Now Arabs Say They Prefer Anti-Muslim Trump To Pro-Muslim Obama

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Dec 19 2016
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There are 2 important commodities that exist, in huge quantity, in the Middle East – oil and war. Oil provides free flow of money to the Gulf nations. Throw in the bonus of two Holy Mosques, suddenly Saudi Arabia becomes the “Big Brother of the Arab World”. Ironically, the existence of oil and the two Holy Mosques have been creating multiple wars in the region.


Blessed with the world’s largest proven crude oil reserves, Saudi-led OPEC started an embargo war on the world superpower America to teach the Yankees a lesson for their involvement in the 1973 Yom Kippur War – triggering the 1973 Oil Crisis. The mighty United States was brought to its knees. Today, after 40 years, the U.S. has become the world’s latest oil exporter.

Oil Embargo 1973 by OPEC - US Gas Shortage

Saudi and other OPEC nations had tried to control the U.S. oil production by flooding the world markets with oil. They hoped to put oil companies in America, especially the shale producers, out of business. But after 2 years of oil war with America, OPEC met on 30th November 2016 and declared they’ve lost the war – hence agrees to cut production.


Oil isn’t the only reason the Middle Eastern kingdoms constantly pick fights with the West such as America. Within themselves, they happily kill each other in the name of Islam. Sunni-dominated Saudi Arabia and Shia-dominated Iran – which lie on opposite sides of the Gulf – have been backing and sponsoring opposing sides in the civil wars in Syria and Yemen.

September 11 - 911 Attacks USA - Saudi Arabia Sponsors Funding

With nothing better to do, Saudi Arabia created another sect of Islam – Wahhabism – identified by the European Parliament in July 2013 as the main source of global terrorism. Not satisfied with Wahhabism which was responsible for the creation of terror groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIS, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia also sponsored the 9/11 terror attacks on American soil.


The wealthy Middle Eastern kingdoms tried to influence the outcome of America presidential election by donating millions of dollars to candidate most favourable to their agendas. They had bet on Hillary Clinton but lost every dollar after nationalism gotten the better of the Americans when they voted for reality-TV star Donald Trump instead.


Although they are lucky to be blessed with wealth from oil, in reality, the Arabs are a bunch of cowards who wouldn’t think twice about making U-turns even if it means abandoning their supposedly greatest religion on planet Earth. Take Al-Waleed Bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud, a grandson of Ibn Saud, the first Saudi king, as an example.


Armed with an estimated net worth of US$17.2 billion (Forbes), one might think the richest of Saudi princes should at least be the most principled person in the kingdom. Before Trump becomes the President-Elect, Al-Waleed called Trump a disgrace to the American people and demanded his exit from the race after Trump called for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration.


But karma is a bitch and immediately after Donald Trump won his presidency, the same Saudi prince made a U-turn and sucking up to the President-elect. However, Prince Al-Waleed isn’t the only Arab who cowardly switch sides in favour of anti-Muslim Donald Trump. More Middle Eastern kingdoms have now openly declared their support for Trump.


That’s quite amusing considering the Arabs love Clinton so much that 68% Saudis believed Clinton should be the next president, more than 46% Americans who wanted Clinton, just before Donald Trump got elected. When asked about Trump’s call for a Muslim ban after Trump’s victory, Youssef Amrani, adviser to Moroccan King Mohammed VI, said – “No, no, it doesn’t bother me,”


At the Atlantic Dialogues in Marrakesh, 350 high-level public and private sector leaders gathered to debate the security of African, Middle East and European nations and their ties to the U.S. The conclusion of the Arabs – they actually prefer someone (Trump) who hates Islam than someone (Obama) who loves Iran.


Yes, it appears the Arabs have found a reason to justify their switching sides from President Barack Obama whom they have adored for the last 8 years to President-elect Donald Trump whom they have condemned for being anti-Muslim. Apparently, the Arab Muslims have taken offence of Obama administration’s love affair with Iran, their biggest religious rival.


President Barack Hussein Obama has been playing the role of the greatest Islam apologist president the U.S. has ever produced for the last 8 years during his 2 terms in office, from agreeing to everything Saudi said, to golfing with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, the biggest corrupt Muslim leader, to secretly sending planeloads of US$400 million cash to Iran.


Turns out, the Arabs could stomach Trump’s anti-Muslim foreign policy but not Obama’s Iran-friendly policy, at least that’s what the Middle East wants incoming Trump administration to believe. That probably explains why more Muslims have died at the hands of fellow Muslims than non-Muslims. They hate fellow Muslims who disagree with them more than Kafirs who insult them.


At the same conference, almost all the top guns from the Middle East – diplomats, scholars and businessmen – expressed distrust of Iran’s Shia / Shiite Muslim government. In the same breath, they expressed their disappointment that the nuclear deal the Obama administration helped broker lifted sanctions and gave Tehran access to new channel of cash.


The criticism on outgoing Obama also saw how the Arabs re-dramatized an interview the U.S. president had with the Atlantic magazine where he was mocked as an “untrustworthy president” when Obama failed to do anything after Syrian Assad regime killed 1,400 civilians using chemical weapons. Obama had simply replied that the Arabs were parasites, always looking for free rides.


Lebanese businessman-turned-politician Fouad Makhzoumi said, of which agreed by many Arab audience – “In the past eight years, we thought we had good relations with the U.S. but really, it didn’t turn out to be positive. Donald Trump will be good for us. Forget the anti-Islamic statements. He’s a transactional president who will be dealing with reality.”


Still, the Arabs would like to see the incoming Trump administration drops the 3 magic words – radical Islam terrorists – but would not (or rather dare not) issue any further threat if the new POTUS decides to retain his anti-Muslim stance anyway, which Trump would most likely do. As long as Trump doesn’t befriend Iran, the Arab World is perfectly alright with the U.S. anti-Muslim policy.


But why did the Arabs finally agree that Donald Trump is jolly good for the Middle East now, only after “The Apprentice” star’s unexpected victory? Would they say the same thing about Trump if Hillary Clinton had won instead? Chances are the Arabs would say anything to bootlick the U.S. president, whoever he or she is, because the crude oil is no longer an effective weapon.


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