Like Hillary Clinton, Najib Razak Is Blaming Everyone & Everthing – Except Himself & Witch Wife

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May 21 2018
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What does Hillary Clinton and Najib Razak has in common? They are terrible sore losers. Back in November 2016, the Reuters / Ipsos States of the Nation project gave Clinton a 90% chance of defeating Trump, seeing her on track to win 303 Electoral College votes out of the 270 needed, to Trump’s 235. Like Clinton, the whole world had predicted Najib would win Malaysia’s 14th general election.


In fact, Bookmaker Betfair reported US$140 million worth of bets were placed – with Clinton having 83% of winning, even higher than Obama’s 76% chance in 2012. The Hillary campaign was so bloody sure of winning that they had prepared a 2-minute long fireworks display along the Hudson River in New York. Suddenly, at the eleventh hour, they informed the U.S. Coast Guard to cancel it.


Donald Trump, often mocked and ridiculed by liberal mainstream media, stunningly won the 2016 Presidential Election. Hillary Clinton and her army of over-confident and arrogant news media paid the price for ignoring the super huge crowd that Trump managed to attract to his talks. Similarly, Najib and his bootlickers paid the price for belittling the incredible crowd glued to the opposition rally.

Najib Razak's 1MDB Scandal - Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal - Denials

When Associated Press officially called Trump’s victory at 1:30 a.m. EST on that faithful night, Hillary Clinton was dumbfounded and speechless. Similarly, when Malaysian Election Commission refused to update the results as one strong constituency after another of Najib’s Barisan Nasional coalition collapsed, Najib Razak was stunned and speechless, before trembling and panicking.


Hillary Clinton declined to immediately give a concession speech. She was only willing to call Trump, not a public concession speech, to congratulate the newly crown President-elect. Even then, Hillary made that call to Donald after being persuaded by President Barack Obama on election night. Clinton was so dejected that she was nowhere to be seen until the following day.


Likewise, Najib declined to immediately give a concession speech. But unlike Hillary, he didn’t call the Prime Minister-elect Mahathir Mohamad. He called Anwar Ibrahim instead for advice – twice. He could have had forgotten that Anwar was a prisoner thanks to him when he made that call. And like Clinton, Najib was so depressed that he was nowhere to be seen until the following day.


Rumours spread that Clinton had a violent temper tantrum upon learning she had lost. She was said to be in a “psychotic drunken rage” and had became “physically violent” towards her staffs, including her campaign chairman John Podesta. The next day, in her first public remarks since her stunning defeat, Hillary reluctantly urged millions of supporters to “accept this result.”


Upon learning he had lost, which Najib still had problem believing, he was practically in mental breakdown. Najib was so devastated that, luckily, he did not manage to launch a physical violent towards his staffs. The next day at 11am, in his first public remarks since his stunning defeat, Najib tried to mislead the Agong (king) that no party had won the election, while blaming others but himself for the loss.


Subsequently, sore loser Hillary Clinton blamed FBI Director James Comey, the Russian, the White Americans, the women and basically everyone and everything under the Sun except herself. Similarly, Najib Razak has embarked on the same journey like Hillary Clinton 2 years ago – blaming everyone and everything, including hamsters, except himself.

Sore loser ex-prime minister Najib has since returned to his constituency Pekan, Pahang, probably trying to convince himself that there are still a bunch of (ignorant) people who appreciate his thievery. In his maiden speech in Pekan since the humiliating loss of his Barisan Nasional government, Najib still denies stealing from the country’s coffers.


Amusingly, about 500 of his gullible supporters screamed “We love you Datuk Seri!” when he insisted he was neither a thief nor a crook. That despite raids by the police at his family members’ luxury condominium, and has confiscated an eye-popping 284 designer handbags and 72 suitcases containing cash and jewellery, reportedly to the tune of RM100 million plus 100kg of gold.


The son of Razak also blames YouTube for having diverted Malaysians away from his previous government-controlled television channels. He calls YouTube revelations about the lavish spending of his wife – Rosmah Mansor – as nothing but nonsense and slander. He, of course, has blamed his coalition opponent (Pakatan Harapan) of launching smearing campaign against him.


The out-of-touch corrupt and arrogant Najib also cries and bitches about opponent Pakatan Harapan making promises that cannot be fulfilled. In actuality, he should blame the Election Commission (EC) for trying too hard to kill off the opposition coalition. The EC deliberately fixed Wednesday, a day in the middle of the week, for the polling in an attempt to frustrate and stop overseas voters from voting.


The EC also childishly cut the photo of 93-year-old Mahathir Mohamad from campaign board, an insult that anger many ethnic-Malay who regarded such action as rude. The EC deliberately dragged their feet at polling stations during the voting process, obviously trying to drive away people from voting, as unbelievable number of voters turned up in force on May 9th.


Najib spoke as if YouTube and social media such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp were tools belonging to the opponent Pakatan Harapan. Did he not realize that as the caretaker of the government, those social media platforms were consistently bombarded with advertisements from his coalition Barisan Nasional, so much so that the propaganda was overkilled and irritated?

Mahathir Photo Cut From Billboard - Election 2018

The defeated Najib has the cheek to complain about smearing campaign by the coalition opponent when in reality; his paid cybertroopers, propagandists and bloggers had launched campaign based on racism and religion. He must be really retarded for not knowing that his pet project – GST – has been abolished and to be scrapped effective next month – June 1st.


The GST (government and service tax), which was introduced by the incompetent Najib has a more meaningful message now – “Government Sudah Tukar (government had changed). What grass has he been smoking since his ill-gotten wealth been seized? Which part of Mahathir fulfilling promises – within 1 week – that Najib doesn’t understand?


Yes, not only the world’s oldest Prime Minister Mahathir has scrapped the GST within 1 week of taking over the federal government, the former prime minister of 22 years (1981 to 2003) has also fixed the price of fuel / petrol to prevent unnecessary fluctuation that affects the cost of doing business, not to mention the burden of spiking cost of living.

Najib and Rosmah Boarding Private Jet - Happy GST Everyone

The best part of Najib’s babbling and bitching was when he pointed out how he had given up his powers in the aftermath of the general election without fuss. In return for his kindness, he actually expects to be treated “well”. Apparently, he was upset for not being able to fly again so he had to travel by road back to his constituency Pekan, to lick his wound in peace.


Like Hillary Clinton, the thick-skinned and boastful Najib Razak hadn’t thought that he would lose the election, let alone imagined his RM100 million cash and 100kg gold would be discovered and confiscated. Had he been humbled and prepared for the rainy days, there’s little doubt that Najib could have had declared an emergency rule on the night of May 9th – and rule indefinitely.


However, unlike Hillary Clinton, the world’s biggest crook Najib Razak is looking at the prospect of spending some precious time in prison. Perhaps he can write a book or two while serving his jail sentence. As Najib is still clueless how he had lost, perhaps he can write a second version of Hillary Clinton’s bestseller book – “What Happened?” (that question-mark is Najib’s trademark).

Sore Loser Najib Razak - What Happened Book by Hillary Clinton


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