Covid-19 Cases Suspiciously Shot To 1,228 – Cover-Up & Data Manipulation To Keep Backdoor PM Muhyiddin In Power

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Oct 25 2020
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Between Oct 1 and Oct 10, the Coronavirus cases climbed to 260, skyrocketed to 691 before plunging to 374. Interestingly, out of the 10 days, 9 days saw cases in the 200 and 400 bracket. It was as if the number of cases was being controlled to fall within this range. People thought the 1-day spike of 691 cases (Oct 6) was a one-off thing. CMCO was re-imposed, effective from Oct 14 to Oct 27.


For the next 6 days (Oct 11-16), the cases increased to between 561 and 660 cases. Again, the chart shows that it was well contained in the 500 and 700 ranges. Coincidentally, Anwar Ibrahim met the King on Oct 13 to prove his claim (Sep 23) that he has in his possession the majority Member of Parliaments required to topple the backdoor government of Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.


After the royal meeting, curiously, some scheduled appointments to meet the head of some political parties, presumably to verify Anwar’s claim, had been suddenly cancelled by the monarch. As it turned out, the Palace appeared to be “helping” Muhyiddin by buying some time for the PM to “negotiate” with UMNO – suggesting that Anwar has indeed the numbers to overthrow Muhyiddin.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Covid-19 Cases 1228 - New Record - 24Oct2020

Again, for the next 7 days (Oct 17-23), the Covid-19 new cases went up one spot to the range of 700-900. There were between 710 and 871 cases. On Oct 23, the day new infections dropped to 710 from 847, PM Muhyiddin rushed to Kuantan, Pahang, to meet the King. He wanted the monarch to confer him with absolute power via a Proclamation of Emergency.


However, King Sultan Abdullah, also known as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, refused to grant Muhyiddin’s wish there and then. The power-crazy prime minister, who was accompanied by a convoy of 25 high-performance cars on a 206-kilometres journey from Putrajaya to Kuantan, had to return home empty-handed that night. The monarch wanted to discuss with his royal brothers on Sunday (Oct 25).


The next day, in what appeared to be a “pre-emptive warning shot” to force the monarch to obediently give what backdoor PM Muhyiddin wanted, the Coronavirus cases conveniently skyrocketed to 1,228 cases – a record high since the pandemic plagued Malaysia in January. Was it a coincidence new cases hit 1,228 from 710 overnight, right after the King told Muhyiddin to go back home?

Coronavirus - Malaysia New Covid-19 Cases Per Day - 26Aug2020 to 24Oct2020 - Chart

Coronavirus - Malaysia New Covid-19 Cases Per Day - Jan to 24Oct2020 - Chart

The above may sound like a conspiracy theory. However, the suspicions of hanky-panky, cover-up and even data manipulation have started to gain traction upon confirmation that since the first week of October, the Selangor Task  Force for Covid-19 (STFC) was no longer received granular data from the Health Ministry to help its efforts to contain the outbreak.


STFC chairperson Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad said on Oct 19 the decision to stop data-sharing at a time when cases in Selangor were rising was greatly hurting the state government’s efforts to fight Covid-19. He said – “You asked us to box in the ring, but you blindfold us. That is how we feel now. We need the granularity of the details on the ground for us to do targeted testing, among others.”


At a time when both federal government and Selangor state government should work together to identifying and shutting down premises where outbreaks have been detected, carrying out contact tracing and providing free tests for high-risk areas, it was mind-boggling that the Ministry of Health was trying its best to undermine such efforts.

Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad flanked by Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah

Dr Dzulkefly, who was the health minister during the Pakatan Harapan administration, also said – “Data is important because this is what we call data-driven mass testing. The more granular, and the richer we are data-wise, the more accurate our analytics and action planning would be.” The STFC task force is now given only “two to three” data variables out of about 43 that the health ministry possesses.


In other words, the Selangor’s STFC has to rely on Health Ministry director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah’s daily press briefings for data. Not only such data will be outdated by the time it’s revealed to the public, but is also effectively useless as Selangor loses visibility of details such as location, number of cases, geography, clusters, infected age group and ethnicity.


Besides not able to allow the public to make well informed decisions and take necessary precautions, the refusal to share data means the health ministry has denied the public of transparency. If Health Minister Dr Adham Baba, and Prime Minister Muhyiddin for that matter, has nothing to hide, why exactly the backdoor government is so secretive about such data?

Dr Adham Baba – Health Minister

Hilariously, Health Ministry director general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah defended the move, claiming he would only share processed data for better coordination. What type of grass Noor Hisham has been smoking since he was awarded the “Tan Sri” title on 17 August? Is he saying that the coordination had been chaotic from January to October, the period during which he was celebrated like a hero?


Dr Noor seemed to suggest only his ministry has the intellectual and expertise to analyse some basic raw data, as if they were some rocket science formula involved in sending people to the planet Mars. Why did the Health Ministry refuse to integrate the Selangor state government’s “Selangkah” contact tracing app with Putrajaya’s “MySejahtera” app to make it more informative and transparent?


Not only granular data (lowest detailed data) are now being guarded with utmost secrecy and not to be shared, Noor Hisham also announced that his ministry would also stop disclosing the locations where Covid-19 had been detected. He argued that the decision was made to prevent people and places of infections from being stigmatised and thus cause panic.

Muhyiddin Yassin and Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah

Ever since he was bestowed the “Tan Sri” title, Noor Hisham’s professionalism and intellectual increasingly approach the “IQ of a carrot”. People want to know the locations of new Coronavirus clusters detected so that they can “avoid” such places for obvious reason. Does Noor Hisham expect people to go to such places and get infected instead?


Even the Malaysian Health Coalition (MHC) is calling for better data-sharing at all levels of government to decisively defeat the Covid-19 pandemic. It said – “During the first two waves of the pandemic, the rate of infection remained relatively low due to close intra-governmental collaboration and data sharing. With data-sharing, we can build community trust, which is necessary to beat the virus.”


At best, Noor Hisham was under political pressure to hide information, instead of sharing it. At worst, he has become subservient to his new political master, obediently do the bidding of the backdoor Muhyiddin regime. Clearly, by refusing to share the raw data, the Health Ministry director general could manipulate data to help the disgraced prime minister’s push for his evil political agenda.

Muhyiddin Yassin - Prime Minister Legitimacy In Question

By controlling and hiding the raw data, the despicable health ministry could release information according to political manoeuvring of the backdoor government, which is on the brink of a collapse. Noor Hisham could easily hold back the Covid-19 backlog test results to coincide with Muhyiddin’s plan, for example, the spike of 1,228 cases to pressure the King to declare an emergency rule.


It’s worth to note that the Ministry of Health was responsible for its refusal to mandate 14-day quarantine for Sabah arrivals in the Peninsular after the Sabah state election. In fact, Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham was the same man who justified that 14-day quarantine was not mandatory for Sabah arrivals because according to his logic, not all arrivals returned from red zones.


That was how clusters of new Covid-19 cases spread like wildfire from Sabah to nationwide. And Dr Noor Hisham has the cheek to give a half-baked justification why his ministry cannot share raw data with Selangor state government for the purpose of fighting Coronavirus. He is now behaving more like an arrogant politician than a professional Director General of Health.

Health Ministry director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah

He appeared to be slapping his own face when insisted the decision to stop data-sharing was for better coordination, when he took pride at having done an excellent job containing the virus. Perhaps he could share some examples of how raw data shared had caused conflicting interpretations. On the ground, people are highly suspicious of his data. He should stop thinking he is the only scientist who knows how to interpret data.


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Why is TSMY having a secret meeting at his place with his home in Damansara Height, part of KL that is still under CMCO. Aren’t people in CMCO encouraged to stay at home. Our leaders are not doing what they preach, what would they expect other to follow.

Non performing DG & health minister should resign and let good thinkers take over since they’ve let COVID spread even more while trying to hide information from the public

.. conspiracy it is and it’s here to stay evil longer..

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