The Best Covid-19 Lockdown Ever – Can Go To The Gym, Parks, Markets, Shopping Mall & Play Futsal, But Cannot Go To The Office

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Oct 21 2020
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With just hours before a sudden “government order” goes into effect on Oct 22 for all managerial and supervisory employees to work from home, the already confusing movement control order (CMCO) 2.0 has gotten even more confused. The new condition appears to be introduced hastily on top of the CMCO 2.0, which was introduced on Oct 14 for 2 weeks.


It was only yesterday (Oct 20) when Senior Minister “Turtle Egg” Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced that workers – in both public and private sectors – involved in management and supervision roles in states under the CMCO (conditional movement control order) will have to work from home effective Oct 22 onwards. A whopping 1-million workers are affected.


Ismail Sabri said – “This will apply to around 800,000 workers in industries and, in the civil service, around 200,000. So a total of one million. Some still have to go to work because they are not under this category of workers allowed to work from home. So we have also agreed to conduct swab tests on these workers. For Socso contributors, all costs will be borne by Socso.”

Ismail Sabri Yaakob - Confused - CMCO Work From Home

Based on 1.6-million-strong civil service workforce as of August 2020, it would translate to 12.5% of government workers who are in management and supervisory position. And based on private sector jobs of 8.4-million in the second quarter of this year, the 800,000 workers eligible to work from the comfort of their home is 9.5%. That’s roughly 1 manager to 10 workers.


But is it true that in both sectors, the ratio is one manager or supervisor to about 10 non-managerial workers? Or did the turtle egg minister plucked the number from the sky? Curiously, was the minister referring to the entire nation’s workforce of civil service and private sector? If not, the ratio will be smaller considering the lockdown is confined to only Selangor, Sabah, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan.


If the numbers are only applicable to the affected states, it clearly shows a very bloated civil service. On the other hand, if it’s a blanket order to the entire 1.6-million-strong civil service workforce in the country, the incompetent backdoor government has to explain why the need to send the lucky government servants in other unaffected states on a R&R (rest and relaxation) mission at home.

Ismail Sabri, Muhyiddin Yassin and Azmin Ali

Still, Minister Sabri did not explain the definition of management and supervisory staff. An Account Manager in a sales department is not really a manager or supervisor, but just a “salesperson” with a fancy and sexy title. Likewise, an Operation Executive does not mean there aren’t any junior officers or clerks under his / her supervision. How do the authorities know who are the real managers?


Either way, you can’t send 100% managers or supervisors back home, leaving organizations or factories in the hands of the minions. There would be endless orgy parties. Do you think a manufacturing plant can run without any supervision at all? Do you also think it’s safe to allow remote access to the company’s proprietary and secured system for all supervisors and managers?


Sure, just leave a restaurant operation to the chef, waitress and cashier – what could possibly go wrong? And don’t forget to leave the security guards, construction workers, janitors, office boys and whatnot without any supervision until the end of the CMCO 2.0, which could be extended after its expiration on Oct 27.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Workers

Senior Minister Ismail Sabri, who is also Defence Minister, also said that employees who live in red zones will need to take swab tests before they can go to the office. Between Oct 20 and Oct 22, will the employees know the results in just 2 days? Otherwise, what’s the point of having such tests knowing they would infect their colleagues anyway, if they had not already done so?


Perhaps realizing how screwed up the half-baked proposal was about sending 1-million managers and supervisors back home, International Trade and Industry Minister Azmin Ali said today (Oct 21) a maximum of 10% of management and supervisory employees will be allowed to work in the office, including those in accounting, finance, administration, legal, planning and ICT.


However, according to the latest update from Azmin, the 10% selected managers and supervisors can only work 4 hours per day (10am to 2pm), 3 days a week. Still, both genius guys – Azmin and Sabri – have not figured out a huge problem here. While Sabri said a swab test is required for employees who live in red zones, Azmin did not clarify such requirement.

Azmin Ali - Slaughtered Like A Pig

Now, based on the logic that a company would probably select the 10% lucky winners from employees who live nearby, hence the red zones, can the Ministry of Health handles 100,000 tests per day? The clueless backdoor government has not explained the time frame allocated to test workers from red zones. Can they even go to work on Oct 22 without the swab test in the first place?


Heck, the “red zone” itself is a mystery that not even Albert Einstein understands. While a “red zone” is any location with over 41 confirmed cases over a period of 14 days, 99.99% of the 33-million populations do not know if they live in a red zone. The so-called MySejahtera app appears to be trying very hard to hide as much information as possible about hotspots nearby.


In late evening today, the turtle egg Ismail Sabri made a spectacular U-turn, saying that the mandatory Coronavirus swab test only applies to foreign workers. The moron perhaps realizes that the health ministry is not able to handle 10,000 tests, let alone 100,000 tests per day. But it creates more questions than answers. Is he trying to say foreign workers are easier to get infected than Malaysians?

Coronavirus - Malaysia Swab Test

Again, such chaotic and silly decision-making process can only come from an incompetent backdoor government. If they’re trying to fine people of RM1,000 by creating illogical rules and procedures, they have done an incredible job. If they’re trying to win the Malay voters by allowing 200,000 government servants to go shopping and sleep at home again, they’ve done an excellent job.


This is perhaps the best confusing movement control order (CMCO) lockdown ever. Even with Covid-19 cases approaching 1,000 cases, people are allowed to go to the gym, public parks, morning markets, afternoon markets, night markets, wholesale markets, shopping mall, dining and even play Futsal. Yet, people cannot go to the office.


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The PM lie about the Covid numbers. As Covid out- break again ignite like wildfires across Malaysia. We all know PM hanging on to save himself. Hammering the opposition politics party and the economy with drastic MCO.
The people are bored, disappointed and confusing.To blame who?
Police have their SOP and MKN have their SOP and MOH have their SOP.

It’s not altogether a bad idea the managers running the Comedians Managed Control Order stay home and watch TV, and be doted on by their Doraemons.

After all, doing nothing useful is a trademark habit of those in gomen and the civil service.

The monkeys staying home would save a lot of lives.

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