Saudi Insulted (Again) Because German Defence Minister Refuses To Wear Hijab

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Dec 16 2016
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Saudi Arabia has a huge problem with regards to women. Women’s rights in the kingdom are very limited. Saudi women are nothing but sex object to their men. They still can’t drive a car, the only country on planet Earth with such a ban. Of course, interaction with men isn’t allowed so there’s a separate swimming pool and separate entrances for men and women.


Women aren’t supposed to “show their beauty” so they must wear hijab head coverings or the full length abaya garment. Heck, Saudi had even proposed hosting an Olympic Games without women. When Saudi Arabia sent its female athletes to the London Games for the first time, extreme clerics denounced the competitors as “prostitutes”.


That’s fine as long as Saudi women happily accept the conservative, or rather primitive, ways of life. If they wouldn’t mind being sentenced to 200 lashes and 6 months in jail despite being gang-raped by 7 men, as experienced by a Saudi woman back in 2006, who are outsiders to condemn Saudi’s legislation?


The issue, however, gets complicated when foreigners are being forced to follow Saudi’s traditions and customs. The puzzling part is while the Saudi wants foreigners entering the kingdom to follow the local rules; they refuse to follow other country’s rules when entering foreign soil. And that’s precisely what they get after German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen refused to wear hijab.


Ursula, apparently was on an official visit to Saudi Arabia for a meeting with her Saudi counterpart, Mohammad bin Salman al Saud, the Deputy Crown Prince. They discussed German support for the training of Saudi officers, some of whom will be travelling to study in the EU nation next year. She wore a dark blue suit for the occasion.


However, after the German minister’s attire was reported in Arabic media, some Saudis have condemned her behaviour on Twitter. Angered by the Saudi public’s pressure, Ms. Ursula said – “No woman in my delegation will be required to wear the abaya, as the right to choose one’s attire is a right shared by men and women equally,”


The German defence minister said while she respects the customs and traditions of the country, she would not be wearing the conservative clothing usually required by all women in the Persian Gulf state. Of course, Ursula wasn’t the first Western woman who had refused to comply with the kingdom’s strict dress code, and condemned for it.


Despite her husband being the biggest Muslim apologist the United States has ever produced, American First Lady Michelle Obama sparked outrage by going bare-headed on a visit to Saudi Arabia last year. Her so-called indecency was also condemned by Saudis. Michelle wore black trousers with a loose blue top, finished off with a long patterned jacket.


Of course, Michelle and her advisers must have been well aware of expectations in the ultraconservative Saudi Arabia. Barack Obama had cut short a trip to India in order to lead a parade of dignitaries in Riyadh, paying respect after King Abdullah’s death. Michelle’s wardrobe was obviously a deliberate attempt to tell Saudi that she values human rights more than primitive traditions.


Like Michelle Obama, Ursula von der Leyen would have been advised about local traditions. To refuse to at least cover her head means the German defence minister believed she could afford to offend the Saudi Arabia. After all, she was there to offer Saudi the training the kingdom was seeking, not begging for help or financial assistance.

Syrian Refugee Protest by PEGIDA - Chancellor Merkel Wears Hijab

Interestingly, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for a burqa ban in Germany about 2 weeks ago. She also pledged never to repeat her “open-door” refugee policy of 2015. Of course, the disgraceful Merkel was merely making a political-correct statement as she launched her bid to win a historic fourth term as chancellor next year.


After British Brexit and Donald Trump’s unexpected victory, the much trumpeted globalism and liberalism which have a soft spot for “radical Islam” are losing to nationalism. France’s President Francois Hollande has decided to step aside after only 1-term in office. Another liberal – Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi – has offered to resign after failing to win his constitutional referendum.


Perhaps it’s time the Saudis realize that the world doesn’t revolve around Islam, let alone Saudi Arabia. What can the kingdom do even if it was true that Minister Ursula had deliberately insulted the country? Saudi can no longer control the crude oil prices the same way they used to be.


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With crude oil supply more than demand now and the foreseeable future, Saudi Barbaria by now should know that they need the Germans and the West more than they(the West) need Saudi Barbaria.

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