice that once Russia started their campaign, oil price suddenly jump?

true, black market oil can affect prices …

however, the price plunges were significantly affected by US where its domestic production has nearly doubled over the last 6-years …

this causes countries such as Saudi, Nigerian, Canadian and Algerian competing for Asian markets including China … Saudi even gave discounts!!

to worsen the situation, economies of Europe have been slowing for years …

of course, oil prices is super sensitive so Russia’s entry into the war zone spikes the prices …

one has to remember that Russia didn’t simply enter the war just because Putin suddenly woke up one morning and says “let’s bomb the fucking ISIS” …

it was Obama who literally “invited” Putin to clean up the mess that U.S. couldn’t fix even after 7,000 strikes on ISIS …

of course, there could be hidden military agenda why the U.S. endorsed Russian’s participation …

“China Joining Russia In Syrian-Terrorist War – A World War 3 In The Making?”

Yes, it could develop into WW3…

“it was Obama who literally “invited” Putin to clean up the mess that U.S. couldn’t fix even after 7,000 strikes on ISIS

“of course, there could be hidden military agenda why the U.S. endorsed Russian’s participation…”

Hillary Clinton ADMITS The CIA Started & Funded Al Qaeda – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJLR1LhxiN0

Pentagon funding bill on Obama’s desk: $600 mln to Syrian rebels, $300 mln to Kiev – http://www.rt.com/usa/318054-ndaa-syria-isis-ukraine/

Russia Inflicts More Damage on ISIS in 1 Day than the US Did in 1 Year – http://russia-insider.com/en/military/russia-inflicts-more-damage-isis-1-day-us-did-1-year/ri10165

Russian Missiles Crash Into Iran – Did West Jam Them? – http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2015/10/urgent-russian-missiles-crash-into-iran-did-west-jam-them-3225880.html

“…But the real reason Russia stands against the posturing of American de facto exceptionalism is that it sincerely believes it leaves nothing but a mess behind.

The worry is not that America is taking over the world (anyone who looks at Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Syria understands that American intervention doesn’t result in any immediate and positive American interests), even if Russia thinks America might want to take over the world, fantasy-style. No.

The problem is that America never truly actively commits, but rather ‘half-commits’ to its interests. This is what results in the chaos.

Russia entering Syria and actively conducting air raids on various DAESH and rebel positions is simply Putin saying ‘THIS is our priority and so we will act. Because we have the power to do so and therefore it is our right.”

It believes this same right was acted upon by America with all of its adventures overseas. What’s good for the American goose will always be seen as also just fine for the Russian gander.

At the very least, there is something refreshing about a country stating where it stands and then acting exactly in accordance with that position, rightly or wrongly. And anyone who knows Russia and Russian history, this aspect, of charging forward whether it is undeniably proper and correct or irrefutably brash and impatient, is wonderfully consistent of the Russian foreign policy character…”

Putin: Cleaning Up an American Mess in Syria –

You be the judge.

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