Here’re Top-48 Science Discoveries In 2014 That You May Have Missed

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Jan 04 2015
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As we slowly start our journey into the year 2015, we couldn’t help but wonder if we have make any significant scientific discoveries last year. Like it or not, before the discoveries of internet, cell phones and later smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course, selfie, we used to be proud homo sapiens in the area of science. Mind you, we’re not talking about mobile technology or apps that have created some billionaires such as Alibaba Jack Ma.

Star Trek Teleport

Essentially, we’re talking about biology, space, medical, astrophysics, chemistry, genetics, neuroscience, physics. That’s the basic science fundamental which we all learned at school at certain point of time. For example, while you were busy facebooking about bad boy Justin Bieber last year, somebody had discovered a new chemical compound – element 117 – known as Ununseptium, with atoms weighing 40% more than an atom of lead.


Scientists in the Netherlands had successfully used diamonds to achieve reliable quantum teleportation for first time with a replication rate of 100%. No, not beaming humans aboard the USS Enterprise, but the teleportation of data. Scientists also have managed to turn human skin cells capable of attacking diseased or cancerous cells. Here’re top-48 awesome science discoveries in 2014 – four each for every month – compiled by Alex Klokus.

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Can the Universities in our country announced the research being conducted by its student and faculty members. Completed, failed or in process.
What great or important discoveries should also be announced. Is there an academy of science in Malaysia?

We believe Malaysian Universities and Scientists have their own research … But if you ask them, for some weird reasons, it will always be in “PROGRESS” or “PENDING FUND” … 😛

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