Here’re Dumbest & Silliest Tweets About Ebola Money Can Buy

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Oct 15 2014
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Ebola is as deadly as the most accepted theory that a giant asteroid crashed into Earth and wiped out dinosaurs. Although it’s very unlikely that mankind would become extinct this century due to Ebola, thousands and perhaps tens of thousands more people will have to die before it can be contained – if those pharmaceuticals see fit the time to release drug or vaccine to cure the people.

Ebola Virus - People Dies Outside of West Africa

As of now, there is no cure for Ebola, at least this is what the authorities and drug makers are telling everybody. The geniuses are still working on it. Of course, many believe they deliberately dragging their feet on the solution because there was no commercial (or rather profit) justification for it. The only way for the vaccine to be developed and made available is when more and more people in U.S., UK and western countries die from Ebola.


The World Health Organization (WHO) made the announcement at a news conference in Geneva, that there could be up to 10,000 new cases of the virus every week within two months. WHO also reveals a total of 4,447 people have died from Ebola this year, while 8,914 have been sickened. As usual, the actual number of Ebola victims is much bigger than the official figure. Scarily, there were rumours that those ISIL jihadists purposely infecting themselves before travel to western countries in order to infect more people.

Ebola Virus - Symtoms And Preventive

WHO has also drop a bombshell –  the death rate in the current outbreak has risen to 70% from earlier estimate of 50%. This means if you’ve infected, your chance of surviving is only at 30%, with the remaining 70% chance of meeting Steve Jobs and complain to him about his BendGate iPhone 6 (*grin*). For now, the Ebola virus spread by contact with bodily fluids like blood, vomit and diarrhea. But there is always a chance that the virus could evolve and spread through airborne.


Yesterday, Singapore Ministry of Health has decided on additional precautions. With effect from noon on Oct 15, nationals and travellers from countries with reported Ebola Virus Disease activity (such as Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Senegal and the Democratic Republic of Congo) will be screened for temperature and exposure to Ebola through a questionnaire at Changi Airport arrival halls.

Ebola Virus

While Ebola viruses are happy spreading, do does tweets about the deadly disease. However, judging by the tweets, especially by the youngsters, many seem to be clueless or ignorant about Ebola. Here’re some of the dumbest tweets about Ebola that money can buy.



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