Size Matters – Apple To Introduce New (Bigger) 12.9-Inch iPad for 2015

Apple sold 13.2 million iPads in Q3 2014 but that number is down from the 16.3 million sold Q2 2014, and the 14.6 million sold in Q3 2013. The tablet sales are “crashing”, and analysts have declared the good time for tablet is coming to an end. This could be the strongest reason why Tim Cook partners […]

... written on Aug 27 2014

Flashback To 1994 – 15 Unforgettable Memories About Past Technology

Have you started working in 1994? That was a mere 20-years ago but it was like a gazillion years ago, if you put technology into perspective. It’s always nice to take a look back at how we did things the hard way in order for us to appreciate what we have today. In case you […]

... written on Aug 19 2014

Want Cheap Smartphone? Here’re Two For You – $25 Nokia 130 & $110 Lumia 530

Microsoft is rolling out its super cheap phone for consumers in Asia and Africa in its bid to conquer a different market from Apple and Samsung. Try they have but Microsoft’s acquired Nokia simply couldn’t fight in the premium smartphone segment dominated by Apple and Samsung. Enter Nokia 130, a US$25 (£15, RM80) old school […]

... written on Aug 14 2014

Get Back Those Childhood Memories With Raleigh Chopper 2015 Special Edition

Mention “Raleigh” to youngsters and most probably the first thing that pop-up is bicycle to them. Try again but this time mention “Chopper” and chances are high they would be scratching their head, thinking hard if it could be related to U.S. military Apache helicopter. However, try this on some middle-aged people in their late […]

... written on Aug 14 2014

Casio Reveals Its G-SHOCK SmartWatch – With Song Recognition On Your Wrist

Don’t reinvent the wheel – that’s what Casio believes while others such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi and others are struggling the opposite. While these players thought they should reinvent watches to be smart, veteran watch maker Casio is taking it cool and didn’t bother to join the crazy crowd. Leveraging on its popular G-SHOCK […]

... written on Aug 03 2014

Here’s How Xiaomi Secretly Steal Your Data For Chinese Govt, And How You Can Block It

Since 2009, Samsung Electronics Co has been the most successful smartphone manufacturer in the world. But not anymore. Samsung’s latest financial results for the second quarter 2014 shows the first drop in net profit in three years for the Korean electronics giant. It made a net profit of 6.25 trillion won (US$6.1 billion), down from 7.77 […]

... written on Jul 31 2014

Here’s Proof That Apple Deliberately Slow Down Its Old Models, Before A New Release

This is not a global puzzle that requires a resurrection of Albert Einstein to solve it. Can someone explain why every time after a major iOS upgrade, my iPhone slows down tremendously, so much so that the smartphone seemed to be unresponsive? Apple fanatic fans would laugh at such question and conveniently point to Microsoft […]

... written on Jul 30 2014

This Woman Gives A Bad Name To A Beautiful Religion … And Peugeot

Malaysian drivers are infamous for being rude on the road. Years ago, news about road bullies were reported almost on daily basis. It was so bad that drivers were (secretly) advised to carry some sort of weapon to defend themselves, just in case those road bullies come charging with Rambo knives or Samurai swords. It […]

... written on Jul 16 2014

Take A Peek Inside A SmartWatch. Is LG’s G Watch Worth $229?

Apple is expected to launch the much talked about iWatch this October. The cash-rich company has since hired TAG Heuer sales director Patrick Pruniaux to give a “Swiss made” label to the iWatch. And it has just poached two more engineers from Nike – Ryan Bailey and Jon Gale – to the team. Bailey was […]

... written on Jul 10 2014

Bug-A-Salt – Here’s Your Ultimate Rifle Against The Bugs

Find your ammo in the kitchen, load it into your gun and get ready to hunt the enemy – the bugs. How does that sound to you? Well, insect hunting has just entered the 21st century with this fun, new non-toxic device. Ordinary table salt is utilized as a lethal projectile with accuracy range of within […]

... written on Jul 05 2014

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