WTF!! – You Can Now Have “Fireplace” For Your Private Jets

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May 21 2015
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Are you a proud private jet owner who have lots of cash to burn? If yes, does your private jet have private bed or jacuzzi? We bet your jet don’t have a “fireplace”. Yeap, we’re pretty sure your jet don’t have one, even though if you’re the President of the United States flying on Air Force One, for the simple fact that an open fireplace is not allowed on board an aircraft, due to safety reason.

Fireplace For Private Jets - Gulfstream Private Jets

Fortunately, Lufthansa Technik – the aircraft services division of the German airline – has created a “Fireless Fireplace” to make business jets feel as cozy as a living room on the ground. Technically, it’s not a real fireplace, so nope – you can’t roast chicken or grill beef satay on board your US$55 million Gulfstream VIP jet or even Boeing 747-8 VIP.


This “fireless fireplace” simulates those warming flames by gently spraying illuminated water mist over an illuminated imitation of burning wood, creating what Lufthansa calls a “very realistic 3-D impression of a real fire.” The “heat”, sound and the intensity of the flame can be adjusted by a remote control.

Fireplace For Private Jets - Lufthansa Technik

Showcasing its concept at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Geneva, Lufthansa Technik explains that the idea was conceived because many private customers wish to have an interior in the aircraft which is as cozy as their living room at home. The fireplace weighs 66 pounds (30kg), consumes up to 1,300 watts, and meets all relevant regulations.


However, Lufthansa Technik was not the first who came with such idea. Basel-based Jet Aviation designers have hatched the idea of transporting elements found in a home or yacht into the interior of an aircraft. And clearly “fireplace” on board a plane was inspired from the home. Similar to Lufthansa Technik’s “fireless fireplace”, Jet Aviation’s fireplace flames appear life-like, the embers crackle.

Fireplace For Private Jets - Jet Aviation

In actual fact, there’re many crazy “things” that the super rich wants in their private jet. For example, bathtubs and hot tubs. But due to logistics and engineering constraints, it’s not feasible. Others such as in-flight dance floors and even prayer rooms mountable on a turntables so that the room faces Mecca wherever the place is in the world have been delivered. How about virtual snows or beach simulation effects?


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