UMNO In Self-Destruction – A Result Of 60 Years Of Corruption, Abuse Of Power And Arrogance Of Power

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Apr 02 2021
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It’s now close to a week since UMNO president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi proudly declared that the party will not work with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, Democratic Action Party (DAP) or Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu or PPBM) in the next general election. But despite UMNO’s thunderous decision to sever ties with PM Muhyiddin Yassin’s PPBM, its business as usual.


Java-immigrant Zahid is now trapped – and humiliated – after all the UMNO ministers and deputy ministers refused to obey the motion passed by the party delegates at the UMNO General Assembly 2020 last Sunday. None of the 9 UMNO ministers or 8 deputy ministers have resigned. At best, they pretended there was no such motion. At worst, they have disrespected their own party.


Prime Minister Muhyiddin didn’t have to try very hard to convince the 17 UMNO ministers and deputy ministers remain in the backdoor Perikatan Nasional government. The power-hungry UMNO warlords were more than willing to keep their cushy jobs. Again, under the excuse of fighting Coronavirus and serving the people, all the selfish and corrupt ministers decided to stay.

UMNO General Assembly 2020 - President Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

To be fair to the UMNO Minister Cluster who shamelessly chose enemy PPBM over their own party, the weak and indecisive leadership of Zahid provided the convenient excuse for them not to resign. The UMNO General Assembly agreed to give the party president and supreme council the mandate to determine when the party should withdraw its support for Perikatan Nasional.


Exactly why the UMNO General Assembly could not decide that all UMNO ministers and deputy ministers must resign “immediately” is beyond comprehension. To make matters worse, Zahid, a “jaguh kampung” (village champion), was too afraid to issue an ultimatum to all the UMNO MPs to resign – creating a bigger question mark over when should the ministers resign.


Zahid only said – “Delegates have given me the mandate to withdraw at any time if Perikatan Nasional do not indicate a willingness to call elections soon. If we withdraw based on the party’s decision, the Supreme Council, especially those who are ministers, deputy ministers and GLC chairmen, as well as MPs, will adhere 100% to the directive. They will not hesitate to resign.”


Was the half-baked statement from the UMNO president supposed to spook the cunning backdoor prime minister and his band of traitors? How soon is soon, according to Zahid’s definition? What if Muhyiddin, together with his lieutenants – gay Senior Minister Azmin Ali and Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin – drag the Covid-19 pandemic until 2023 before calling for the 15th General Election?


What the backdoor prime minister needs to do is to just keep quiet and enjoy popcorn while watching Zahid Hamidi and Najib Razak squirm like a worm. It’s not hard to understand why the useless UMNO president was afraid to issue the executive order. He knew very well from the beginning that none of the 17 UMNO ministers and deputy ministers will resign, even if he tells them to do so.


That’s why outspoken UMNO warlord Nazri Aziz has mocked and insulted his own president for lacking leadership. Zahid, well known for his thuggish behaviour, would look like a “paper tiger” if he instructed the UMNO MPs to quit the Cabinet only to be ignored. Worse, it would open the door for his leadership to not only be questioned, but also challenged and eventually overthrown.

Paper Tiger

The 68-year-old corrupt Zahid, whose place of birth was Ponorogo in Java, Indonesia, was not a leadership material to begin with. He was elected as the 8th UMNO President in 2018 largely due to bribes. Yet, despite splashing truckload of money to buy votes, the clown won only 99 electoral votes from 191 UMNO divisions and captured only 42.4% of the popular vote.


Initially afraid to debate with opponents Khairy Jamaluddin and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah on stage during the UMNO presidency campaign, Zahid finally agreed to the debate challenge, but only to do so from his constituency behind the screen. Under his leadership, UMNO saw its MPs leaves in droves, forcing him to go on garden leave in Dec 2018, only to return 6 months later.


While disgraced Najib Razak faced a total of 42 criminal charges related to corruption, money laundering and criminal breach of trust (CBT), the despicable Zahid was slapped with record 87 charges for similar offences during the previous Pakatan Harapan coalition government. It’s highly likely Zahid will be convicted, after his former boss Najib was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

PM Najib and Deputy PM Zahid Wear Crowns

The once mighty and invincible UMNO is running around like a headless chicken, with no clear direction. While its president has issued empty threats to pull UMNO out of the Perikatan Nasional any time, the party adviser Tengku Razaleigh said UMNO MPs should resign immediately. UMNO deputy president Mohamad Hasan, on the other hand, said the party could quit in August.


UMNO leaderships should make up their mind. Should the UMNO MPs, ministers, deputy ministers, GLCs chairman and whatnot resign now or in August or wait for PM Muhyiddin to dissolve the Parliament or wait until 2023? Mr Zahid was so clueless in leading the party that he may lose his job before Mr Muhyiddin has to decide whether to call for a snap election or not.


Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, who came in second with 61 votes in the 2018 UMNO election, is pushing for the party to hold its internal elections this year in order to resolve its internal issues ahead of the next nationwide election Clearly, the UMNO Minister Cluster is preparing to send Zahid into early retirement, even before the verdict of his corruption trials.

Nazri Aziz and Khairy Jamaluddin

Mr Zahid’s corruption, cowardice and lack of leadership are just part of the problem. UMNO today is in self-destruction mode largely because the party warlords are split between Minister Cluster and Court Cluster. And that’s because there is zero loyalty to the party, but only loyalty to power, positions and projects. It’s true that cash is king, the philosophy of former UMNO president Najib Razak.


Unlike opposition parties such as PKR (People’s Justice Party), DAP (Democratic Action Party) and Amanah (National Trust Party), the warlords of UMNO had enjoyed the good life as the ruling party since independence in 1957 – until its stunning defeat in the May 2018 General Election. Corruption, abuse of power and arrogance of power were part and parcel of UMNO leaders for 60 years.


As admitted today by M. Saravanan, deputy president of MIC, a component party of the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition, BN component parties had no experience in facing the general election as an opposition bloc. Yes, when even a running dog like MIC could not face the hardship of running an election campaign as the Opposition, what more a top dog like UMNO.

The fact that minor component parties of BN – MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association) and MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress) – disagreed with UMNO president Zahid Hamidi in cutting political ties with the ruling coalition government speaks volumes about addictions to money, power and positions. Do you really think warlords like Khairy or Hishammuddin Hussein are loyal to UMNO?


When the BN lost its power for the first time in history in May 2018, Khairy, the son-in-law of former Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, was nowhere to be seen. Hishammuddin, the cousin of crooked Najib, was the first to abandon UMNO. Heck, the coward did not even bother to defend his post as vice-president of UMNO, preferring to distance himself from the toxic party instead.


Despite his fake pledge to remain loyal to UMNO for life, the disgraced Hishammuddin immediately began to apple polish then-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. A close buddy of gay and traitor Senior Minister Azmin, it would be a miracle already if Foreign Minister Hishammuddin does not entice UMNO MPs to jump ship to PPBM during the current Civil War within UMNO.

Hishammuddin Hussein with cousin Najib Razak

It’s true that UMNO Ministers are the real cowards who not only sabotaged their own party, but also are throwing a lifeline to Muhyiddin, the same man who had destroyed UMNO in 2018. A political analyst, former Universiti Teknologi Malaysia lecturer Azmi Hassan, has a hilarious justification for UMNO ministers and deputy ministers to remain in the backdoor government.


The lecturer said those UMNO leaders have to stay to “prove their quality”. What type of grass did this UTM genius smoke? What happens to the “60 years of track record” mantra that UMNO used to brag previously? Ministers like Khairy, Hishammuddin, “turtle egg” Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Annuar Musa and Noraini Ahmad are not greenhorns, but experienced (corrupt) politicians.


All the chest-thumping about how great UMNO was is now being put to test. And it has failed spectacularly. UMNO has bred a new crop of leaders who have no principles or ethics. All the screams to defend Malays and Islam are gimmicks meant to scam gullible Malay voters. The 60 years of corruption, abuse of power and arrogance of power has come back to haunt UMNO. Money talks, bullshit walks.

UMNO - A Man Walked Passed Logo


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Your beloved Pakatan Harapan is no better. Never been in government, they squandered the 22 months as the ruling coalition. DAP, PKR and Amanah have been complaining all their lives about what is bad with the country, and when they were asked to put things right, they were absolutely clueless. Instead of running the country, they were absolutely obsessed with making Anwar Ibrahim the prime minister as if he’s some kind of messiah.

Sure! Blame the evil Mahathir for Pakatan Harapan’s failure, that’s what PH and it’s supporters are expert at. It absolves PH from all the screw-ups and the betrayal of the trust of ALL the Malaysian voters who put PH in power in the last GE.

Truth be told, Malaysians dream of change was destroyed by Anwar Ibrahim’s obsession to become prime minister, and the stupidity of Lim Kit Siang, L Guan Eng, Mat Sabu and the PH lot to blindly believe and follow Anwar to push Malaysia off the cliff again.

If PH (minus Anwar) still wishes to redeem itself, there’s still one more chance. That is to ditch Anwar! Look at what’s happening in PKR today. Where are the stalwarts who fought so hard during the last GE? Most of them are no longer at Anwar’s side because they realised Anwar is the problem. PH should join forces with PN again. After all, they were comrade in arms during the last GE to win the hearts of Malaysians.

PN betrayed Anwar? Where was Anwar when PN and PH people were campaigning day and night? He was lying comfortably in his “hospital bed” in prison. How stupid can we all be to throw Malaysia’s future away just to make Anwar Ibrahim the prime minister of Malaysia?

However one looks at UMNO – or any other of our crap garbage political parties, that kris-waving wonder Hishammuddin did brilliant, infinitely better than that Javanese journalist-thumping thug hooligan, or any other UMNO warlords. Or any of our crap garbage opposition arseh*les.

I say so because in spite of what our monkeys saw in what Hishammuddin did recently in China, he did splendid. And he did correct, and absolutely spot-on, first-class.

It is brilliant to use the term “big brother” either for China or for the Chinese FM. Firstly, China is indeed the big brother. China called up the FMs of four countries to come along to China, and they all came. They didn’t say to China you come to us, and that’s because, quite simply, China is the big brother. For these countries, China is the big power in the region (if not the whole world). These countries will do the same for the declining US, and other countries “bigger” than them, Malaysia, its own kampong great power, included.

Secondly, it is also correct to call the Chinese FM a big brother. After all, he’s the personification of a big power. Even if he is younger than Hishammuddin (and he’s not), our kris-waving wonder should still address Wang Yi as a “big brother”. It is very normal in East Asian formality or common courtesy to raise the status of the other person, address him and treat him as of a higher status.

It is not a case of the DAP calling the Malays as “brothers” but only use them to fight with each other – while pretending to be of the non-existent “Malaysian race”

The Chinese took Hishammuddin’s behaviour very nicely, much was made of that. It’s great political capital for both China and its little brother, be that Hishammuddin or a gomen he’s in. Beyond his gomen, he’s also made political capital against those in other parties. China does not like “Chinese” Malaysians, and anything that a Malay does that goes down well with them, would be great political capital.

Anwar, as usual makes himself as a right old arseh*le with his remarks about Hishammuddin.

If we analyse Anwar’s snake talk about behaviour with foreign gomens (meaning mainly China), the little kampong longkang pond slime has always sucked up to the Yank neocons, on the main – even when he is a champion of chameleon behaviour and double-talk with his forked tongue.

If you look at that famous photo of the greasy snake sitting next to Paul Wolfowitz, you see an all-excited Anwar overcame with glee and self-importance with the white massah, he looks like he’s even jerking off with his hands under the table. Anwar regurgitates the talk from the neocons about “colour revolutions” like he’s thought that out himself, instead of him being seen as a fcuking neocon stooge talking and taking orders from his massahs, talk about national pride and national sovereignty!

Then again, Anwar tried to con Nik Aziz when he (Anwar) acted as both a neocon and Israeli stooge when he tried to steer recognition of Israel by Malaysia. What’s so important and so desperate about recognition of Israel by Malaysia – which is only a neocon agenda?

Anwar tried to make it out Nik Aziz would go along with him by stage-managing his specially private meeting with Nik Aziz so he could peddle his con without others listening to his snake talk. Then the devious snake tried to fiddle and work a joint statement that never happened because Nik Aziz refused to go along with Anwar’s sellout attempt of both Malaysia and Nik Aziz’s principles.

Hishammuddin is further unlike Anwar in that Anwar consorts with Malaysia’s enemy the jihadi terrorists of Mindanao. In any sense of the word, Anwar is a fcuking traitor to Malaysia.

And Anwar, among his many other sneaky two-faced snake activities, sleeps with the Muslim Brotherhood which wants Malaysia to go along with its bent when it comes to some rather warped Muslim views and activities. When the Saudi prince did his “I came, I bonesaw, I conquer” with the key Brotherhood operator Khashoggi, Anwar did his best to play it all two and three ways like he always does, Anwar has not been vociferous about the poor pieces of what’s left of the bloody mess called Jamal.

Hishammuddin did just great with his excellent “brother” act with China, he need not “apologise” for sweet fcuk all.

Unlike the Lim Lynasty and DAP’s grandpa, atuk Snake Pharaoh Dr Monster who told the world he was going to lecture the Chinese about “debt traps” – and got told to fcuk off, resulting in his buddies not getting any cut of any deals, and resulting in Malaysian having to drink fcuking palm oil five times a day forever, Hishammuddin rocked and triumphed! While Dr Monster was treated as a sarabat stall teh tarik salesman and hardly noticed, Hishammuddin blossoms all over in the Chinese media.

Well, whatever and however Hishammuddin is thought of and looked at in Malaysia, he did a great achievement.

And he can have that singularly brilliant piece of work tucked under his belt.

Together with his Made in China kris, of course!

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