Oh My “Datuk” – The Title Awards That Make Politicians Arrogant, Corrupt And Dumb

Among the four component parties of the new Pakatan Harapan government, it appears only DAP is extremely concerned about the risk of becoming a devil itself. After 61 years of fighting the evil Barisan Nasional (BN) government, the Democratic Action Party (DAP) realises that its May 9th victory at o [...]

The 7-Minute Gruesome Murder – Trump Claims “No Financial Interests”, Offers Lame Excuse To Protect Saudi

Jamal Khashoggi had probably died a horrible death. According to a Turkish source who has listened in full to an audio recording of the Saudi journalist's last moment, Khashoggi was dragged from the Consul General’s office at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Revealed by Middle East Eye portal, ho [...]

China Refuses To Return Fugitive Jho Low, So Mahathir Refused To Return Uighur Muslims

China has always wanted a corrupt leader such as Najib Razak to lead Malaysia for obvious reason. A crook such as ex-premier Najib could easily be bribed, controlled and manipulated. Likewise, neighbouring Singapore also loved Najib, so much so that its founding father Lee Kuan Yew took the trouble [...]

Why You Should Always Hire a Business Broker When Selling ECommerce Businesses

Building an ecommerce business can be a rush, but there are more challenges to overcome and more businesses to build. If you want to go on to your next opportunity, you may need capital to get started. Since you own a business, why not make money from the sale of your business to get the capital you [...]

Make Your Money Management Plans Perfect

In every kind of business, you’ll need to make solid plans for management. The trading business is also no different than others. In fact, here, you will need to make more plans and strategies to run your business. Because it is a game of mind and you will have to think a pot for this business. Yo [...]

Saudi Threatens To Weaponise Oil If The West Dares To Punish It Over Murder Of Khashoggi

Had journalist Jamal Khashoggi been an ordinary Saudi critic, very few would care about his disappearance. After all, U.S. President Trump has publicly made it know his anti-Muslim stance even before his 2016 Presidential Election. Donald Trump has also made it know that he doesn't really care about [...]

Shooting Own Foot!! – Prime-Minister-In-Waiting Anwar With “Heavenly King” Gangster At Dinner Table

There ain't such thing as a free lunch, let alone a free dinner. But prime-minister-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim refuses to listen to the Election Commission, let alone a NGO such as Bersih 2.0. Instead, Mr. Anwar had whacked and threatened both not to go overboard in shackling him, arguing there was no [...]

Dow Crashes 832!! – “Geopolitical Recession” Is Here & U.S. World Order Is Ending Under Trump

Overnight Dow Jones futures indicated that the Dow will open Thursday market down by 377.74 points. That means the stock markets around the world will continue to plunge after the DJIA closed 831.83 lower on Wednesday. That's the third biggest stock market plunges this year, after February 5 (1,175- [...]

Replenish Coffers – Launch Corruption Crackdown On All BN Corrupt Politicians, Not New Taxes

The honeymoon is over and the reality is about to kick in. Malaysia is still in deep shit after 61 years under previous corrupt Barisan Nasional (BN) government. And thanks to ex-premier Najib Razak, the country has accumulated RM1 trillion of debts. That debt holes, unfortunately, needs to be fille [...]

Greedy Telcos Continue To Hoodwink Government & Consumers On Lower Internet Prices

The local telecommunication companies appear to be upset with the new government's noble plan to provide more affordable entry-level plans for Internet access. For as long as one can remember, the greedy telcos have been milking consumers with pathetic packages - highest price for lowest speed possi [...]


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