Move Over Musang King, We’re Here For The Tasty Six Pack Durian

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Jul 15 2015
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The durian harvesting season has started, and everywhere you go in Malaysia, you would be greeted with stalls and vans selling the “king of fruits”. This year, prices for all types of durians, including the top-class “Musang King” (Mao Shan Wang), are at its lowest. The almost ideal weather conditions help in bringing a huge harvest.


Besides greater supply than previous year, the harvest season also clashes with the Ramadan, hence non-Muslim were spoilt for all types of durian in large supply. If you have the group number and don’t mind driving up to Karak, you can get the cheapest “Musang King”, not to mention rambutan and mongosteen at the durian farm.

Durian Prices in Singapore

Even in Singapore, the imported Musang King durian from Malaysia is selling for merely S$15 – S$16 a kilogramme. Let’s hope there won’t be any silly boys steal durians only to create another version of Low Yat racial riot. Can you imagine how dramatic it would become for extremist PEKIDA to start bitching about Malay boys being sold “cloned” durian? (*grin*).

Taiwanese Yi Tin Chen - Hottest Bean Curd Seller

Anyway, besides delicious durians, Malaysians were crazy about another “tasty” dish – a muscular Jay Chou look-alike durian vendor. If Taiwanese had their 26-year-old Yi Tin Chen smoking hot bean curd (“Tau Foo Fah”) seller attracting ladies to a bean curd shop, Malaysians should be proud because they’ve their own version of hunky street vendor – Jordan Yeoh.

Jordan Yeoh - Hottest Durian Seller

Apparently, Jordan Yeoh decided to help his aunt and uncle at their durian stall, because it’s a trend for heavenly hunks to display their tempting sculpted physique to all and sundry. And just like the delicious durian, women – young and old – have been flocking to the stall, just to admire his mouth-watering looking six pack abs (*grin*).

Jordan Yeoh - Hunky Durian Seller - Hunky Pose

Turns out, not only Jordan looks like Taiwanese celebrity Jay Chou, he is also a fitness model and personal trainer. His Facebook is fast approaching 180,000 “Likes”, after he joined the ranks of the sexiest street vendors. Hmm, how come all these street vendors must be shirtless, not to mention exposing their underwear, when “helping” their parents or uncles and aunts?

Jordan Yeoh - Hunky Durian Seller - Carry Baskets of Durian - With Shirt

Jordan Yeoh - Hunky Durian Seller - Opening Durian - With Shirt

Jordan Yeoh - Hunky Durian Seller - Showing Durian - With Shirt

Ahh, sex sells!! Perhaps Mr Jordan secretly hopes to become Calvin Klein’s ambassador, the same way Justin Bieber did. It’s the same rules where girls selling ice-cream, cell phones or vegetables must show cleavage in order to boost sales (*tongue-in-cheek*).

Jordan Yeoh - Hunky Durian Seller - Showing Durian

Jordan Yeoh - Hunky Durian Seller - Customer Looking at Six Pack Abs

Jordan Yeoh - Hunky Durian Seller - Am I Too Sexy

Jordan Yeoh - Hunky Durian Seller - With Fiancee

Jordan Yeoh - Hunky Durian Seller - Transform from 2007 to 2014

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