Fast & Furious Crash On Penang Bridge – Vios Driver Under Influence Of Marijuana Should Be Jailed

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Jan 21 2019
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Malaysian drivers are infamous for their reckless driving and more often than not, transform into “speed demons” the moment they are in command of the steering wheel. Cutting queues, beating traffic lights, honking at everybody, switching lanes abruptly, showing middle fingers and refusal to use indicator light are some normal manners on the road.


However, even among the demon drivers, you still can divide them into different categories. If you think Kuala Lumpur (KL) drivers are bad, you should try travelling down south to the state of Johor. Best known for its gangsters, golf courses and the royal family, Johor Bahru (JB) is known as a “cowboy town” by neighbouring Singapore.


There’s a reason why Singaporeans say Malaysia is a dangerous place, thanks to Johoreans. While vehicles with Johor number plate (starts with “J”) can be observed for their thuggish driving, the driving skill demonstrated by Penang drivers would be jaw-dropping. KL drivers used to look down on Penang cars on the city road. Not anymore!!

Road Bully - Penang Car Plate

Cars bearing Penang number plate (starts with “P”) have emerged as the new bullies on the road. Outstation travellers who try their luck in Penang during peak hours could be reduced to tears at the level of precision local driver manoeuvre in the island. The Penang Bridge is perhaps the single best place for Penangites to demonstrate their driving skill – fast and furious.


Besides vehicles’ number plate, the model of cars provides a pretty good sign whether the drivers behind the wheel have the tendency of speeding beyond the allowable limit. Perodua Myvi has been known as the favourite racing car on the road. Closing in at the second place is Toyota Vios. It’s quite a common sight on highways Myvi and Vios would involve in speeding and tailgating.


Yesterday (Jan 20), a horrifying collision occurred at about 2:55am that resulted in an SUV (Mazda CX-5) plunging into the sea after another car – Toyota Vios – collided with it at KM4.0 on the Penang Bridge (mainland bound). Although the Vios was badly damaged as a result of the crash, its driver survives with only light injuries. However, the 21-year-old Vios driver has been tested positive for marijuana.

Penang Bridge Car Crash - Toyota Vios and Mazda CX5 - Graphic

Penang Bridge Car Crash - Toyota Vios and Mazda CX5 - Drivers

Using a sonar device, Teledyne T20P, the search and rescue (SAR) operations have found the wreckage of the sport utility vehicle (SUV) today, in the water next to Pillar 34 of the Penang Bridge. Apparently, Moey and the Toyota Vios driver, who works as a hairstylist, are childhood friends. Both  were on their home after attending their friend’s birthday party.


The owner of the Mazda CX-5 vehicle had lodged a police report after his 20-year-old son (Moey Yun Peng) who was driving the vehicle failed to return to the family home in Butterworth. Captured on a dash cam, the crash which looks like a suspense drama taken from “Fast and Furious” film, the driver of the Toyota Vios was seen speeding to the left past a car in the middle lane.


The Vios, perhaps trying to avoid hitting a motorcyclist, subsequently lost control and swerved to the right and slammed directly into the CX-5, which was in the fast lane. The extraordinary impact had caused the Mazda SUV to spin and skid to the right, flip over the guard rail and plunge into the dark waters under the bridge.

Penang Bridge Car Crash - Toyota Vios After High Impact Crash

Penang Bridge Car Crash - Toyota Vios After High Impact Crash 2

The Vios driver is being investigated for reckless and dangerous driving under Section 42 (1) of the Road Transport Act 1987. It’s not known if the Vios was involved in some sort of racing to be the first to reach the mainland. Interestingly, Moey’s sister-in-law reportedly said – “I heard that the Toyota Vios guy was frequently involved in accidents.”


Regardless of the story or excuse to be revealed about the Vios driver, the fact remains he was at top speed and drove recklessly without regards to other motorists, not to mention he was under the influence of drugs and probably alcohol. He should be arrested, jailed and barred from driving for the rest of his life. Even if he had not lost control and hit his friend’s SUV, he might slam into the motorcyclist on the left lane.

Moments Before The High-Impact Crash On The Penang Bridge

Fast and Furious Edition

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