Are These The Reasons Why You Don’t Want Kids?

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Mar 05 2015
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While kids can definitely be pretty adorable at times, there are other instances when children can be downright dreadful. Could this be one of the reasons why families are seeing a decline in number of kids, as compared to their previous generation? Sure, it’s technology world now, not the ancient agrarian society that required battalions of kids to maintain crops and farmland.


Family planning is essential due to financial constraints and the needs to have better quality of life. But could there be another reason why family planning is important? Perhaps it has to do with the kids we produce nowadays – they are smarter and extremely brilliant at throwing tantrum, and the way they misbehave can be amazingly epic. After the life of “Rich Kids”, the “Worst Kids” are making its round on Instagram. Let’s see their performance.


{ 1 }  This kid may be the real Peter Parker, but bathtime is going to be fun tonight.

Kids Are The Worst - Spiderman on Body


{ 2 }  Wake up to a happy and sunny morning, with this sticky mess.

Kids Are The Worst - Licking Juice Spilt on Table


{ 3 }  Solved – the mystery why your pets and kids are such a close buddies.

Kids Are The Worst - Sharing Flakes on Floor with Dogs



{ 4 }  After spending half your fortune and time on them, middle finger is what you get

Kids Are The Worst - Giving Middle FingerKids Are The Worst - Giving Middle Finger


{ 5 }  As parents, aren’t you proud to have such a grocery shopping drag?

Kids Are The Worst - Dragging on Trolley


{ 6 }  Sliding shit on the way, or rather on the floor.

Kids Are The Worst - Slide Shit


{ 7 }  Kids can be absolutely curious with your mascara, if you don’t keep them safe.

Kids Are The Worst - Mommy Mascara


{ 8 }  Don’t scold me, I’m just trying to express myself, creatively.

Kids Are The Worst - Wall Drawing


{ 9 }  This might be where your slippers end up, the next time you couldn’t find it.

Kids Are The Worst - Slipper in Toilet


{ 10 }  Relax, your kid just did you a great favour by putting your shitty novel where it belongs.

Kids Are The Worst - Book in Toilet


{ 11 }  Another moment to be proud of your kid. She just discovered how to use scissor.

Kids Are The Worst - Use Scissor Cut Open Pillow


{ 12 }  Let me finish my juice, then tell me why on earth you’re so upset.

Kids Are The Worst - Drink Juice After Drawn on Sofa


{ 13 }  We really hope your mansion is fully covered, including the expensive carpet.

Kids Are The Worst - Dirty Feat


{ 14 }  Don’t worry, be happy. Your kid is the future Nigella Lawson.

Kids Are The Worst - Hands Dirty with Chocolate


{ 15 }  I bet mommy and daddy would be super proud with my latest design.

Kids Are The Worst - Sleeps After Drawing Bed Sheet


{ 16 }  Consider this your luckiest day – kid throwing tantrum in public toilet.

Kids Are The Worst - Tantrum in Public Toilet


{ 17 }  As much as you like your kids to be independent, there’s a price you need to pay.

Kids Are The Worst - Drinks Milk with Spilt Milk on Floor


{ 18 }  An example of smart kids – helping with the dishes.

Kids Are The Worst - Sitting inside Drawer


{ 19 }  Okay, this time who’s turn to own up?

Kids Are The Worst - With Dog After Damage Sofa


{ 20 }  Another reason not to wash your car so frequently.

Kids Are The Worst - Mud on Car


{ 21 }  FIFA World Cup – can you guess which country these flags belong to?

Kids Are The Worst - Drawing on Faces


{ 22 }  We’re pretty sure Google should recruit this genius kid, for their upcoming doodles.

Kids Are The Worst - Drawing inside Toilet


{ 23 }  Just checking, to see if the baby is due.

Kids Are The Worst - Checking out Pregnant Model


{ 24 }  Reason why you should get a baby boy – they’re good at helping plants to grow.

Kids Are The Worst - Urinating at Plants


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