The Cell Phones Cause “Cancer” Is Here Again, But Do You Care?

For as long as humankind can remember the debate about whether the cell phone could cause cancer or anything related to radiation never ends. Since mid-1990s, when the Nokia cell phone rules the world in a huge wave, consumers have been concerned about the prospect of health problem due to exposure from using the gadget. […]

... written on Aug 01 2015

NASA Finds Earth 2.0 – An $800 Million Mission Which Challenges God’s Existence?

On Thursday, NASA announced the spectacular discovery of Kepler-452b, an exoplanet that’s a “close cousin” to Earth. It’s called “exoplanet” because it orbits a star outside the solar system that we’ve known, namely the Sun. So, this Earth 2.0 revolves around its own Sun 2.0, literally speaking.   In other words, if Darth Vader and […]

... written on Jul 24 2015

More Proof That Money Buys Happiness

Money is the root of all evil. Money cannot buy happiness. There’re 1,001 things money can’t buy. The list goes on (*yawn*). This may be boring and so yesterday, but people who agree with such statements are those who actually don’t have money or have too much money. To say bad things about money is […]

... written on Jun 24 2015

Great News!! – Eating 2 Chocolate Bars “A Day” Keeps The Heart Attack Away

Chocolate can reverse memory loss, as revealed recently. If this was not enough to convince you to start eating chocolate, here is another reason to flirt with it. Chocolate lovers should immediately share this information with their partner, or whoever that has stopped them from eating that piece of gorgeous, delicious, sweet thing called chocolate.   […]

... written on Jun 16 2015

KFC Chickens With Six Wings & Eight Legs, Anyone?

As early as end of last year, scientists in Canada had offered explanation for why today’s broiler chickens are so humongous. The best persons to ask are your grandma and grandpa. Ask them if they notice any difference in terms of size the chickens they consumed fifty years ago and now.   For the sake […]

... written on Jun 01 2015

WTF!! – You Can Now Have “Fireplace” For Your Private Jets

Are you a proud private jet owner who have lots of cash to burn? If yes, does your private jet have private bed or jacuzzi? We bet your jet don’t have a “fireplace”. Yeap, we’re pretty sure your jet don’t have one, even though if you’re the President of the United States flying on Air […]

... written on May 21 2015

Awesome Backyard Inventions From China That ROCK!!!

When one thinks of America, one thinks of dream – American Dream – where the country’s freedom guarantees everyone opportunity for success and unlimited prosperity. That’s another way to say you can make lots of money. And that’s possible because the “Declaration of Independence”, which proclaims that “all men are created equal” with the right […]

... written on May 04 2015

WTF – PayPal Wants You To Inject / Eat Your Username & Password

Frustrated with lazy people still using “123456”, “abc123” or simply “password” as their authentication for internet access, PayPal has dropped a bombshell. If you don’t behave and improve your password, they would have little choice but to inject you with your username and force you to eat your password (*grin*), literally speaking. Like it or […]

... written on Apr 21 2015

A Message From Levi’s Boss Who Never Wash His Jeans

Levi’s® committed to making quality jeans that should last longer “than most peoples’ waist lines,” – a bold claim made by Levi Strauss & Co. CEO, Chip Bergh, some time in May last year. If we’re still in the age of “Cowboy Boots with Levi’s Jeans”, then there’s little question about the infamous jeans durability and […]

... written on Mar 20 2015

Are These The Reasons Why You Don’t Want Kids?

While kids can definitely be pretty adorable at times, there are other instances when children can be downright dreadful. Could this be one of the reasons why families are seeing a decline in number of kids, as compared to their previous generation? Sure, it’s technology world now, not the ancient agrarian society that required battalions of kids […]

... written on Mar 05 2015

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