NASA Finds Earth 2.0 – An $800 Million Mission Which Challenges God’s Existence?

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Jul 24 2015
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On Thursday, NASA announced the spectacular discovery of Kepler-452b, an exoplanet that’s a “close cousin” to Earth. It’s called “exoplanet” because it orbits a star outside the solar system that we’ve known, namely the Sun. So, this Earth 2.0 revolves around its own Sun 2.0, literally speaking.


In other words, if Darth Vader and his brutal minions were to invade Earth today, we can escape to this Kepler planet, if we have the Star Trek spaceship. Through its data collected by Kepler Space Telescope, this is the first confirmation that the newly discovered planet can sustain liquid water. Here is what we know about Earth 2.0 so far:

Kepler-452b Space Telescope

  • It’s about 1,400 light-years from our Earth.
  • It’s about 60% larger than Earth, with twice the gravity power.
  • It orbits its star every 385 days, about 5% longer than our solar year.
  • Its sun is 6 billion years old, as compared to ours 4.5 billion years.
  • The planet has “a better-than-even” chance of being rocky with, likely, very active volcanoes.
  • Its orbit around star Kepler-452 is located in the “perfect zone,” not so close to its star where water vaporizes or too distant where water freezes.
  • Kepler-452 is about the same temperature as the Sun, although it is 20% brighter with a diameter 10% larger.

Earth vs Kepler-452b Earth 2.0 Comparison

Launched more than 6-years ago in 2009, the Kepler mission has cost NASA about US$800 million. But it was money well spent considering the project has already found a whopping 4,175 exoplanets. The discovery is particularly important because Kepler-452b shows what the Earth will become 1.5 billion years from now.


As our Sun ages and grows brighter, hence the heating slowly evaporates any ocean, which could be what will happen to our own planet. Still, it’s still too early to tell if the planet is still hosting life on its surface now. Nevertheless, the discovery of planet Earth 2.0 opens another frontier as far as religions are concerned.

Kepler-452b Discovery - M Stars - K Stars - G Stars

Does “God” or “Gods” exist, should we find evidence of life beyond Earth? Quick, scrambles and finds any writings, or even some words, that talk about life beyond earth. As we come closer to the idea that life is common in the universe, it’s surely interesting and fun to watch religious fanatics forcefully squeeze some links between God and alien life (*grin*).


Heck, even Pope Francis found himself struggling for explanations when come to aliens, and only managed to suggest that Martians, should they come visit us, allowed to be “baptized”. What makes him so sure the aliens would give a damn about this planet’s Holy Spirit? In fact, aliens would probably ROFL at how Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Taoism, and whatnot worship Gods.

Earth vs Kepler-452b - Different Solar Systems

Get real, all the religious holy books are unambiguous about creation – where the Earth is the centre of the universe and only humans were made in the image of God. Humans were made to be superior to other life so that they can rule over animals that live in the sea, fly in the air and those that move along the ground.

Kepler-452b View from Its Star

Were there any mentions about alien worlds in any of the holy books? Obviously there’s none, because the ancients knew nothing about the existence of Kepler-452b, for example. Wait, perhaps such aliens were mentioned in the holy books in the form of “Angels”. That would be the only logical explanation religious fanatics can offer if questions are raised about life beyond Earth.

Kepler-452b Artist View f Rocky Ground

But there’s one thing for sure. Holy books didn’t come to Earth from heaven. They were written by human who interpreted the God’s existence based on his best knowledge, and fantasy at that time. The books surely never mentioned anything about human’s ability to explore and understand the universe.


Will we get to hear from religious experts that God actually knows about life beyond our own solar system, and is actually monitoring every single solar system through a central dashboard running on His iPhone, with Angels being assigned as captains supervising each of exoplanets? Were there different Gods taking care of different planets?


In reality, nobody has seen the God, not a single person. For all you know, the concept of God could be created by some intelligent aliens from Kepler-452b, whom themselves were dying. Or it could be the best invention ever created by some evil ancient human rulers who wanted to control and enslave other humans.

Darth Vader

There’s one religion, if you really can call it a religion in the first place, that does not subscribe to the concept of God though. It’s called “Scientology”, which teaches about extraterrestrial civilizations and alien interventions in earthly events. And it was the “Galactic Confederacy’s” supreme leader Xenu who brought the people to the Earth.


Tom Cruise, a strong “Scientology” believer actually believes we’re merely alien life forms that inhabit human beings. And that’s why the Hollywood superstar has been making tons of alien’s films. Perhaps it’s true that only Tom Cruise can save the world from the aliens when the real invasion starts. Perhaps we were merely snapshot copies of aliens from another galaxy to start a new life in Earth 1.0. Thank God it’s Friday (*grin*)!!


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