After 8-Days Investing GOOG – Take Profit Today

My limit-order to close position on Google (Nasdaq : GOOG, quote) was triggered today after failed yesterday to execute it at my preferred price. The reason I entered the limit-order was due to my analysis of resistance $ 475 after opened the position on 21-Dec-2006 when the price hit the support at [...]

IronPort Should Fit Into Cisco Stable Well

Cisco announced a definitive agreement to acquire privately held IronPort System, a leading email and Web security company, for $830 million. IronPort, whose customers include Cisco and 38 of the top 100 companies in the US, provides a full suite of industry-leading messaging security applications f [...]

Fernandes To Fly LongHaul With FlyAsianXpress

The Government of Malaysia has given approval to FlyAsianXpress (FAX), a domestic airline controlled by the major owners of low-cost carrier AirAsia Bhd, to run a long-haul budget service to Asia, Australia and Europe - Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy said today, 4-Jan-2007, according t [...]

Does Fernandes Has Silver Bullet For AirAsia?

EasyJet (LON : EZJ) and Virgin Group have denied the report of a teaming with AirAsia (KLSE : AIRASIA, stock-code 5099) today, according to Reuters. "We are not joining any alliance," EasyJet spokesman Toby Nicol said. "The whole low-cost airline business model is based on simplicity," he added, not [...]

Global Payments Should Beat Earning Again

Global Payments Inc. (NYSE : GPN, quote), a leader in payment processing services will release its' earning this Friday, 5-Jan-2007 BMO (before market open). Global Payments has beaten Wall Street earning estimate for the last 17 quarters continuously. Financially, Global Payments recorded $944 mill [...]

Tech Giants Boosting Real-Estate Value

In 1954, a 52-year-old milk-shake machine salesman saw a hamburger stand in San Bernardino, California and envisioned immediately a massive new industry: fast food. Raymond Kroc, the founder of McDonald's Corporation (NYSE : MCD, quote) revolutionized the American restaurant industry by re-create a [...]

Cheaper Way To Send Money Back Home

If you are an immigrant, chances are you are paying huge fees in the process of wire-transfer your hard-earned money back to your home country. In the worldwide remittance industry worth about $ 268 billion, the major player is none other than Western Union which made almost $ 1 billion on sales. It [...]

Globalization Of Low-Cost Air Giant?

Running into the New-Year-Eve, three of the world’s main low-cost airline share their dreams and initiative to start a long-haul budget airline company based in Malaysia that will offer airfares as low as RM100 for flights between China and Malaysia. "The government and the carriers concerned are [...]

FinanceTwitter Wishing All Readers A Happy 2007 New Year

It's those time of the year again, the time when everyone is looking forward to another new year hoping for the better (than the previous year - I mean this year, 2006). It's human nature to hope, pray and hope again that everything will start afresh with - a healthier life, better fortune, greater [...]

Bloggers Bribed By Microsoft With Free Ferrari?

Blogging communities are buzzing with news that Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq : MSFT) together with Advanced Micro Devices Inc (NYSE : AMD) gave out some Acer Incorporated (TPE : 2353) laptops (Ferrari 1000 and 5000 series) to selected bloggers this year just before Christmas. Some called it early C [...]


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