Here’s How Lucy The Robot Queues To Buy iPhone 6S In Australia

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Sep 24 2015
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The craze for iPhone is here again. Apple Store is seeing long queues as Apple fans have begun waiting patiently to get the latest iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. The iPhone 6S goes on sale tomorrow and Apple fanatics in the UK are already queuing up for it in London. But in Australia, something really cool happens in Sydney.

Lucy Kelly The Robot Waiting in Queue To Buy iPhone6S - Sydney Australia

An Australian, Lucy Kelly, is currently fourth in line after arrived at 5am outside the Apple Store. But unlike others who brave the cold and sleep on the street, Lucy is not about to miss her comfortable bed and normal life while queuing for her new iPhone. How on earth is that possible? That’s because she sent a robot, also called Lucy, to do her bidding.


Lucy Kelly has, brilliantly, outsourced the job to a “telepresence robot” which has an iPad attached to a Segway-type device that allows a person to be somewhat physically present despite not being there, according to Mashable. Apparently, she couldn’t join the queue for two days because she needs to work.

Lucy Kelly The Robot Waiting in Queue To Buy iPhone6S - Sydney Australia - Zoom In

So, she borrowed one of six of such robots built by her company – media agency Atomic 212 – to do what is believed to be the first time a robot has lined up to purchase an iPhone. She explained that she is constantly connected to the robot through an app that allows her see with the iPad’s camera and communicate with others in the queue using its speakers and microphone.


Clearly, it was a good marketing stunt for Lucy’s company too because people were seen snapping photos with Lucy the robot. The robot has spent one night in a special tent that includes a charger to keep it alive, and shelter from rain. Australia is the first country in the world to get the devices, due to the advantage of time zones.

Lucy Kelly The Robot Waiting in Queue To Buy iPhone6S - Sydney Australia - Fans Snapping Photos

The real Lucy, meanwhile, intends to purchase her iPhone without any human interaction by staying awake on the “iPad screen”. Kelly says there is no jealousy from those diehard fans that have been freezing through the nights. “Everyone thinks it is pretty cool, they were happy to let a robot go ahead” – she said.

Lucy Kelly The Robot Waiting in Queue To Buy iPhone6S - Sydney Australia - With First in Line Lindsay Handmer

Considering the first person in line – Lindsay Handmer – has been camping outside the store for 17-days, it’s no brainer that sending a robot to do the queuing job is not only cost effective because you don’t have to outsource someone to wait on your behalf, it also saves precious time which can otherwise be used to do other productive stuffs.


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