Here’re 22 Product Packaging Fails That Are Too Hilarious

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Oct 15 2014
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You have a great product that could potentially brings in tons of money. Without a good marketing team to introduce it to the market, your product can’t go far. But a good marketing strategy will not work if the product packaging sucks. Companies are spending billions of dollars conducting research on colour schemes, designs and various product packaging to ensure their products could reach and appeal to its intended consumers.


Most importantly, packaging can also differentiate one brand from another brand of a similar product. Basically, product packaging consists of company names, logos, colour scheme of the company, contents of the product (especially in food and beverages) and others. In short, packaging, advertising, marketing plan and product name must be well thought before they’re released to the market.


However, due to translation errors, packaging mislabelling or simply misunderstanding, products’ packaging could be hilarious and disastrous, so much so that heads need to roll. Sometimes silly errors could cause unlimited damage to a company’s reputation to the tune of billions of dollars. Let’s take a look at some of the failed packaging that are both hilarious and disastrous.


{ 1 }  Perhaps ISIL could blame this product for causing them raping innocent victims in their adventure establishing an Islamic State.

Product Packaging Fails - Rape Product

{ 2 }  We wonder how this Pee Cola, bottled in Ghana, tastes – Yuck!!!

Product Packaging Fails - Pee Cola

{ 3 }  We’re not sure if there are really exactly six faggots in the gravy, but we’re sure the sales must be really pathetic, for obvious reason.

Product Packaging Fails - Six Faggots in Gravy

{ 4 }  Pet Sweat mineral water? Must be more expensive than Perrier or Evian. Those rich kids from Beverly Hills and Tehran should import this in droves.

Product Packaging Fails - Pet Sweat Mineral Water

{ 5 }  Well, at least they didn’t label it “Finger David” or “Finger Putin”, so the sales must be pretty good.

Product Packaging Fails - Finger Marie

{ 6 }  Vegetarian Swallow Balls? Make sure you have insurance coverage and those balls actually melt in mouth before you try that stunt.

Product Packaging Fails - Vegetarian Swallow Balls

{ 7 }  Cock Macaroni – obviously it would be better if they can’t differentiate between the daddy and mommy, and simply calls it – Chicken Macaroni.

Product Packaging Fails - Cock Macaroni

{ 8 }  Perhaps this beverage was made from various health components extracted from urine – yummy hot drink.

Product Packaging Fails - Urinal Drink


{ 9 }  No wonder the camel’s grinning from ear to ear, and it’s gluten free. Who would thought that camel balls could be made bubble gum – simply genius. Damn you lucky camels.

Product Packaging Fails - Camel Balls Bubble Gum


{ 10 }  Yippee, a new design of hot dog bread? Wait a minute, since when hot dog is round in shape?

Product Packaging Fails - Hot Dog Bun

{ 11 }  Sure, that’s strawberries “mutant” version – transformed to grapes, just like transformers.

Product Packaging Fails - Strawberry Grapes


{ 12 }  Since when Tarantula and Cockroach team up as Spider-man and Cockroach-man?

Product Packaging Fails - Tarantula Cockroach

{ 13 }  Homo Sausage made in Nippon, the latest invention from Japan.

Product Packaging Fails - Homo Sausage

{ 14 }  Does anyone know how grandma tastes like? If you don’t, remember to buy this homemade jam.

Product Packaging Fails - Homemade Jam Tastes like Grandma

{ 15 }  Mega-What? While we do love potato chips, we don’t think we’re ready for this.

Product Packaging Fails - Potato Chips Megapussi

{ 16 }  Another mutant product – Watermelon Corn – great name for the next Hollywood Blockbuster movie.

Product Packaging Fails - Watermelon Corn

{ 17 }  What a great combination of snacks – Harbin beer and “Only Puke” – delicious huh?

Product Packaging Fails - Only Puke

{ 18 }  Soup for Sluts – the next time you see women buy this, you hit the jackpot. So set up a camp near this product (only if you’re a guy).

Product Packaging Fails - Soup for Sluts

{ 19 }  Damn, this drink is so racist that the United States should send their latest jet fighters to bomb the heck out of it.

Product Packaging Fails - Jew's Ear Juice

{ 20 }  Rice with herpes? Really, rice with herpes?

Product Packaging Fails - Rice with Herpes

{ 21 }  First, they sell contaminated milk powder. Then they use gutter oil. Next, they made opium-laced noodle. And now, they produce child shredded meat? It’s time for democracy (*grin*).

Product Packaging Fails - Child Shredded Meat

{ 22 }  Sure, a musical instrument. Bet it’ll be fun pointing it at cash counters.

Product Packaging Fails - Musical Instrument as Gun


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