Here’s How Trump Brilliantly Kills His Enemies With ObamaCare

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Mar 27 2017
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Just minutes before House lawmakers were scheduled to vote on the Republican healthcare plan; House Speaker Paul Ryan called off the vote. Apparently, Republicans did not have enough votes (20 votes shy of the minimum 216) to pass the bill, which would have replaced former President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare.


But what is Obamacare anyway? Obamacare was introduced in 2010 to ensure that everyone has access to medical treatment. Obamacare also makes it a legal requirement for companies to provide healthcare if they have more than 50 full-time employees. But if it was such a good plan in the first place, why the Republicans wanted to burn it to the ground?

Barack Obama Pet Project - Obamacare

That’s because Obamacare was deliberately designed to be so complicated that the plan itself has taken 5 years to implement. It was too complicated that the plan actually has four types of insurance policy level – bronze, silver, gold and platinum (like Multi-Level-Marketing) – co-pays and deductibles and co-insurance levels. But complexity wasn’t the biggest problem.


The biggest issue is that many companies funded paying for their employees health insurance by cutting their workforce (taking some under the 50 limit), leaving many without jobs and therefore with no means of paying for health insurance. There are still some 30 million with no insurance simply because premiums are too high.

ObamaCare -Ask Doctor About Side Effect - Cartoon

Some of Obamacare’s regulations and taxes make little sense. Insurance markets are too thin, providing consumers too little choice. Health-care savings accounts do too little to encourage savings. Nonetheless, Obama should be credited for his ability in pulling off such a complicated healthcare reform.


After his failure to repeal the Obamacare or Affordable Care Act, the biggest defeat in his short time in the White House, President Donald Trump was mocked and laughed at. Trump, a self-proclaimed “master dealmaker” was ridiculed for failing to get rid of Barack Obama’s proudest legacy. Trump’s book – The Art of The Deal – seems like a scam after all.

Donald Trump - The Art of The Deal Book

But is Trump administration about to enter a period of “doom the gloom” for whatever remaining days of his 4 years in White House? Unfortunately to Trump haters, demolishing Obamacare wasn’t his main mission to begin with. It was actually House Republicans’ dream to burn down Obamacare to the ground since 2009, long before Donald Trump decides to run for the presidency.


After being an opposition party for 10 years, Republicans, which now controls the presidency, the Senate and the House, suddenly don’t exactly know what to do with their newly found power. They become arrogant. They become complacent. And they become more divided than when they were in the opposition camp, while the Democrats are pushed to be more united.

President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan

The biggest loser after the humiliating defeat isn’t Donald Trump but Paul Ryan and his minions. Ryan got his job after House Speaker John Boehner stepped down. However, the House Speaker wasn’t a Trump supporter. In fact, he was caught on an audio file in October last year saying he is “not going to defend Donald Trump – not now, not in the future.”


Therefore, Trump isn’t a fan of Ryan even though the president said Mr. Speaker had done a fantastic job. Yes, it was more of a Ryancare than a Trumpcare. Everyone knows Ryan is a traitor to the Republicans. And there’s every reason to believe he deliberately worked on a half-baked Obamacare replacement plan for 7 years so that it would fail.

Former President Barack Obama and House Speaker Paul Ryan

Trump knew Ryancare would be DOA (death on arrival) on day one. Obamacare was the first major US healthcare reform since 1965. Is there anyone in their right mind thinks a half-baked plan prepared by Paul Ryan whose loyalty to the Republicans is questionable could easily bring down the complicated Obamacare? And what better way to kill Ryan than to give him enough rope to hang himself.


Before the voting session, the U.S. president conveniently told a pack of Republican idiots who were still busy shredding each other shirts on the healthcare plan that he was done negotiating and demanded the votes to be carried out on Friday. Some Republicans not used to taking order from a TV-reality star obviously weren’t very happy, so they bitched and sulked.

President Donald Trump and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon

To dramatise the already upset Republicans, Donald Trump purposely sent his chief White House strategist Steve Bannon to further insult Republicans at the White House. Treating the Republicans like small kids, Bannon told them authoritatively – “Guys! This is not a discussion. This is not a debate. You have no choice but to vote for this bill.”


Those big-headed Republicans would rather lose the vote than losing face. And the rest is history. There’s a reason why Donald Trump had deliberately provoked and insulted the Republicans. Advised by the brilliant strategist Steve Bannon, the U.S. president skillfully used the Ryancare to make a list of “friends and enemies”. It was a calculated risk.


And a Reuters report confirms that President Trump didn’t lose anything at all. His supporters across America were lashing out – at conservatives, at Democrats, at leaders of his Republican Party in Congress. But President Trump is spared. Rebellion among members of his own party doesn’t affect Donald Trump at all, and that alone speaks volumes about Trump’s brilliance.


Even within the Republicans, there are conservatives and liberals. Armed with a list of Republican friends and foes, Trump is going to walk over to the opposition party and dangle some carrots to court some Democrats over to his camp. Like the Republican Party, not all Democrats are liberals, at least not now when the Democratic Party has been defeated badly.

President Trump First Speech To Congress

At the end of the day, it’s all about what each Democrat or Republican representative wants for their respective people so that they would get re-elected in next year’s midterm election. As a businessman, Donald Trump didn’t sulk and cry over the defeat of the healthcare plan. Instead he moves on to the next reform and policy. Obamacare will be allowed to die a natural death.


On his first day in Oval Office as the 45th POTUS, Trump signed an executive order pushing his administration to dismantle the “Obamacare”. The president’s order was to do everything “to the maximum extent permitted by law” to waive and delay Obamacare fees and regulation. The Department of Health and Human Services is now granted a license to kill it – slowly but surely.

ObamaCare -Premium Hike - Cartoon

So, it doesn’t matter if the Obamacare couldn’t be repealed last Friday. And Trump has hinted that overhauling Obamacare is still alive. Trump has to do nothing because sooner or later, the Democrats will come knocking on his door when their Obamacare explodes due to costs skyrocketing and fewer insurance policy options for Americans.


Now, President Trump can tell his people that it wasn’t his fault that Obamacare stays, at least for now. The blames are on the 35 Republicans conservative member of House Freedom Caucus, all Democrats who didn’t support it and House Speaker Paul Ryan who had spent the last 7 years preparing a half-baked solution. All of them are Trump’s enemies.


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Love your writing…Many Thanks

I always enjoy reading your write-up.

keep them coming….

Trump and his master Steve Bannon will be making a big mistake if they think this healthcare issue determines who are his friends or foes on both side of the isles. These politicians are only true to themselves…they worried only how this will affect their re election which is due soon, especially when a lot of their voters in their constituencies are suddenly bereft of any health insurance if they had voted for the half baked Trumpcare.

Btw…everybody knows the extreme difficulty to provide such healthcare cover, more so when they want to include those who had pre existing conditions ( it is not wrong to say at least 75% of their population have pre existing conditions given their great propensity to guzzle junk food like no tomorrow). And what do we have here…..Trump trying to knock up a comprehensive one all in 60 days which he claims to cover EVERYONE, and CHEAPLY too….this is the real joke!

Of course now he has to find a scapegoat. Who makes a better one than that Speaker who was on record dissing him kau kau.

And of course Trump die hard supporters will exempt him from any criticism, so he will not come into any flak when he boo booed on this one….after all, did not Trump himself proclaimed on one of his election campaign trails…that if he were to shoot someone dead right in front of his raving voters, he would get away even with this atrocity.

Yeah…long live Trumpism and culture of alternative facts !!

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