Meet “Frozen” Princess Elsa Look-Alike: Anna Carlson

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Jun 15 2014
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Frozen, the 2013 3D computer animated musical fantasy-comedy film produced by Walt Disney was a commercial success. It made over US$1.2 billion worldwide, with more than US$400 came from United States and Canada alone. It ranks as the highest-grossing animated film of all time, the fifth highest-grossing film of all time, and the highest-grossing film of 2013.


Now, it seems “Frozen” character Elsa, princess of Arendelle, who possesses cryokinetic powers, with which she is able to produce ice, frost, and snow at will, has found her look-alike – in real human being. Meet 18-year-old Anna Faith Carlson, who became an Instagram sensation by posting a photo of herself standing next to an Elsa cut-out. Her instagram went wild.

Anna Faith Carlson's resemblance to Queen Elsa - Frozen Movie - 2 Anna Faith Carlson's resemblance to Queen Elsa - Frozen Movie

It all started when she went for the “Frozen” movie at Altamonte Mall in Altamonte Springs. Encouraged by her mom, sister and best friend, took the “photo” in front of the cut-out of Queen Elsa. Interestingly, Carlson has been performing since she was in second-grade, but only after people caught on to her resemblance to Elsa that she now dresses up as the “Frozen” princess and performs at schools.


Amazingly, her own real-life sister Lexie also resembles Frozen’s Elsa’s sister, Princess Anna. For now, both sisters Anna and Lexie performs for free. But it won’t be long before Anna starts charging, and make her fortune on the silver screen, if her plans to get the main role in “Once Upon A Time” succeed.

Anna Faith Carlson's resemblance to Queen Elsa and real-life sister Lexie - Frozen MovieAnna Faith Carlson's resemblance to Queen Elsa and real-life sister Lexie - Frozen Movie - 2

That’s right, the pretty and sexy girl who just graduated high school has set her dream to be to audition for a new movie to play Elsa on the ABC show that brings fairy tales to life. But she won’t have an easy sail even though she has the looks and abilities to charm (or rather terrify) children.


From Daytona Beach, the Florida beauty has to compete with actors and actresses who have starred on TV series and in movies before, in this case, favourites such as Kristen Bell, who voiced Anna in “Frozen”. Furthermore, “Once Upon a Time” is reportedly looking for an actress in her late-20s or early-30s – Carlson is too young for the job.

Anna Faith Carlson - InstagramAnna Faith Carlson - Instagram 2

Faith has been involved with singing and musical theatre her whole life, but it wasn’t until she graduated high school that the Daytona Beach teen started to pursue modelling. Her mother, Karen, who managed her daughter admitted had contacted ABC TV but so far nothing strikes. Karen also claims her daughter receives about 150 comments or emails every day from fans.


Nevertheless, Anna Faith Carlson is young so even if she couldn’t get the role in “Once Upon a Time”, she has the luxury of time to slowly climb the ladder to Hollywood. She may want to consider continue her present role in bringing cheers to children who couldn’t afford to go to Disney, not to mention working on fundraising event for unfortunate children. She’ll make her money soon.

Anna Faith Carlson's resemblance to Queen Elsa - Frozen Movie - 3Anna Faith Carlson - Bikini

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