Great News!! – Eating 2 Chocolate Bars “A Day” Keeps The Heart Attack Away

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Jun 16 2015
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Chocolate can reverse memory loss, as revealed recently. If this was not enough to convince you to start eating chocolate, here is another reason to flirt with it. Chocolate lovers should immediately share this information with their partner, or whoever that has stopped them from eating that piece of gorgeous, delicious, sweet thing called chocolate.


Okay, previously there was a fake “study” that claimed chocolate could lead to weight loss. So, this new finding is not about getting hour-glass body shape, something which women would sacrifice anything to achieve. This new study released by “Heart” journal has a credential based on experiences of 21,000 Briton adults.

Chocolate Keep Heart Attack Away - University of Aberdeen

Researchers from the University of Aberdeen discovered that participants who ate up to 100-gram of chocolate per day – roughly two Hershey’s bars – had an 11% lower risk of cardiovascular disease and a 25% lower risk of associated death compared to participants who didn’t eat chocolate.


But (*yawn*) this is not surprising at all, because such studies had been done previously, no? Well, while it’s a well known fact that eating the delicious dark chocolate would somehow improve heart health, there’s no indication how much should a person eat. This report published the amount of consumption and their statistical results.

Heart Attack - Calling 911 For Chocolate

Besides monitoring the 9,200 men and 11,700 women involved in the study conducted in Norwich for 12 years, the scientists also studied the findings of nine other similar studies – a so-called meta-analysis reflecting the outcomes of 159,809 participants, with the purpose of backing up their results.


As expected, the meta-analysis found that heavy chocolate consumers were 25% less likely to suffer a wide range of cardiovascular ills and 45% less likely to die of those ills. However, the study may not be full proof because the researchers still aren’t sure if it was the chocolate or something else that comes with a chocolate-eating life.

Chocolate - Chemical Secrets - Substances

Apparently, the findings were largely based on questionnaires, so it’s possible that participants didn’t accurately report what they’d eaten. In addition, most of the participants who ate the most chocolate were young adults who were already at low risk for heart disease. So, does this apply to elder people?


Chocolate lovers can tell you that there’re hundreds of types of chocolate in the market. Hence the grades and hence the cocoa content used to make that piece of chocolate could yield different results, which wasn’t emphasized in the study. Most of the participants consumed milk chocolate, which contains low levels of flovonoids in cocoa.

Woman Eating A Huge Bar of Chocolate

Nonetheless, there’s one thing for sure. Eating chocolate is healthy, but it could hurt your pocket if the demand skyrockets resulting in soaring prices of cocoa. Already, the rich Chinese are eating chocolate as if they’re taking their daily meal.


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Switzerland’s population consumed around 87,000 tonnes of chocolate. No obese problems.

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